HAPPY MILK : Dopamine + Adaptogenic Goodness

HAPPY MILK : Dopamine + Adaptogenic Goodness


Sometimes happiness can be as simple as crafting a wellness concoction. Being consistent, and showing up to yourself might just provide the medicine needed. If you're feeling blue, or experience sadness, just STOP and breathe for a second. Try to truly witness and be grateful for what IS. Don't go into the story of what happened, what will happen, or what you should/n't do. Pause. We're in significant prophetic times, and all we can do sometimes is cultivate self love. 

Here's a simple, and EXQUISITE way to tap into the present moment and be in BLISS! A dopamine rich milk with an adaptogen kick, and a side of blue lotus to chill out. Balance brain chemistry with happy herbs like ashwagandha, st.johns wort, rhodiola, albizzia, mucuna and more! 



1tsp blue lotus flower

1 tsp happiness tonic

1 cup of plant based milk (cashew, almond, hemp, etc)

1/2 tsp coconut oil 

1 Tbsp coconut sugar (or your choice of sweetness)

DIRECTIONS: Infuse the blue lotus in about 1/4 cup of almost boiling water (never do totally boiling water as it kills the chemistry!) Allow it to steep 5minutes and strain. Warm up your fresh plant based milk + your sweeter, coconut oil and Happiness tonic. Whisk well all liquids together. Enjoy!



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