Since the beginning of time, humans have searched beyond hard science for signs and guidance about what defines their personality and purpose. We’ve looked to the stars (astrology), to geometry (the enneagram), to the animal kingdom (Chinese zodiac), to the plant world (herbal astrology), and to countless other systems for help decoding who we truly are. We simply do not seem to tire of our quest for more knowledge about the meaning of our one precious life in this plane of existence.

One frequent question underlying so many of these tools is: Were we coded at birth? Whether you’ve accessed the Akashic Records to explore your soul’s journey throughout many lifetimes or were asked to take a Myers-Briggs personality test to work more harmoniously in teams, you’ve likely been curious at some point or another whether any of these frameworks can actually provide useful information about how to navigate the world around you. One system in particular, Human Design (HD), has been gaining more popularity as “the next big thing in wellness” (VICE) and is even being described by some as “the new astrology” (TZR).

But, what exactly is it, and how can you implement your HD chart for increased clarity, insights into how you operate and why, and where did it originate? Skeptics of Human Design say that how the blueprint to “living your design” was “revealed” to its creator is almost too far out to believe (more on that later). Even if that’s true, many people are still intrigued enough by the potential of this holistic system of differentiation as a way to reestablish individuality; so much so that they’re signing up for certifications and coaching sessions, and furthering their own education with increasingly more available free tools to demystify how HD can supplement their own self-inquiry.

One of the leading experts and the creator of the My Human Design app, Jenna Zoë, aims to make Human Design more accessible by presenting the teachings through the lens of acceptance. According to Zoë, “Human Design is the contract your soul makes with the Universe about who you came to be, what you came to do, and what karma you came to correct this lifetime around.” Zoë and her peers use the holistic self-knowledge outlined in the original 400-page textbook by Ra Uru Hu (née Robert Allan Krakower), The Definitive Book of Human Design: The Science of Differentiation, as their foundational framework for bringing HD as we know it today to the masses.

In 1987, five years before Hu published his seminal work on Human Design, the Canadian former magazine publisher and advertising executive claimed “The Voice” revealed a divine revelation to him in the form of a question: “Are you ready to work?” Answering the call over the next eight days and nights, Hu transcribed what “The Voice” told him, synthesizing aspects aspects of  “two types of science: The ancient observational systems of Astrology, the Chinese I’Ching, the Hindu-Brhmin Chakras and The Tree of Life from the Zhar/Kabbalist tradition; and the contemporary disciplines of Quantum Mechanics, Astronomy, Genetics, and Biochemistry,” as he writes in The Definitive Book of Human Design. The end goal being to “generate an ‘energetic blueprint’ called a BodyGraph”, a.k.a. “a map of ‘genetic code’ that shows how your energy is here to engage in the world” (VICE).

Following his life-altering experience, Hu’s life was forever transformed, and he endeavored to share his profound “downloads” with the mainstream. “Through this life-changing experience,” writes yoga instructor Courtney Jay Higgins, “Hu created a complex and expansive tool that harnesses our unique way of showing up in the world. He learned that humans can step into their life purpose through this system. In HD, this is called ‘living your design’.” 

According to the Centre of Excellence, in 2015, a scientific discovery of the fact that the neutrino—”a special, infinitesimal particle and a key underpinning of the science of Human Design”—indeed has mass was an illuminating breakthrough that gave added gravitas to the veracity of Human Design. Since about 100 trillion neutrino particles pass through the human body each second, the theory is that at the time of our birth, “a stream of information is imprinted on us, which connects us to the planets and celestial bodies that are the source of neutrino streams.” Further, this imprint is what gives each individual their uniqueness, manifesting in distinct ways for each person. 

In our Human Design chart then, we can perhaps seek clues for peeling back the layers of what makes us who we are. In doing so, we may better understand our conditioning, ourselves, and the imprints of information flowing from us to higher planes of consciousness and transits among the cosmos. Ready to give “living your design” a shot? Keep reading to learn about the five energy types, how to find yours, and a special offering from our herbalists: holistic support (herbs) for your specific energy type, which may help you navigate this complex terrain from a more grounded and aligned place.

