LION'S GATE ALIGNMENT + Herbs of the Sun

LION'S GATE ALIGNMENT + Herbs of the Sun

Something Sirius is happening. And by that we mean the star Sirius A, the one of legends. It only happens once a year and it’s happening today with the King of the celestial jungle, Leo the Lion. 

Get ready for a showering of cosmic energy, from an alignment called “The Lions Gate,” a surge of increased cosmic energy flowing between the spiritual and physical realms.


Sirius A, the brightest star in the sky, associated with devotion, wealth, honor, passion and creativity paired with the fiery power of Leo will amplify your vision and efforts, until they are manifested into fruition. 

In Kemet (Ancient Egypt) Sirius was directly associated with the rising of the Nile River, which held the utmost importance, counting on its annual flooding to water the land, crops for food and give life to the valley. In short, when Lion’s Gate is open, all your desires are metaphorically watered, giving them nourishment to grow with charged abundance. 

This Stargate is activated by an alignment (or heliacal rising) of Sirius between Mama Earth and the giant star, creating a magical event in the cosmos. Orion’s belt, which points to Sirius, aligns with the Pyramids of Giza, and was symbolically very important to the advanced civilization. Sirius (also known as the “Spiritual Sun”) will be visible above the eastern horizon just before sunrise and if you can bathe in that starlight it’s highly recommended.

Believe it or not, Sirius is 2x larger than our Sun and 26x brighter. Imagine the force + power! It also activates a brilliant source of light on the inner planes (as above, so below). Around this time every year, Sirius appears to come closer to the Earth and spiritual power is magnified. If it’s true that we have an inner sun within us (our solar plexus) and our physical being reflects that of the macrocosm, then get ready for willpower amplification to the max! 


Now is the time when the sun is in the zodiac sign Leo, the ruler of the heart. Leo is filled with pride, courage, a sense of purpose, generosity, and of your creative unique expression of the Divine. In medical astrology Leo is said to rule the heart, and cardiovascular system. Emotionally it assists in opening our heart, and in achieving heart coherence.  

Stepping through the Lion’s Gate is to awaken to your highest Self, fully embodying your worth with numinous confidence.

Leo schools us on how to lead, inspire and live from the heart center. The Lion’s Gate invites us to open to an elevated more evolved state of being. If we’re brave enough to open our hearts and cross the threshold of the Lion’s Gate, it will support us in our Dharma (our unique and highest purpose in life). Stepping through the gate is said to bless us with infinite empowerment and accelerated ascension. Unlocking the doorway to the mysteries of our most mystical and majestic Self.


Leo’s ruling planet is the Sun which is synonymous with the Solar Plexus in the physical body. The center of self-confidence, personal power and authority over one’s life. This can often be expressed in self-centeredness (can you blame, when the Sun is the center of our solar system and sustains all life?). However, in this brilliant alignment, we’re called to allow the purest light to shine from within us and in others, so true power can be accessed and shared for the betterment of all beings. 

A balanced third chakra (the solar plexus) shows up as self-confidence, self-control and pure willpower. It rules the cycle of manifestation from action, memory/thought to desire and back again. You can utilize this portal to invite in a strong flow of financial abundance into your life.

Be aware that this is a time when we can feel bossy and aggressive, so tap into the fire element as it relates to purification, burning away the ashes of the false self and bringing your true light forth. 


Let’s dig into the layers of this event. There’s the Sirius alignment, Leo in all his glory and then the double digits of 8/8 (August the 8th). Turn the number 8 on its side and you have the symbol of infinity, representing abundance, material wealth, ambition, success and empowerment. Now, if you draw a line down the center of the number eight you have somewhat of a scale, equal on both sides, representing balance and equalization.

8 also shares a similar shape to our DNA structure and stores codes that we can access through conscious repatterning. Double digits, such as 88, is an auspicious number and is another form of the amplification that we’re all experiencing on this day.


At this point, you’re gathering that the Lion’s Gate is a portal to immense power and should be stepped into with pure positive intentions and desires. When in doubt, reference the 3 soul questions:

  1. Who am I?
  2. What is it that I truly want?
  3. What’s my purpose in life (or “how can I serve for the betterment of myself and others?”)

Call upon the ancestors and your highest Self for guidance during this time. Allow the high vibrational frequencies to activate your DNA, self mastery, evolution and ascension.

And last but not least, don’t fret. The Lion’s Gate activation is Divinely designed to support and free you of lower frequency densities that we’ve all been experiencing this year, elevating us to vibrate higher. That beautiful Sirius starlight will be pouring down to the Earth for the betterment of all beings, including you. This is a divine expression of Love. Release your fears and embrace the archetype of the Lion for courage.

Heart Opening


Our happiness tonic  is composed of solar herbs known as classic mood uplifters, seraotinin and dopamine boosters. St Johns Wort and Mimosa-Albizzia have significantly contributed in helping those needing an alternative to anti-depressants. Rhodiola is another infamous adaptogen that has been heavily studied for its ability to help those with PTSD type symptoms. If you're intaking anti-depressants please refrain from intaking St Johns Wort as it might interfere with your medication. To read more about Herbs of the Sun, read our blog post from our 8 week series of Herbs and Astrology.


1-2Tbsp Happiness Tonic

1oz steeped Mangosteen hibiscus tea

1oz steeped Rose tea

8oz Ginger kombucha

Garnish with a sprig of thyme and petals of choice 

: Serves 1:


Infuse about 1-2tsp of mangosteen hibiscus and rose in 2-3oz hot water (avoid boiling water as the rose is very sensitive to high heat). Allow it to steep for 10min, filter and allow it to cool down. Once it has cooled off, add into a shaker with your happiness tonic (or choice of tonic/elixir), then pour into a cocktail glass. Add your kombucha, or sparkling water, mix and garnish with thyme or flower petals of choice, and enjoy!

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