EXPLORE LUNAR HERBALISM + Make Moon Water with Adriana Ayales

EXPLORE LUNAR HERBALISM + Make Moon Water with Adriana Ayales

Last time we ran the Cosmic Herbalism Course, over 2,000 students from around the world joined us for a deep immersion into the ancestral links between astrology and herbalism!

We are re-launching the course, so if you’re curious and want to learn more, this is your opportunity to join the community for a deep dive. If you already took the course, please note: this is the same course, and it is being offered for new students only.

Did you miss our free Herbs of the Moon class? Here below is a reply if you'd like to get your feet wet with Herbs ruled by the Moon + about the course overall. 

According to the ancient wisdom of medical astrology, the moon, the sun, and all the planets in our solar system hold archetypal energies that correspond to different aspects of our bodies.

Did you know that plants also hold archetypal qualities? When prepared and used correctly, these plant allies can positively influence how our physical, mental, and emotional systems function.

On Monday, June 5, another nine-week video training session with two live Q&A’s starts for those who weren’t able to attend our previous courses. In this special training, I will share the history and relationship of herbs and their planetary correspondences — and how to use their base medicinal properties as tools for understanding the archetypal energies inherent in plants. 

Join me for a free introductory session to learn more if you missed the last one! 

And guess what?! In the spirit of generosity, we're having another sale!! We'll be doing an 18% off everything for 2 days over this holiday weekend. If you have any questions about products you've been thinking about getting, write us at the herbalists chat, or via SMS. Find below! 

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