THE FULL MOON in Sagittarius: Between Stimulus and Response

THE FULL MOON in Sagittarius: Between Stimulus and Response

This year, the months of May and June are vibrant and pulsing with life, as the conjunction of beautiful Venus, bountiful Jupiter, and innovative Uranus converge under the Sagittarius Full Moon on May 23. Friendships and partnerships of all kinds are likely to intersect and variously disperse, as the quest for freedom and self-definition collide with the facts of interdependency with the Sacred Other in all its myriad forms. 

The Sagittarius Full Moon might naturally have us waxing philosophical and pondering conflicting truths.

Particularly as we shift gears from the earthy, slow-moving Taurus into the airy, mental Gemini, with the Sun, Venus, Jupiter and Mercury all moving out of Taurus and into Gemini by June 2, the power of story will come into view. Once solid narratives may give way to the multiplicity of meanings and perspectives that characterize Earth’s complexity. This greater flexibility may therefore help with transitions emerging from the 2023-2024 Jupiter-Uranus conjunction.

Whatever it has revolutionized in your life may now begin to find new rootlets and shoots forming, or perhaps shift into a more healing mode.

Jupiter’s advance into the communicative sign of Gemini will in fact want to carry us into a great adventure of fact gathering, data collection, and countless details with which to weave a narrative. This will actually be a bit challenging for Jupiter’s typical mode, as analytical Gemini wants to see all the parts and reconnect them into coherence, whereas Jupiter tends to start with the holistic view and pull details out later. 

We must guard against dispersion and spreading ourselves too thin, while keeping sight of larger pictures. Indeed, as this and other cosmic movements portend the rapid spread of recent technological innovation, it will serve our health and well-being to be aware of how we interact with technology, and notice how we inhabit our bodies and intimate relationships. Taking a mindful pause can have more of an effect on our well-being than perhaps ever before.

Venus-Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction

The emotionality of the May 23 Full Moon will percolate through the jubilant sign of Sagittarius as the Moon stands in exact opposition to the Sun in Gemini at 6:53 a.m. US/Pacific. We may be of two minds about our world, and not just because the future-oriented power of the Sun entered the twins’ sign of Gemini on May 20 (until June 20). The unconscious depths of the Moon just spent May 20 through May 22 in hot and spicy Scorpio, where she set off the four planets currently traversing Taurus, including the luminous strange beauty of the Venus-Jupiter-Uranus conjunction (exact May 18 and May 23). 

We may find ourselves wondering if we must focus on everything that is difficult in our world, which most would rather not discuss (Scorpio), or if we should allow the beauty and the pleasurable aspects of existence to come into greater focus (Taurus)?    

Some of us struggle mightily with interdependence and the fundamental relatedness of our cosmos. The world does not seem to exist for our pleasure or our pain alone, others are not here to simply play a role in our lives. We are called to play a part in the lives of others as well, to love and listen to and attend to the Sacred Other in all its forms. If we are experiencing a conflict between the pleasurable and the more difficult aspects of life, we might let ourselves just be with that conflict—and not try to choose one over the other. Holding that paradox in our hearts might bring some of us a great emotional release that frees us from the all too human desire to overly control circumstances.  

For others, sitting with that paradox could result in more of an intellectual catharsis, clearing the cobwebs out of mental spaces so that we stop holding everything at a distance by labeling and filing things away into categories. The startling complexity of life might then float a bit closer to us, enticing us to allow its wholeness to flutter against our hearts, a wholeness which is maybe more accurately described as the ‘whole-mess’ of life.

Sun + Venus Enter Gemini

Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction

The airy, mental sign of Gemini in part symbolizes how much mischief our narratives can create—the ‘whole-mess’ point of view—as we slice and dice our direct experiences into stories about our experiences. The Sag Full Moon will kick off a cosmic transition to a strong, airy Geminian emphasis with its witty, trickster ways overcoming the slower more sensuous Taurus emphasis we’ve had since around April 20. The conscious awareness of the Sun hops into Gemini on May 23 together with harmony-loving Venus, followed by freedom-seeking Jupiter on May 25 and the mind of Mercury on June 2. 

As May melts into June, Gemini’s influence may make it much easier to question the stories, narratives and ideas we have inherited or adopted over time, as we will be more open to experimentation with making meaning from events.

Whether it was expected or we have yet to see anything, the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction has catalyzed revolution on Earth. It may be felt very personally, or seem distant and remote from our lives. In any case, events both seen and unseen occurring under this June 2023 to June 2024 conjunction will ultimately prove historically important as time passes. 

For those who can identify where the revolution has happened in their lives, all that has been shaken loose and all the new forms which have materialized will begin to take up their healing place, or seek the ground in which to grow as Jupiter-Uranus’ immediate influence begins to wane.

Many of us will be quite sensitive to questions of the future—can we gather correct information or enough information to move forward?

We may fight with ourselves or others about proceeding with only partial information or feeling only half ready, as one part of us may be up for the adventure, while another part wants to pump the brakes. But nothing will happen if we do not take action in this world, in this material plane. Remaining in fantasy and ideation alone will squander the gift of this zeitgeist, or the spirit of the time. The evocative imagery of writer and naturalist Janisse Ray captures the Sun’s new season in Gemini: “Everyday, millions upon millions of seeds lift their two green wings.” 

