~ Our Flagship in Greenpoint, Brooklyn ~

Our store is beside our herbal factory where you get to experience and sample all of our high vibrational medicines. We have a seasonal tonic bar composed of medicinal goodness, from mushroom and collagen latte's, to potent elixirs, to bubbly spritzers to mushroom espresso. Come sip some magic with us as you browse through our extensive herbal inventory, or attend one of our herbal classes (due to COVID we have suspended events for the time being). We pride ourselves in offering over 175  herbs, from locally grown classics, to rare medicinals all either organic, sustainably grown or wildcrafted goods from around the world.
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E V E N T S   

Due to COVID-19 we aren't offering our cacao ceremonies, or DIY herbal medicine events. BUT! We do offer social distancing friendly happenings here and there, such as aura photography, one on one herbal consultations, tarot readings, and more. If you're a teacher, or professional wellness consultant wishing to share your special trade, feel free to reach out us. Email store@animamundiherbals.com . All happenings we'll post on this page, and via our platform, here.

Our tonic bar + store is open 7 days a week!

Monday-Friday 10-5pm
Saturday + Sunday 11-6pm
Address: 31 Noble st. Brooklyn NY 11222
Phone: +1 929-397-0049 
For local pickups! please contact: store@animamundiherbals.com
*Keep in mind pick-up hours for wholesale or personal orders are 10-5pm Monday through Saturday. 
*Due to COVID-19 we don't allow indoor seating any longer. Yet we have benches outside where you can sip your tonics. We are also right next to Transmitter park in Greenpoint, where you can enjoy some fresh air and a gorgeous view of Manhattan.

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