“Understanding your energy type is like learning what kind of instrument your body is,” says Human Design reader and Leila Sol founder Janelle Rivera. “All you need to do is understand your body and energy type to best understand how to play music in the orchestra of life.” If you’re not yet sure what your Human Design energy type is, skip down to our free resources section below to take the first step in receiving, exploring, and decoding your chart.

Get Your Chart

There are many free resources to find out what your energy type is, and to reveal a better flow state for your way of moving through life, for making both personal and professional choices, and for making sense of your nuanced personality traits. A good starting point is the Jovian Archive, the official site of Ra Uru Hu and his family. You can also get a free chart at Jenna Zoë’s website, or via the following additional free quizzes: My Constellation, My BodyGraph or Genetic Matrix.

Wellness writer Nikhita Mahtani does an excellent job simplifying how each energy type utilizes opportunities (Strategy), a sign that shows you are “living your design” (Signature), and a specific feeling that may arise when you are out of tune with your energy type (Not-Self Theme). Human Design reader Ilona Barnhart told Mahtani that energy types can be defined as how you “optimize your unique energy in all areas of your life, such as relationships, work, sleep, digestion, and creativity.” Think of it as a roadmap to creating more ease and flow in your life. The three bullets for each energy type below are directly from Mahtani’s article, A Beginner’s Guide to Human Design.

Now that you (hopefully) have your chart in hand, here’s a brief guide to the energy types:


  • Strategy: To inform
  • Signature: Peace
  • Not-Self Theme: Anger

Born to stand out, Manifestors are path forgers and wise guides who open communication. Human design teacher and reader Lynette Hagins says that manifestors make up about 9 percent of the population. Higgins adds, “Manifestors are here to get things moving.” 

Famous manifestors include powerhouse initiators who left an indelible impact on the world like Frida Kahlo, Gloria Steinem and Maya Angelou. Manifestors are most effective when they inform others of their decisions before taking action, and through this sharing they may avoid energetic resistance from those around them, and prevent feeling angry as a result of that resistance.

“Manifestors start things, but they don’t necessarily have to finish them,” Human Design guide and leadership coach Erin Clare Jones told Allure. “Their energy comes in powerful bursts, and taking rest in between is important to them.”

Manifestor Non-Negotiables:

  • Balance time alone and with others.
  • Create healthy outlets for anger.
  • Cultivate mindfulness and inner guidance practices.
  • Embrace your unique gifts and talents.
  • Stay connected to your passions.


  • Strategy: To respond
  • Signature: Satisfaction
  • Not-Self Theme: Frustration

Generators are a life force in motion. Known for their sustainable energy and their ability to respond to life’s challenges, they make up a little less than 40 percent of the world’s population. Master coach and host of The Human Design Podcast Emma Dunwoody tells TZR, “When Generators are doing something they love and are passionate about, you can’t help feeling lit up, too.” Generators get their energy and boundless capacity for pushing ahead from doing the things they love. When they are “living their design”, this means they will likely elevate others through their own joy and passion, too.


Famous Generators like Oprah, Beyoncé, The Dalai Lama, and Albert Einstein are proof of this energy type’s impressive gifts of extraordinary stamina in the pursuit of whatever truly stirs their souls. Generators speak in a way that makes others want to listen, and prefer to do things their own way, often going against the grain and thinking outside the box to achieve their goals. One piece of advice, Generators: Trust your gut. You’re here to share your rich imagination with the world and to use it to achieve great things. The good news is that you certainly have the wherewithal to do it!

Generator Non-Negotiables:

  • Notice how your gut tells you its truth, and honor it in your daily life.
  • Find work that you love, with tasks that light you up.
  • Meditate and allow what is to be. Things are designed to come to you.
  • Focus on and feed your creative side.


  • Strategy: To respond, then inform
  • Signature: Satisfaction
  • Not-Self Theme: Frustration/Anger

With the combined qualities of both Manifestors and Generators, MGs are encouraged to follow their gut response and use their energy efficiently. Making up a little over 30 percent of the population, MGs have both the Manifestor edge and the ability to “multitask like no other,” says Barnhart. Quality sleep is especially critical for MGs to be able to replenish their productivity reserves, which are easily depleted by following their need to explore many different things, often all at once.