The connection between Earth and the mind cannot be overemphasized if we wish to encourage embryonic cotyledon leaves to bring us to the maturity needed for true leaves to form and breathe life into our dreams.

Jupiter Enters Gemini

Yet how so many of us will want to soar into the heights of imagination, on a quest to gather facts, data and details with which to make meaning as Jupiter embarks on his year in the analytical sign of Gemini (May 25, 2024 to June 2025). Jupiter’s wholeness-weaving capacities do have a hard time accommodating Gemini’s need to break things down into parts in order to reassemble them into a system or an understanding. Jupiter’s method of understanding typically starts with intuiting the whole picture and only later noticing various parts or components.

As a result, some of us may find our efforts to grow, to expand, to venture beyond the known a bit confounded by dissipation, as we spread ourselves too thin.

Particularly as we each attempt to find our balance with the use of technology and the near synaptic immediacy of communication that it has brought to so many of us. Jupiter’s time in communicative Gemini will surely bring an expansion of technological infrastructure and we will must discern our interaction with it and how it mediates not only our sense of reality, but our experience of time. It is estimated that the average technologized person receives around 270 notifications per day, from emails to apps, text messages to social media, we might get hundreds of interruptions in our day. Without even wondering how this might be affecting to our ability to perceive, think and feel, we can at least go into Jupiter’s time in Gemini—which comes just before Uranus, the planet most associated with high technology, innovation and disruption, enters Gemini in 2025—with this helpful orientation from the psychologist Viktor Frankl: “Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”

Full Moon in Sagittarius by Moon Sign

The Moon represents who we are before we even think about who we are. She represents our instinctual self, and she describes our deepest vulnerabilities as well as our most profound capacity to connect with others. Full Moons amplify energy and emotions, and this lunation offers a chance for emotional or mental release in service of greater participation in the fullness of life.

Let’s see how the Sagittarius Full Moon impacts your own Moon placement!

Aries Moon

A tug of war between contraction and expansion may evolve under the influence of the Sagittarius Full Moon, as you feel into greater possibilities. The devil in the details may be drawing most of your attention, Aries Moon, and this is as it should be. Look deep beneath the surface for the most promising path forward.

Taurus Moon

This lunation provides a great chance to explore your material, emotional, and spiritual dependencies on others, Taurus Moon. A sweet discovery may await you under the Sag Full Moon—the richness of your own inner resources and well-developed capacities need only be acknowledged to become more accessible in daily life.

Gemini Moon

If there is a conflict or misunderstanding brewing in your interpersonal scene—with bosses, colleagues, partners, or friends—the Sagittarius Full Moon might ask you to give it some attention. There is a sweetness waiting on the other side of any acrimony, but you’ll have to be wary of rationalizing away any legitimate beef that crops up between you and another, Gemini Moon. Your cleverness could otherwise get the better of you.

Cancer Moon

Are there perhaps areas of learned helplessness in your life, Cancer Moon? Early lessons you absorbed about what influence you have and do not have over the events in your life could be highlighted under the Sagittarius Full Moon. It’s quite possible to see more clearly how much power you actually have, especially if you root into spiritual means of knowing yourself.

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Leo Moon

Your unconscious quest for an audience could leave you feeling rather exposed under the Sag Full Moon, as you perhaps become aware of the impact of some of your behaviors or unnamed desires. This isn’t cause for embarrassment, Leo Moon, so much as the chance to allow yourself to want what you want. Greater choice in the matter is likely to follow.

Virgo Moon

Adventures in home remodeling may be a highlight of your Sag Full Moon experience, Virgo Moon. Whether that means literally refashioning your pad, or a more metaphorical adventure with your relationship to home and the ground that supports you, don’t be afraid of sampling a new style. There can be pleasure in what you discover.

Libra Moon

The Sagittarius Full Moon would like for you to straighten out your mind, and to cut yourself free from fetters that are rooted in early experiences of bonding with others. Realization of the freedom that is yours, Libra Moon, is so close at hand—open your heart to the real choice available to you in the here and now.

Scorpio Moon

Deep-seated and murky beliefs which hamper your confidence could be seen and seen through under the Sag Full Moon. All the unhelpful and biased reflections you receive from others won’t matter as much, as you begin to see your own abilities more clearly, Scorpio Moon.

Sagittarius Moon

This is your Full Moon of 2024, Sagittarius Moon! This lunation is a significant meditation on your relationship to collaboration, and how you make use of your powers, capabilities and philosophies. It’s a great opportunity to align more deeply with the communities you participate in by seeing through limiting beliefs and discarding what is untrue.

Capricorn Moon

A new wrinkle in your creative expression would like to show itself, Capricorn Moon. This may in fact be a longstanding interest, or something you have dabbled in but never fully committed to. The Sag Full Moon is ushering in creative potency, it’s just a matter of you making space in your schedule to receive it.

Aquarius Moon

Where are your habitual thoughts and less conscious feelings undermining your sense of contributing to the betterment of the collective? The Sagittarius Full Moon would surely like you to take steps into the next level of your contribution, by freeing yourself from stifling commitments you have outgrown. New inspiration awaits you.

Pisces Moon

The topic of your public reputation or standing amongst your peers could very well arise with the Sagittarius Full Moon. If this kicks you in some old wounds, that may be because you haven’t yet realized you’ve gotten beyond those old stories, Pisces Moon. The time is ripe to step in as the protagonist and write your own script.

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