Astrology For The Spring Equinox

Astrology For The Spring Equinox

Happy Spring, Friends! 

Aries season began on March 20, 2021, and signals both the astrological new year and the spring equinox. In addition to bringing blossoming trees and rising temperatures, spring offers us a chance to start fresh. Now is the time to create the visions and life we want. Read below to see what's in-store these coming weeks.

Sun in Aries

The Sun entered Aries on Mar. 21 and is there until April 19, signaling the Equinox and the start of a new season. Aries is associated with the springtime energies of the northern hemisphere, in which new growth begins to rise from the Earth.

No matter where we live, we may feel the urge to pursue new activities or to direct renewed vigor into creative projects. Aries is fiery and direct and burns quickly through its fuel. Sustaining our new directions will be helped by focused Saturn’s supportive trine to Mars, but only for this week. We may find it easier to start things than to finish them while the Sun is in Aries! Our direction and motivation may want to shift constantly, as the next shiny bright thing grabs our attention. 

Tip: Narrow in on your intentions and manifestations. Pick only a couple of new projects to start and stick with them till the very end. Try not to get distracted by everything that comes your way and see your projects out to finish.

Venus in Aries

Venus, the Queen of the Heavens, the planet associated with connection and harmony, has also entered Aries on Mar. 21 and is here to invigorate our pursuit of love - offering us new romantic and creative adventures.  Venus is in Aries until Apr. 14 and pushes us to be more direct in our dealings with business partners, lovers and love interests, financial interests, and social commitments. We may impulsively take risks to connect with others and be less cautious than usual. 

Tip: Strategize before you jump in. Even though we feel compelled to be a little risky, use both gifts of logic and the wisdom of the heart during this time.

Sun Conjunct Venus

The Sun will conjoin Venus (exact Mar. 25 and lasting through Apr. 6), spotlighting our appreciation of art and beauty, as well as encouraging a desire to reconcile or bridge divisions. Aries’ influence can make us move a little too quickly or bring awkwardness to reconciling with others. Our quest for harmonious relations may go in fits and starts.

Sun-Venus aspects also indicate avoidance of conflict, and we have to be willing to go beneath surface appearances to see into the heart of our connections and differences. It is otherwise an enjoyable influence to seek out pleasures, artistic and musical experiences, and tune into the sweetness in life.

Tip: Ask yourself, what/who do you want to reconnect with? Is it worth your energy? Choose those that elevate you and your evolution. Don't over-do "the work" if it's getting in the way of you blossoming. Avoid toxic relationships and spend time doing what you love and surrounding yourself with people that make you feel alive.

Mercury Sextile Uranus

The mind, represented by Mercury, is making a smooth sextile, a harmonious aspect, to inventive Uranus (exact Mar. 21), adding power to the Aries energy of sparking new interests and fresh perspectives in the new season. This suggests that our desire to be adventurous will be rewarded with chance encounters that bring us intriguing benefits, exchanges, and connections. We may be gifted with unexpected flashes of insight, and electronic communications may bring us exciting news. 

Tip: Be open to the unknown. Mercury + Uranus is all about sudden, unexpected insights and events. Keep sharpening your intuition and be open to receiving unexpected goodness in ways other than what you're used to.

A fun little chart noting some of the herbs that exalt Aries, or tone down its fiery vibe a bit. Herbs of Aries are those ruled by Mars. Archetypally, Mars embodies the manner in which we bring ideas, dreams, and desires into manifestation. The energy of Mars yields us the power of strength, courage, and physical activity.  Astrologers see Mars within one's chart, as a key element to one’s drive, agility, and the nature of one’s physical energy. To read more about herbs of mars, visit our blog.

Mercury Square Mars

We also have combative Mars in a stressful square to talkative Mercury (exact Mar. 23). Many people will be easily provoked to argue with others, or persistently debate a topic. It may be difficult to stop ourselves from firing off an angry response and it is hard to have a conversation when we’re punching others with words.

All the same, it's possible to make very incisive and necessary critiques or observations with this influence. We might be feeling superior to others while fighting for our ideas as the emotional Moon travels through confident, strong-willed Leo (Mar. 23 - 25)—and people may try to take us down a notch or two.

Tip: Energies are fiery, think before speaking or acting. Stay humble, grounded, and kind when in communication with others. Known that you can always take a break, ask for time, or kindly step away from situations that don't serve your highest good.

Full Moon in Libra

Full moon is here again, folks! The impulse to connect socially and romantically, especially strong through April 6, is greatly magnified by the Full Moon in Libra (Mar. 28 at 11:48 am Pacific). The Full Moon always brings high energy, and many will experience “being of two minds about something”—and which direction should we go?  

The Sun in Aries illuminates the Libra Moon, and Aries receives its instructions from Mars. Mars in Gemini (Mar. 3 - Apr. 23) is excellent for multi-tasking and moving quickly, thinking fast, and easily changing directions.

Tip: It may help to quickly make a list to capture your great ambitions and inspiration and then choose a focus.

Mercury Conjunct Neptune

We want to watch out for slippery thinking with mental Mercury conjoining foggy Neptune (exact Mar. 29) this week.  Our minds may be in soft focus for several days of daydreaming and reveries. We may also need to listen carefully for the truth, as stories may be intentionally or very innocently stretched into lies or distortions. This influence is great for writing poetry or visioning new projects, but not so helpful for making elaborately detailed plans or keeping on schedule.  

Tip: Let you intuition speak through you via creative outlets. Can you become aware of what lies inside of you without becoming attached to it? 


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