 Famous MGs like Mother Teresa, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and Mahatma Gandhi exemplified the unique strengths of this energy type with their legacy of acting in alignment with their own desires and beliefs, while also energizing and mobilizing others to action. In the My Human Design Book, Jenna Zoë writes of Manifestor Generators: “You’re never ‘off track’ because you’re not designed to be ‘on track’ – you’re here to groove us a new one.”

MGs Non-Negotiables:

  • Don’t question your intuitive “hits”.
  • Trust that things will unfold for the highest good.
  • When something works, allow it.
  • Give yourself permission to stop when it’s time.


  • Strategy: To wait for the invitation
  • Signature: Success
  • Not-Self Theme: Bitterness

Typically, Projectors excel in guiding, managing and directing energies. According to Hagins, Projectors represent approximately 20 percent of the population. “Their focused and penetrating aura gives them the ability to see deeply into others,” says Hagins. Waiting for recognition and invitation, Projectors naturally master systems, have a great capacity to lead, and are hardwired for success when they feel appreciated and seen by others. Famous Projectors like Barack Obama, Salvador Dalí, and Nelson Mandela have demonstrated how this energy type can leverage their deep understanding of others to reveal a bigger picture.

Because they are sensitive and open-hearted by nature, Projectors can be susceptible to conditioning that leads to burnout and bitterness, which is why wielding their energy correctly is the key to mastering relationships and life. Interestingly, Zoë calls Projectors “non-energy beings”, due to the fact that they primarily derive their energy from others, and they are not built for a life of hustle and bustle. Requiring deep periods of rest and motivated by efficiency rather than quantity, this energy type is propelled into success by being seen, but may fall into the resentment and bitterness trap when their unique gifts are ignored.

Projector Non-Negotiables:

  • Daily downtime with yourself.
  • Energetic protection prayers.
  • Creating healthy discernment.
  • Anchoring and grounding in nature.


  • Strategy: To wait for a lunar cycle
  • Signature: Surprise
  • Not-Self Theme: Disappointment 

A rare mirror for others who make up less than two percent of the entire population are the Reflectors. Known for their sensitivity to the environment and the ability to reflect the energy around them, Reflectors “can feel what it’s like to be every human being,” writes Zoë, which makes them “the wisest of them all.” If the beloved spiritual leader and Reflector Amma is any indication, this energy type is here to “reflect back to humanity what it most needs to see” (The Good Trade).

What makes Reflectors special is their innate wisdom and objectivity, possessing a natural fluidity that helps them shine a light on how the situations and people around them can be improved. With a thirst for exploring everything life has to offer, Reflectors are chameleons who can adapt to many different conditions and social settings. But, they will find great success in harnessing their openness and surrounding themselves with people who feed their spirit in environments that feel truly safe. To help come back into their own most potent energy center, Reflectors may want to use grounding crystals like Black Tourmaline and Obsidian.

Reflector Non-Negotiables:

  • Discern what does and does not give you energy.
  • Find the right environment that gives you stability.
  • Schedule rest and alone time.
  • Connect with those who motivate you to be your authentic self. 

Herbs for Your Energy Type

Among the many fascinating ways to use Human Design to increase self-awareness and to live a more purposeful, productive life is to eat in alignment with your energy type. There are 12 different digestion types (determinations) that Rivera says can provide a map that’s somewhat open to personal interpretation. Through experiment and play, “you can reach your best nourishment, both physically and mentally,” Rivera shares. But as the trend goes, “We’re herbalists. Of course we…” put together a list of herbs for each energy type because, after all, what is a journey to uncovering the self without honoring our eternal interconnectedness with plants, and with all of nature? 

Below is our list of the top herbs for each energy type, but if you still need guidance (using the Human Design framework, or to address another health challenge or goal you currently have), please reach out to us via our free herbalist chat, available on the website here. Ultimately, Human Design is a tool for greater understanding, and a helpful ally in deconditioning the lifelong social programming we’ve all received. It’s one of many ways we can lean into more self-acceptance, surrender to our deep and honest essence, and reject the opinions and expectations of others in favor of embracing ourselves exactly as we were imprinted at birth. We hope this guide helps ignite a spark in you to continue reclaiming your story and cultivating unconditional self-compassion!

Herbs for Manifestors

Herbs for Generators

Herbs for Projectors

Herbs for Reflectors

Herbs for Manifesting Generators 

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