THE MEANING OF the Libra Full Moon

THE MEANING OF the Libra Full Moon

The Big Dream, the dream that is dreaming all of us, blossoms within the conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune (exact Apr. 12), as much of the energy of April is filtering through the divinizing sign of Pisces.

Our love, our will, and our faith take on a watery tinge in Pisces, where we receive an invitation to slow down and experience pleasures and aesthetic stimulation. Pisces’ boundary-dissolving influence can also involve empathic overwhelm since an expanded sensitivity includes all things, both desirable and undesirable.

Our drive and goal-seeking, represented by Mars, will soften under these skies, but we are also likely to enjoy greater ease in social interactions and business dealings, as compared to the preceding few weeks.

At the same time, power struggles could erupt here and there, when our sense of self (Sun) collides with power and ambition (Pluto) as we move towards our dreams.

This month’s Full Moon in the harmonizing sign of Libra suggests consideration of reciprocity in our partnerships and important relationships, and whether it is worth it to continue expending energy and effort in the same way—or if we might make some adjustments.

For adjustments are indicated by the April 30 solar eclipse in Taurus, as our loves, work lives, and connections to the Earth experience a rise in intensity.

A great deal of inspiration and new life is flowing in from the cosmos this month, and while some things must pass away in order for that new life to grow, the Good and the True are composed of the Beauty we seek.The skies this month continue a great emphasis on the compassionate and emotional sign of Pisces, which has been quite activated by Neptune swimming through its native waters since 2012.

With Neptune there, both our vital dreams and most fantastical illusions are magnified, as Neptune brings diffusive, imaginal energy to all planets that pass through Pisces. On April 15, the mission-oriented planet of Mars joined lovely Venus, dreamy Neptune, and expansive Jupiter, where they will all be together until May 2.

The general picture is one of stopping to smell the roses and experience the external world with greater depth as the emotional and energetic boundaries between self and others become more blurry.

Venus is happy in Pisces, where her harmonizing and beautifying qualities are well-supported by the imaginative and empathetic nature of Pisces. Our social activities are likely to be far more relaxed and enjoyable than they have been in the last few weeks, with more inclination to forgiveness or at least more consideration of others’ feelings.

Relaxed boundaries can also lead to weepiness or being overwhelmed by the difficulties of life as well, as our hearts are more open and feeling than usual.

Mars represents the parts of us that are goal-seeking and oriented to accomplishment by serving our individual desires. His fiery nature is rather contrary to watery Pisces, and we may find our sense of direction melting, diffusing, or perhaps re-orienting under the influence of new dreams. Some of us may struggle with a lack of direction while others may enjoy a little relaxation from their more typically focused grind.Jubilant Jupiter has been floating through Pisces since Dec. 2021 and will depart on May 10, but not before completing a conjunction with the divine unity of Neptune (exact Apr. 12) and giving energy to the Big Dream inside all of us. Jupiter brings a centering quality to the omnicentric, everywhere-all-at-once Neptunian ocean, though this activity can be very subtle and operate on more diffuse planes of existence.

It, therefore, corresponds to heightened intuition and spiritual perception, aspiring to climb to the heights in an effort to expand awareness and consciousness. Speaking to the unintegrated expressions of Jupiter-Neptune, like spiritual materialism, psychological inflation, and lack of discernment and naïveté, we must remember that expansion of consciousness means awareness of all things, whether desirable or objectionable.

Jupiter’s elevating quality could be wasted on unrealistic expectations of easy material gain, or trying to avoid work, the fact of suffering, and one’s responsibilities.

We should be wary of getting involved with endeavors that result in overextending ourselves or being too generous. It could be tempting to want to take on more work than a body can possibly do if we are out of touch with what is necessary to make dreams a reality. We might rather try to honor and cherish our dreams enough to make it possible for them to grow a body here on Earth.To help us bring what it takes for our dreams to manifest, we have the focalizing Sun in a dynamic square aspect to powerful Pluto (exact Apr. 18). While the Sun with Pluto does symbolize empowerment of our sense of self and future trajectory, it may also indicate a bit of a conflict between our ambitions and those of other people—or perhaps an internal conflict around how to exert our energies.

Pluto generally represents power struggles and so we may find ourselves drawn into manipulative or coercive dynamics. We shouldn’t waste our time analyzing the faults of others, but rather pay attention to our own behaviors, motivations, and goals, to avoid getting distracted or thrown off course.   We have plenty of distractions waiting for us as mental Mercury conjoins with the electric shock of Uranus (exact Apr. 17). This aspect can lend an insightful, if erratic, current of energy to our Piscean meanders and visionary states, and it may also indicate some surprising news or information coming our way.

