Create your own home pharmacy with our Healing Tonics Cookbook:
a complete guide on how to make your own elixirs and tonics.

About the Author:

Be your own kitchen doctor! Adriana Ayales grew up near the rainforest, where her grandmother set her on the path to herbal healing. With this guide she passes on her knowledge of ethnobotanical customs, soul cleansing, and therapeutic cooking.

Ayales explores the role of superfoods and superherbs and presents traditional recipes that embody ancient ways—including medicinal juicing for relaxation and rejuvenation, next-level cleansing, and infusions and teas to nourish body and soul. Enjoy a Cacao & Reishi Energy Elixir, make herbal extracts, learn cold-pressing techniques, and whip up a headache cure. These special, sometimes sacred formulas will help empower your life with vibrant creativity and health.

Published by Sterling Publishing

Photographed by Jennifer Harter


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