HOW TO NAVIGATE The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini

HOW TO NAVIGATE The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini

Tonight at 3:52 am PST is the night of the New Moon in Gemini, closing the eclipse portal that started with the Full Moon in Sagittarius on May 26th. 

Only happening once per year is this glowing “ring of fire” around the Moon as it passes in front of the Sun (although you won’t really see it unless you live in a narrow strip of central or eastern Canada).

But even if you can’t see it, energetically, you’ll probably still feel it!

This eclipse portal is an invitation for change, meant to clear the road ahead of you. This solar eclipse in Gemini offers a chance to review everything that has come up or was removed from your path. 

You can take this time to reflect and journal about things that need to be or are being cleared energetically, emotionally, and/or physically. Were you holding on to any false narratives in your mind? Old programming from your parents, or shame, guilt, or worry? You’re shedding the metaphorical snakeskin so that you can become more of your truest Self.

For me, the theme of “embodiment” or putting all of my philosophies and realizations to actual, physical work is also coming up lately. In the age of information, it’s so easy to feel like you’ve “done the work” because you read a book or take an online course, but your daily habits and boundaries don’t reflect that “work.” 

This is a good thing to check yourself on regularly. 

And it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to implement a crazy new morning routine or start meditating for 2 hours per day. Embodiment can be as simple as rewriting your inner monologue to include more self-acceptance and love. Or, hey… maybe some more tough love to get you closer to your goals. 

The point being, this eclipse portal sent you into the work and cleared some stuff out, now it’s your job to make sure you’re embodying your lessons. 

What’s a Solar Eclipse and Why Does it Matter?

Astrologically, Full Moons and Solar Eclipses are here to help us let go of the old and make space for the new. They help us to start fresh and set clear intentions in this new, fertile soil. 

It’s also cool to note that these new beginnings are here at the halfway point of the calendar year and happening in tandem with the upcoming Summer Solstice —an ancient celebration of abundance. 

Astronomically, a New Moon solar eclipse happens when the Moon rises between the Earth and the Sun, blocking the Sun’s light. So, symbolically and energetically, this may not feel like a normal New Moon. 

While it’s still ripe for “manifesting” and new beginnings, a Solar Eclipse can trigger more shadow work, especially in the days leading up to it. (Read this awesome Dark Moon post if you’re feeling this…)

But no need to panic or become attached to feelings of ungroundedness, sadness, or anxiety. Simply pay attention to how you’re feeling. Notice the thought loops that are on repeat and gently ask yourself why? Or send your thoughts in a new direction. It sounds almost too simple, but this is a FREE and relatively easy way to train your brain to work with you, not against you.

New Moon Eclipses also have a tendency to bring sudden new beginnings and unexpected news. Yet another reason to take it easy and let things come to you, as opposed to forcing the hands of fate. 

You can also expect some fun psychic or intuitive messages to come in hot around the New Moon. Eclipses can thin the veil between worlds of perception allowing you to access your intuitive powers and “jump timelines” with greater ease. 

They’re often used as portals for predicting the future or just noticing the space that’s been opened up for new insights, wisdom, and connections you’ll need to know moving forward. 

Actions taken around this Solar Eclipse have some more juice behind them, both individually and collectively. So know that whatever you’re up to right now can have lasting effects on your life and the collective for years to come. 

Try not to force things or “push” too hard with this energy. Ask to be shown the way and see where your higher self/Spirit takes you!

June 10th New Moon Meaning

Yes, there’s even more juiciness to this potent time, and it has to do with Gemini energy, Mercury retrograde, Neptune, and a bit of Saturn’s retrograde energy sprinkled in. Still, I’m going to try and keep this succinct. Lol.

First up, Gemini. The twins are really offering up some lessons in duality. Namely, the duality of being a sacred soul, having a ton of running thoughts, and being in a very human body. 

The Sun and Moon aligning in Gemini, with its quick-witted, airy way of delivering information and lessons are putting a huge emphasis on how we think and communicate.

But don’t forget that Mercury is retrograde in Gemini, which MAY make things seem a bit confusing or cloudy. Plus, there’s a square aspect between the eclipse and dreamy Neptune, which may also contribute to some disorientation. 

So, you’ve got clarity coming in through the eclipse portal, but Mercury and Neptune clouding things up a bit. Plus, SaturnRx is still at play, making sure that lessons are learned properly and not just skated over or dealt with band-aid style.

Perhaps this is a time to let all of the messages and wisdom come through, but let go of trying to make sense of it all?

What To Actually Do With These Energies

This week could feel confusing or like you’re still not quite sure what to “bring in” for this New Moon. Instead of frantically questioning reality or forging ahead with your New Moon wishes as per usual, it’s a good time to sit with everything that’s coming up and make sure you’re on the right track. 

But if you’re like me, it’s tough to “just sit” with anything. So, here are some ideas of how to move through the next week or so:

Things to practice: 

+ Future self visualization

+ Meditate on goals + dreams

+ Nurture your dream world

+ Enjoy being in darkness

+ Reflect on what you are calling in

+ Make a manifestation list

+ Do practices that raise your vibration

+ Practice self care religiously (always)

Things to avoid:

- Saying no to opportunities due to fear

- Avoiding powerful conversations

- Don’t spend time with energy suckers

- Don’t decline the unexpected

Bottom line

Just be a human in all of your glorious human-ness. Walk a lot, go for hikes, dance, eat yummy food. What does your body want? This is especially good if you’re getting caught up in a pile of conflicting or random thoughts and emotions.

Let the messages and information come in. If things seem quiet, journal on them for clarity. Use these insights to move forward. 

Take naps, sleep in, write a story, make music, or watch some movies. This is a beautiful time to tap into your imagination and see where it takes you.

Most of all, let your intuition guide you ... you may not think you possess these powers yet, but you do. Listen to your body, your emotions, your gut, and take things slow. Take counsel with trusted friends and professionals if you’re feeling particularly foggy or confused.

Adapted from this article by Mallory Leone of Four Corners Studio. Make sure you’re signed up for her RitualRx, a free mini-course on how to create more magic in your everyday life.

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