6 Energy-Based Weightloss Tips

First off, happy 4th! Although culturally I don't really share this holiday, I do love the time off. The “Mystical Monday” newsletter became a Tuesday this week, as I figured most of you were out there unplugged and having fun. 

A topic that has been coming up lately is weight loss. And as you might figure, now that the summer vibes are in fulll gear, many wanting ways to shed a few extra pounds in a way that is symbiotic to their lifestyle. Although I am a bit reluctant to write about this subject, and contribute to one of the beauty downfall’s of western culture, I think it’s important to choose the right dietary plan to nourish the body wisely. We can be overly bombarded with the beautiful woman doing yoga on instagram, or images of too-skinny models all over the place. 

Collecting weight, and doing weightloss fad diets, can trigger significant health problems, and there are several energy-based reasons why we gain or hold onto extra weight. So I wanted to go over some tips on healthy energetics of weight loss management. Hopefully it goes without saying (although I’ll say it anyway) that the goal here is your health, vitality, and joy in your body – not becoming a size. 

Changing our eating habits is often about understanding and changing our relationship to food, as we so often eat for reasons other than hunger.


There is plenty written elsewhere on these topics from a nutritional, medical and psychological perspective, so there’s no reason to cover that here (nor is it my specialty.) My focus here is what we can learn from energy-based healing and personal development modalities to help us out. With that in mind, here are 4 tips that you may find helpful:


  1. Strengthen Your Energetic Boundaries. Your subtle body intakes your environmental, mental and emotional landscape far more than you might realize. Strengthening your intentions with food, literally at every meal, can orient cravings and nutrient absorption into the right direction — which only strengthens the energetic system. For example, we often feel driven to eat ‘bready’ carbs when our energetic boundaries are weak, and we are absorbing difficult energies into our subtle body. Such carbs give us a temporary sense of a buffer, because they feel heavy, and make our body feel heavy too, while we are digesting. Unfortunately this is just an illusion, and we are much better served by actual energetic boundaries.There are a lot of different ways to strengthen your energetic boundaries, but a very simple first step is simply to take a moment before you are entering a difficult energetic environment – such as a crowd, a meeting, or social situation you find stressful – and visualize yourself surrounded by a white light.  You’ll be amazed at this very simple exercise within your shielding toolkit. Once you start getting into the hang of it, you can visualize this shield extending from your root and naval chakras as they are the two chakras most closely involved in basic, day-to-day energetic shielding.
  2. Ground yourself.  Another energetic reason we may overeat, or crave heavy carbs, is because we feel ungrounded or spacey. If you are a strong upper chakra person, going through a spiritual transit of any type, or pulling a lot of kundalini through you, this can often be the case. And sometimes you actually need those carbs to help you process the energy, much like an athlete does. But usually, you would be much better served by protein, as protein is actually the food source most linked to strengthening the root chakra, the foundation of our grounding abilities. Physical exercise and time connecting to the earth are also much healthier ways to ground. If you feel grounding may be your issue, work with these methods, and see if it helps diminish your overall craving for carbs. 

 3. Energy Practices For Challenging Emotions – We so often eat for reasons other than hunger, especially to comfort or distract ourselves from difficult emotions. We eat out of stress, or anxiety, to soothe or calm ourselves, or sometimes even to punish ourselves when we are suffering from a lack of self-worth. Working through these emotional issues, and finding other, healthier ways to deal with them, is essential for many of us – just as important as finding the right calorie level and balance of protein, carbs, and fat. There are many different energy practices for dealing with difficult emotions, some of which I’ve covered on this blog in the past. Some of my favorites are Yoga Nidra, Lucid Dreaming techniques, Kundalini Yoga, and overall meditation. Cardio based exercises can be very powerful, as they burn toxicity from the mind and blood quite instantaneously. 

4. Honor Your Need For Pleasure – Our sacral chakra, is linked to our desires, our need for pleasure, and our need for sensual experience. If we deny ourselves these our body may seek to fill the void with cravings for sweets, salty foods, or other palate-pleasing items. So consider if you are stuck in ‘work’ mode all of the time, or in overdrive, and if that might be contributing to your overeating of certain foods. If so, make some space for pleasure in your life. Enjoy nature and beauty. Buy yourself flowers. Take a candlelit bath. Indulge in a healthy dessert, or an exquisite essential oil, or anything else that satisfies your need for beauty or sensual energy. (And yes, sex counts – as you may have heard, the ‘sex diet’ is quite healthy for our serotonin and dopamine production!)



5. Cultivate Body Love.  
What do you really think and feel about your body? Spend conscious time cultivating gratitude for your body, and love for what you have. It’s not good faking it though – just some empty ‘I love my body’ won’t do it. If you are having a hard time feeling it, take some time to list for yourself the parts of your body that are strong and function well, and/or the parts that please you the most. If you’ve had children, thank your body for the amazing sacrifices it made to create and nurture another human being. No matter what state your body is in, there is everything to thank it for.

6. Energy Test Your Food. 
Energy testing is part of many energy healing traditions. The general idea is that your subtle body knows what is best for you, and that this is reflected in your physical strength. Although methods vary, there is usually some method of testing your strength both before being in contact with the substance you wish to test (a food, medicine, etc.) and while you are in contact with it. If you lose strength, the substance has some negative impact energetically for you, while if you hold your strength, it is fine.You may feel that you can gain this same insight simply through your intuition, and if so, consider spending some time intuitively evaluating foods in your diet, to see how they impact you. Sometimes by removing some foods and adding others (while still meeting nutritional needs) you change the overall energy profile of your diet and that reduces cravings or binges. Known that energetic needs are very different for single person — as this has to do with the emotional, mental and soul history of every individual.



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