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Flower of Intuition

Blue Lotus, also known as "The Flower of Enlightenment" is an ethnobotanical treasure that has been revered through the centuries. Extensively used in ancient Egypt and amongst the Maya, it symbolizes creation and rebirth as it emerged from the primordial waters to bloom once a year for only 3 days. The plant was associated with the sun-god Ra as the bringer of light and the embodiment of the "perfection of wisdom."

Blue Lotus has been respected as an ancestral flower known to induce deep meditative energy, enhance third eye function and motivate lucid dreaming.* [R]

Key Benefits: 

  • Can act as a nervous system relaxant, also known as a nervine* [R]
  • Can help promote restful sleep*
  • May help to reduce stress + anxiety* [R]
  • May open up the third eye
  • May heighten awareness* [R]

Package contains 3 whole flowers in a compostable bag, with a compostable label.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases. 

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Blue Lotus Flower Tea

To make tea, use 1 Blue Lotus Flower per cup of hot water. Pour almost boiling water (175-180F) over the flower and allow it to infuse for about 5-7min. Remember, a longer steep time just makes it taste bitter, while losing the subtle taste and feel it provides.

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