9 Things You Should (and Should Not!) Do During a New 🌑 Moon

9 Things You Should (and Should Not!) Do During a New 🌑 Moon

Happy New Moon, Friends!

Our ancestors have been following moon cycles for a wide variety of reasons. Whether it was for planting, sowing seeds at optimal points, rituals, ceremonies for reasons relevant to a particular phase of the moon, and beyond. Many indigenous people from around the world, and ancient civilizations, knew that each moon phase embodied a particular archetype, and therefore practices and traditions were formed to align with that. 

Every month, the new moon presents an invitation, an opportunity for growth. In astrological terms, this sun shines behind the moon, blocking us from its view. And it is within this process that the new moon marks the beginning of a new lunar cycle, and often brings with it a wide array of new beginnings. It is no coincidence that many people feel unconsciously aligned to this energy, and tend to create new habits, or dream up new projects, wish to create more, take the time for deep self-reflection, and goal setting.

The New Moon this month lands on March 13th in dreamy and mystical Pisces, conjoining Neptune and Venus. Igniting even more so our dreamscape, our deep subconscious desires, and profound feelings of love, or desiring love.  

Consider this a mini field guide to the new moons that come and go every 28 to 30 days. Take the days surrounding the new moon as a period of electric glory, where you get to dream up and magnetize potentials to you. And while you do so, sip on our Golden Moon Milk latte to enhance the magic. 

1. Set A Deep Intention

Take some time to pause and craft intentions that are clear and true to your heart. Whether it's by visualized meditation, powerfully stating out loud what you are looking to manifest, or writing it down, use any tool that allows you to see and feel your intention with total clarity.

2. Create a Sacred Space

Choose a space in your home that feels good to you, tiny or large, and collect symbolic items to add to it. Light a candle, collect herbs and flowers, crystals, fabrics, ceramics,  photographs, art, or anything symbolic to you and your practice. Cleanse the energy of the space where you’ll be performing your magic with a smoke cleansing (using palo santo, cedar, or any herbal bundle of choice). Ask the universe to shine a light on what it is that you want to create, and use the tools that would go on your alter as physical embodiments to what you're calling in.

3. Start Something New

The new moon is the most fertile day of the lunar cycle to initiate anything new. And it doesn't matter what exactly it is that you're beginning, whether it's starting a new class, applying for a new job, starting your own business, cultivating a garden, sowing some seeds... the sky's the limit! Now is the perfect moment to begin anew.

4. Make a Manifestation List

Get REALLY clear on your intentions and prep a list of all that you are looking to manifest in the near future. The key here is to make it as detailed as you can. Do a guided visualization, or do future self meditations, where you literally visualize an embodied feeling of your manifestation, as if it already happened. This is a powerful exercise that allows you to step deeply into the FEELS of what you’re calling in before it is made manifest in your life. And trust me, once you do this a few times, what you are calling in will literally happen.

5. Enjoy Being in Darkness 

The new moon is the darkest day of the month. And all traditions have associated archetypes, or deities, or symbolic representations to the archetypes of darkness to this time. What this can translate to is diving deep into your soul and reflecting on your own darkness. This is also a great time to literally enjoy the darkness. Turn off devices after dinner, light some candles, dim the lights, enjoy an evening meditation, make a fire, turn on some music, and simply enjoy the night.

1. Don't Turn Down Opportunities Due to Fear

Sometimes new opportunities can be scary, but fear is just a symbolic reaction of uncharted territory that might be very fertile with possibility. Fear is often a great indicator of where major growth can happen. If it feels good on some level, yet you’re uncertain, listen to your intuition, not the fear, and take the leap!

2. Don't Avoid Powerful Conversations

Don’t feed into empty social media forums that have heated conversations. Instead, choose intriguing conversations that propel growth and discovery. Don't be afraid to open yourself up to the potential of sharing something vulnerable. It's amazing the connections that can be built from sharing an unspoken part of yourself. Invest your time wisely with who you choose to have these conversations with, and if they don't see eye to eye with you, listen to the other side of the story. Instead of opposing it, learn from it!

3. Don't Spend Time with Energy Suckers

This is a general NO (always), but it can’t always be avoided. But, since the new moon is a particularly good energy to cut the cords, be sure to identify who in your life makes you feel UPLIFTED, and who doesn’t. Sort the seed from the dirt and be sure to focus on friendships that propel growth. Simply said, don’t let others kill your vibe.

4. Don't Decline the Unexpected 

Be open to receiving messages, wisdom, and healing in all its forms. Sometimes what we truly need is not in the shiny light we typically expect. It can also be in the shadow, in the unknown, and the murky waters and emotions we try to avoid, and oftentimes it can be scary. However, if we sit with that feeling without trying to avoid, deflect or project, there can be profound awakenings in those moments.
Let go of the idea you have of what is supposed to happen and just be open to receiving answers to your prayers in the most unexpected ways.
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