Visit our store and tonic bar, open 7 days a week!

Sun-Wed: 10-6
Thurs-Sat: 10-7 

Find us: 31 Noble St. Brooklyn NY 11222
Call us: 1-929-397-0049

Our store is located beside our herbal factory where we craft all of our high vibrational medicines. We have a seasonal tonic bar composed of medicinal goodness, from mushroom and plant collagen lattes to potent elixirs and bubbly spritzers. Come sip some magic with us as you browse through our extensive herbal inventory, or attend one of our events. We pride ourselves on offering over 200 herbs: from locally grown classics to rare medicinals from around the world; all either organic, wildcrafted, or sustainably grown.


We have an exquisite selection of medicinal lattes, teas, kombucha mocktails and more. For our lattes we offer homemade cashew milk or oat milk. Our entire selection is vegan, organic +/or wildcrafted. We take pride in making unique magic infused with high vibrational goodness. Come join us, get boosted with medicine and some good vibes.

Our Proprietary Formulas

Elixirs, tonics, superfood powders and loose teas

Bulk Herbs

Custom Formulas

Come experience and smell our in-house made formulas, or receive a custom formula made by our herbalists. You can pre-order online via email or phone, or create a formula while you shop.