HOW THIS WEEK'S Aquarius Full Moon Affects Your Sign

HOW THIS WEEK'S Aquarius Full Moon Affects Your Sign

The Aquarius Full Moon on August 11 will cast her full light on any tensions that have been in the process of release or build-up over the last two weeks.

Together with the fire of red Mars, this Full Moon is triggering the larger developmental arc of Saturn-Uranus (2019-2024), which heralds unexpected changes, sudden adjustments of support systems—like where and with whom we live, work, and play—realignment with our destinies, and changes in the groups with whom we identify. 

The ego identity of the Sun also joins up with Saturn and Uranus:

These three planets combine to indicate a struggle between freedom and restraint, old and new, past and future. This gives way to a vision of open horizons, but also simultaneously closed boundaries. Energetic Mars’ challenging square to constricting Saturn can signal some frustrations in addressing the old versus the new. Be wary of being drawn into egotistical fights that seem, on the surface, to be righteous battles for good.

Accessing our vulnerabilities and staying out of defensive postures can help open the way to creative solutions to uncomfortable problems as we navigate the high emotional tides of the Aquarius Full Moon.

Patience may be in short supply. Venus’ entry into Leo on August 11 (until September 4) can help us access the charm we may need to negotiate frustrating situations. But, we may find Venus in Leo also exaggerates our pride and our need to be seen and acknowledged. Particularly as Venus faces off with volcanic Pluto (exact date: August 8), our insecurities, social fears, and troubles in intimate relationships can be brought to the surface.

The Aquarius Full Moon rising over eastern horizons on August 11 will reach her maximum fullness at 6:35 p.m. US/Pacific. Some of us may find that the Aquarius Full Moon hearkens all the way back to the last Full Moon in Capricorn on July 13. 

It is helpful to watch for any common themes or continuing threads from the mid-July lunation—what did we learn from that previous, highly charged Full Moon? Might we make better or more informed decisions under similar pressures now?

The big emotions of the Full Moon, together with the direct, fiery energy of Mars, are setting off the multi-year collective influence of Saturn square Uranus (December 2019 - January 2024). Under these skies, we can expect the unfolding of events related to that larger developmental arc.

Saturn-Uranus correlates to “the mistake”. We can experience misgivings, worries or even harsh judgment of our actions, as we wonder if we made the right choices. 

The influence of Aquarius brings in the problems of how to include everyone and everything in our approach to problem-solving. It may have us feeling very analytical, logical and rather detached—something that is underscored by mental Mercury in the powerfully analytical sign of Virgo (until August 25). 

The Aquarian vibe also suggests we may be more focused on our free will, individuality and what feels most authentic to ourselves.

At the same time, the constraining force of Saturn in this Full Moon will force us to also consider our real accountability to others as much as our accountability to our own destiny, which may evoke plenty of passionate feelings.  Many of us will experience a push-pull to accomplish seemingly contradictory goals. It may be therefore necessary to confront our anxiety related to people-pleasing and conforming to others’ expectations, perfectionism, or wrongly taking on others’ responsibilities while neglecting our own Soul’s work.

It could also be that we are dealing with an inner saboteur, an inner figure we must overcome in order to direct our will in appropriate ways. 

If the obstacle is not within us, we could meet an external blockade—let’s stop to consider if we really want to die on that hill, or if we need to look for more flexibility. It could be especially helpful to seek out new allies or look to different friend groups or colleagues to help us to both realize our goals, and build a functional roadmap to the future.

Sun opposite Saturn

We will find it both attractive and difficult to try to strike out in new directions as the representative of our ego identity, the Sun, lingers longer with a challenging square to the liberating electricity of Uranus (exact date: August 11). Sun-Uranus urges us to express ourselves however we please, whether or not that makes others uncomfortable. And we may be reminded that goals we had set to achieve greater independence or autonomy have been neglected or are not as easy to obtain as we had planned. 

This aspect adds to an itchy feeling of wanting to break out of constraints, which is exacerbated by the Sun also making a dynamic opposition to the limiting influence of Saturn (exact date: August 14). Whereas Sun-Uranus strives for fullness of expression, Sun-Saturn is aware of impacts on others, and brings a sense of inhibition. The three planets together can indicate a struggle between freedom and restraint, the old and the new, past and future, open horizons, and closed boundaries. The Sun’s opposition to Saturn also likely reminds us of looming responsibilities and deadlines. 

Mars trine Pluto + Mars sextile Neptune

Constraints on time to decide or act may be very real under these skies, and not just a product of anxiety about various issues and worries about past or present decisions. When the “hell yes, let’s go!” energy of Mars squares off with the “hell no!” energy of Saturn (exact date: August 7), the result is often frustration. It can be easy to get drawn into ego-based fights while deluding ourselves that our cause is righteous and for good—not just about “being right” or parading some kind of superiority over others. 

If the pressure is a psychological or interpersonal one, it can help to let off steam by fighting (Mars) gravity (Saturn) in some way—climbing a hill, doing push-ups, dragging something heavy around—or whatever physical movement is possible for you to fight gravity. After using (Saturn) our muscles (Mars), we can often be more clear and objective, and less agitated under this influence.