Sweet Venus’ supportive sextile to Mercury and Uranus suggests there is something pleasant or at least some relief or grace accompanying the surprise or shock.This month’s Full Moon occurs at 11:55 am PST on April 16th in relational Venus’ home sign of Libra. Many of us will be called to consider our partnerships and approach to partnerships, with an eye for imbalances, neglected or broken agreements and perhaps reflecting on the state of reciprocity in our connections. Are our partnerships or important relationships draining us or enlivening us?

We might find some of our connections challenging us to represent and champion our own interests, as we discover subtle ways we (or others) have sabotaged or undercut our own needs and desires. Maybe we have sacrificed too much of our own needs in order to maintain a connection, and it is time for a change.

Our emotions are likely to override our attempts to simply intellectualize or rationalize imbalances, and while parts of the Full Moon picture suggest a gentler confrontation and renegotiation process, other parts indicate some surprising outbursts or a tensely angry atmosphere that subtly permeates such conversations.

We may also experience some false starts in our quest for justice or greater balance in our connections, as our will may be weakened or confused by romanticizing the situation or by over-idealizing a relationship.

And without a doubt, many of us will experience a more gentle recalibration process in which all parties recognize the need to restructure and reorient to agreements in order to harmonize everyone’s energy, efforts, and goals.The Moon represents who we are before we even think about who we are. It describes our deepest vulnerabilities and our most profound capacity to connect with others. Full Moons amplify energy and emotions, and this Moon suggests a collision between our dreams, aspirations, and ideals, and the uncertainties and limitations of material reality. Let’s see how the Virgo Full Moon impacts your own Moon placement!

Aries Moon

Pressures from the workplace or your career may impact your closest relationships under the Libra Full Moon. As tempting as it may be to blame the situation or others’ actions for the difficulties, it may be more helpful to see if self-sabotage is at play. You have more power to solve the problem than you may realize.

Taurus Moon

A life of dreary duty and obligations makes Taurus Moon a dull person! As much as the familiar routine brings comfort, you may also find yourself chafing at your yoke and questioning whether the cart of self-imposed obligations you’re dragging behind you will feed your future, or if it is a famine in the making.

Gemini Moon

Most of us can’t keep up with you, Gemini Moon—so many varied interests and activities, talents, and skills can make for a fast pace of life. This Libra Full Moon may present an invitation to stop and smell the roses, for a bit of enjoyment and pleasure can offer you some fresh inspiration and uplifting energy to the gift of your presence in the world.

Cancer Moon

Your beloved intimate relations may catalyze an evaluation of your living arrangements, or alternatively, help you to recognize some of your own hidden assumptions and limiting beliefs. Whether these interactions are centered on your physical home, or your spiritual home, new life and inspiration are waiting to flow into your beliefs and assumptions about the world.

Leo Moon

Even if the world doesn’t actually revolve around you, Leo Moon, yes you are an incredibly important and cherished part of the Earth. You may receive a call to embrace vulnerability around your weaknesses and imperfections—accepting these as real can help make you a stronger, kinder person and faithfully enact the generosity of your heart.

Virgo Moon

Oh Virgo Moon, what do you value? Is it more important to “be right” or to be related? Whether it is your creative children who are challenging you to remain open to differences of opinion or it’s your own vulnerability that demands your compassion, experiment with creative solutions, and softening your critique.

Libra Moon

Rejoice, Libra Moon, for this is your Full Moon of 2022! The depths to which our relationships shape us and make us who we are will figure heavily under this lunation. The beauty of devotion to others’ happiness may be countered by a need to sip from the sweet cup of devotion to one’s own well-being. Beware of seeking a compromise here, because the cosmos wants you to be a good partner, and that needs a foundation of lovingkindness to oneself.

Scorpio Moon

Something seems to be eating at you under the Libra Full Moon. You’re likely to surprise yourself by directing some sharp words at someone who is unwittingly playing into ancient family dynamics, stirring a very old and brittle pot.

Sagittarius Moon

Your friends or close associates may encourage you to go deeper with them under the Libra Full Moon. You may peer beneath the surface of those connections and examine elements or dynamics between you that you might ordinarily dismiss by just assuming the best.

Capricorn Moon

Your typical serious focus on responsibilities and duties to others may receive a challenge from deep within your own personality—whether it’s from a sense of playfulness or a renewal of the concept of duty, this Libra Full Moon may urge you to see through your habitual thought patterns in order to connect with what caring really means to you.

Aquarius Moon

This Full Moon may call on you to reflect on the role of compassion in your relationships. How does empathy figure into your value system, Aquarius Moon? Where are you offering compassion? Where are you receiving compassion?  

Pisces Moon

Your debts and interdependencies with others are in the spotlight under this lunation, Pisces Moon. The sweetness and charm you use to manage interpersonal challenges may require a more forceful expression than usual, with some more distinction between what is in your best interest and what are the interests of others. Standing firmly for what you need and want will bring good results.

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