ASTRO WEATHER REPORT : Coming to Terms With Wounded Instincts

ASTRO WEATHER REPORT : Coming to Terms With Wounded Instincts


A look at the astrology of the week of April 17, 2018 - April 23, 2018 

For those of you who have been thick in the intensity of the last couple of weeks, hang on to your hats. It is not letting up just yet! Mercury has returned to direct motion (on Apr. 15) but will take a few days to get back up to normal speed, meaning there is an extra flavor packet of Trickster Special Spice sprinkled into attempts at communications, connections and commerce. The Aries New Moon of April 15 could continue to reverberate through the week, portending changes, sudden breaks in relationships or obligations as well as a potential quality of “resetting” areas of our life. 

Such changes may cause some to run for old comfort routines and find those either strangely lacking or, on the other hand, exerting a strangely possessive influence. If your old comforts no longer soothe, it may indicate a greater readiness to move into the change and to turn towards the work of change. If you find yourself caught in the grips of whatever helps you check out from life, perhaps a more gentle approach is needed. Moving at the pace of your slowest part may be more beneficial—even if it means prolonging some discomfort—than trying to force yourself to either accept changed circumstances, or to power through your own resistance.  


Because there is a lot of ambition, power and determination in the air this week, with Mars at the midpoint of Saturn and Pluto, who are both soon stationing retrograde (Saturn on Apr. 17, Pluto on Apr. 22), which boosts the signal of those two planets a bit. Where we have been drifting from our path or our most important goals, and where we have been undermining ourselves will become more obvious. But understanding the feedback we receive from our environment, or the consequences of our decisions, requires us to powerfully root into Self or Soul or Source, or however you might conceive of your own divine nature.  The potential to get caught up in power struggles is high, and could be just a distraction and a siphon of your energy and focus, if such struggles are not forming some greater lesson around choice that is important for you to understand. 

There could even be a feeling of "fighting for one's life,” as Mars conjoins Pluto (exact Apr. 26). Vitality will be surging and remaining focused on one’s own goals, sense of higher purpose and calling can assist in all the areas in life where you need to express “No.” No is a wonderful word! “No” is a force of creation as much as negation and if used strategically, this period of time—however fraught—could signal the beginnings of something solid, long-term and worth working for or contributing to. Potential pitfalls are falling into old patterns which undermine your discipline or focus, either due to fear or unreflective reactions to various pressures or demands. Remain dedicated to your highest good to achieve the best outcome. Resist any temptation to listen to how others may define what you “should” do, and rather listen to your own deepest knowing, your own heart’s truest aim. With Uranus’ last moments in Aries and Chiron’s fresh entry into Aries (Apr. 17) it is imperative to blaze your own path. 

Note that this is distinct from mowing down other people to pursue some unreflective, unrefined or unhealthy desire rooted in fear of some kind, which is another possibility in the skies. It can be terrifying to trust one's own deeper knowing for all the responsibility that it carries, and yes all of us can—and will—make mistakes. The true courage of a heart willing to be vulnerable to—and discerning about—one’s own power will bring the depth necessary to evoke some blessings of Venus in Taurus opposite Jupiter in Scorpio (exact Apr. 16): a great feast of truth and beauty, dedication and abundance.   


Herbs to drink to alleviate current transits

MOON HERBS:  have the potential to give us access to childhood memories, and memories of our past that are currently shaping our emotional body. Unlocking and opening these doors can be hard, yet it leads to emotional freedom when worked with properly.

Current Favorites: Astragalus, Blue Lotus, Ginger, Milk Thistle, Moringa, Muira Puama, Poppy, Tulsi. 

URANUS HERBS:  uranian herbs have the potential to help us let go, take chances and keel life adventurous. These herbs help us access inspiration, creativity with fierce intuition. These herbs tend to be stimulating, activating and energizing.  

Current Favorites: Ashwagandha, Cacao, Guarana, Mucuna, Rhodiola, Suma. 


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