Weightloss Kit - Organic & Sustainable
Anima Mundi Herbals

Weightloss Kit - Organic & Sustainable

A sustainable source of weightloss that allows the body to detoxify and mineralize.

Our Fat Belly Tonic contains powerful botanical agents that assists the liver in detoxifying toxic build while eliminating stagnant oils and other undigestible compounds (garcenia cambogia peel and cha de bugre herb). It helps the body remove toxicity while helping to mineralize with a high vitamin C source (mangosteen and turmeric). Together these powerhouses increase circulation, support detox, assist in sustainable fat burning, and decreases inflammation.

The Mangosteen-Hibiscus formula is a highly potent vitamin C source with a truly potent natural power to boost the body with radiance and beauty. The mangosteen peel and hibiscus flower contain high levels of vitamin C, anti-oxidants and naturally detoxify the body from toxic buildup. 


Recommended Intake:


Drink 1tsp of the Mangosteen Hibiscus in your choice of smoothie (preferably low glycemic), green juice or as a tea. If you are drinking it as a tea, add 1 tsp in a cup of boiling water and allow for it to steep up to 10minutes. 


After your lunch or mid day meal, allow about 45 mintues of digestion, and drink 30 drops of the tonic. It is best assimilated if drank in some warm water, in a gentle herbal tea.