Mars is making a more harmonious trine aspect with powerhouse Pluto (exact date: August 14) which can be helpful for sustaining our actions even in the midst of adversity. It will still be important to be discerning and self-disciplined enough to not misdirect our will or vigor, but this influence brings a kind of tenacity and courage. An additional mildly softening influence is Mars sextile Neptune (exact date: August 11), which suggests we may eventually find a way through any frustrations or inhibited energy, so that it’s helpful to remain open to a graceful exit or a transition of tactics, even in a tense situation.

Venus opposite Pluto

Venus’ entry into Leo on August 11 (until September 4) can help us access the charm we may need to negotiate frustrating situations, but we may find Venus in Leo also exaggerating our pride and need to be seen and acknowledged. Particularly as Venus faces off with volcanic Pluto (exact date: August 8), our insecurities, social fears and troubles in intimate relations can be brought to the surface. Accessing our vulnerability and staying out of defensive postures can help open the way to creative solutions to uncomfortable problems, and even move us into a new phase of deeper intimacy, but it won’t be easy. 

Once that influence subsides around August 12, we can enjoy the expansive quality of Venus sharing the sign of generous, fun-loving Leo with the Sun, whose radiance and centering qualities are magnified by Leo all the way through August 22. 

The ways we take center stage in our life are highlighted at this time, and we may receive or offer a lot of support and encouragement to our friends while Venus saunters through Leo. Both friendship and romance can take on a dramatic flair, for good and for ill!, and mid-August will see many friend, intimate and collegial relationships move through some growing pains or adjustments.

The Moon represents who we are before we even think about who we are. She also represents our instinctual self. She describes our deepest vulnerabilities and our most profound capacity to connect with others. Full Moons amplify energy and emotions, and this Moon suggests conflicting feelings about our obligations, conflicting feelings about the direction that inertia may be carrying us, and ultimately what it means to be aligned with our destiny. Let’s see how the Aquarius Full Moon impacts your own Moon placement!


Matters of self-valuation or financial circumstances may be causing you pain under this Full Moon. While you may feel like you’re all out of ideas or drained of all hope, Aries Moon, be wary of slipping into survival mode thinking—a little relaxation and enjoyment could help you generate new perspectives on your true worth and value, and stimulate creative problem-solving. 


Whoa, Taurus Moon, what has gotten into you under the Aquarius Full Moon? Your usual cravings for familiarity and stability may feel a bit chafing, as the persona you’re so accustomed to wearing begins to crack open, revealing your more authentic person. And even you may be surprised by what it is you really want.  


As much as your concepts about the world are accurate, fitting and even clever, Gemini Moon, there are greater mysteries from which all things are born. The revelation of the Aquarius Full Moon trying to pierce your awareness may not be so analytical and rational, but rather mystical and intuitive.


So many new possibilities are showing themselves to you around the Aquarius Full Moon! If there is any kind of battle to welcome them in, it’s likely a battle between an old story of “not enough” and a new story of “your hopes and dreams are being birthed now.” Look closely to make sure you are taking your own side, and not unconsciously pitting the past against your prospects for an enjoyable future.


Your self-image game will be challenged to level up under the Aquarius Full Moon. People who are close to you, or even work colleagues, are likely to see through your attempts to hide emotional realities behind charm or other distracting behavior. Give yourself some loving honesty, and a more accurate self-image may begin to take shape.


The big picture may be trying to push itself into your detail-oriented view, Virgo Moon. The individual trees you’re so diligently studying create a vast forest, and that vast forest would like to have a word with you.  


Why does everything have to feel so heavy, Libra Moon? Ghosts of the past may try to rise up under this Full Moon to block your blessings—and while it’s critical to gather wisdom from the past and not discard what’s useful, right now it’s a better idea to look towards the future you are creating, so that the love that is here now, can enter the present moment.


The Aquarius Full Moon may feel like it’s trying to evict you from your emotional or spiritual home, Scorpio Moon. But really, it’s shining a light on instabilities that need attention in order for you to have more freedom, more choices and more opportunities to create the future you desire.


Habitual thought patterns may have you in a more rebellious mood than necessary under the Aquarius Full Moon. Your Sagittarius Moon’s natural love of freedom and unfettered expansion may be less inhibited by your actual circumstances, than by the way you conceptualize them. The freedom you crave may actually be available, if you approach conflict in a new way.


You may have to turn towards some feelings of vulnerability or exposure under the Aquarius Full Moon. It can be hard to realize that you rely on others, and not just yourself—there is fear of disappointment to follow. But don’t let your fears hold you back from taking a risk on those you love. Adventure awaits!


This is your Full Moon for 2022, Aquarius Moon! Something deep rooted and all too familiar is poking at your intimate or personal relationships under this lunation, and while it is tempting to think about your feelings (instead of feeling them), changing that habit is called for here. Feeling your feelings fully could help reshape your sense of responsibility and allow more joy and pleasure into your life.  


You may want to break out of the bondage of emotional entanglement with other people or with the past under the Aquarius Full Moon. It may feel impossible to get free, but look to your connection to the divine and to your own Soul for a guiding light out of any maze of emotions you may be in. You know the path through and to your own sovereignty.

This article was written by Erica Jones

Erica is a lover of wisdom, a teacher and a guide to Soul. She has walked the astrological path since 2006. Her cosmic sightings incorporate mythic understanding, as well as psychological and spiritual growth. Erica has recently integrated metaphysical healing and intuitive readings into her practice, expanding client access to the benevolence and healing intelligence of the living Earth and sky. Get in touch with Erica here.

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