Today, I’m beyond thrilled to announce that we’ve officially acquired Floracopeia, an essential oil company co-founded by my dear friend and colleague, David Crow. 

When I first attended David’s class and sampled the Floracopeia products over a decade ago, I was instantly enamored. The quality and potency of these oils was—and remains—unparalleled. As funny as it may sound now, I’ve never been a big fan of essential oils. Except for the classic staples in any herbalist’s first aid kit, I wasn’t going around collecting a bunch of exotic attars … until I met David. 

David and Floracopeia opened up a whole new world of curative potential for me. Since then, I’ve immersed myself in the traditional arts of distillation, extraction, and many other preparations. Did you know that aromatherapy and medicinal scents were some of the first forms of medicines ever administered for health and healing?


Recently, David shared with me that he was considering closing Floracopeia, the company he spent the past two decades cultivating. My heart sank; I immediately knew I wanted to make it part of my mission to continue his legacy by supporting eco-projects distilling some of the world’s finest oils. To that end, I’ve handpicked more than 20 specific oils for the Anima Mundi apothecary because I consider them to have been Floracopeia’s “bread and butter” oils. I believe these oils are a must-have for your home, or in your first aid kit for diverse therapeutic and medicinal purposes.

The essential oil industry can be incredibly deceiving. That’s why it’s of the utmost importance to me to continue David’s commitment to offering small batch distillations to conscious consumers. With strange extractors, diluting agents, toxicity in farming and other harmful practices looming large, it’s no easy feat to bring these small batches of oils from extremely rural areas to you. We’re choosing to take on this huge task because we understand that having good quality oils is vital for both our health and our planet.

Our deepest gratitude goes to David for upholding a lifelong mission of supporting communities that are growing sustainable, natural medicines and preserving ethnobotanical knowledge. 

We’re beyond honored to welcome David to the Anima family as our new Chief Aromatic Officer. With his profoundly impactful legacy in mind, we’re committed to furthering this essential work in close collaboration with David and his team. We look forward to delivering these aromatic treasures to you (starting today!) with the same transparency, love and passion they’ve shown us all over the years.


We pride ourselves in only offering organic, ethically wildharvested or sustainably cultivated oils. Un-adultered, free of toxic solvents and diluting agents. We directly support small farmers and eco projects that care to re-plant in the wild and produce truly clean oils.

Plants are the foundation of civilization and culture. They created the biosphere of the earth's surface, and they regulate its functions. Plants are the ultimate source of all health and prosperity; they feed us, give us clothing and shelter, provide fuel, fiber, and countless other necessities. Every breath we breathe is the breath of plants, which supports all life. Plants are the origin of medicine. - David Crow