Happiness Powder: Herbal Coffee, Serotonin + Dopamine

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NEW! Energizing + Mood Boosting Herbal Coffee | Caffeine Free | Adaptogenic 

You asked and we listened! Introducing our renowned Happiness formula now available as a super-powder! Contains key herbal allies that we like to call 'happy herbs' as they do just that, make us happy and elevated. Energized with some of the top herbs researched to increase a sense of peace and happiness, such as Ashwagandha, Rhodiola, Mucuna, Albizzia and St John's Wort.  

And to top it all off, we combined these happy herbs with coffee-esq bases for their grounding and exquisite flavors, such as roasted dandelion, roasted chicory, maca, lucuma, burdock, mesquite and real organic vanilla. 

Key Benefits:

- Uplifting

- Joy Booster

- Dopamine and Serotonin Uplifters

- Liver and Gut Supportive 

- Adaptogenic 

- Coffee Substitute

- Aromatic Bitters


Amount per container: 5oz, fine powder

*This new babe starts shipping out on Nov 30th* 

  • Ingredients


Roasted Dandelion Root

Liver + Gut Loving Ally

Dandelion is perhaps one of the most incredible weeds out there. Our organic roasted dandelion root is one of the key elements that gives it a 'coffee-esq' flavor, which also stimulates the liver and supports healthy digestion. Every single part of this precious weed is medicinal and an incredible remedy to have as an everyday ally. It has a pleasent roasted flavor with bitter notes, much like coffee. Along with being liver protective, dandelion supports the body's natural detoxification process.

Roasted Chicory Root

Chicory root comes from a beautiful plant with bright blue flowers that belongs to the dandelion family. Used for centuries as both a for culinary purposes and traditional medicine. It's commonly used to make a coffee alternative, as it has a similar taste and color. Although it looks like coffee, its caffeine free, and it's an aromatic bitters, a wonderful gastrointestinal tonic to the gut.

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