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DIY Brain Cocktail

DIY Brain Cocktail

The Power of the Brain

Your brain is like a crystal. It is a massive microchip that can store light years worth of information, as well as conduct & control the energy within the body. A lot of its potential is undiscovered, yet with minimal use, we get to navigate this life quite wonderfully. At Anima Mundi Apothecary, several of our medicines are devoted to the expansion of cerebral use. Not only to maximize its potential, but to enhance a more sustainable form energy. Nourish your mind & body with wildcrafted medicines from the rainforest.

Brain Cocktail

Tulsi Tea
1oz Fresh Ginger juice
1-2tsp Fresh Lime
A handful of fresh Mint Leaves
Maple Syrup (or favorite type of sweetener)
1. Steep 1 tsp of tulsi in boiling water. 
Allow to cool. 
2. Add 1oz of ginger juice
3. Add 1 tsp lime juice
4. Ass 1 Tbsp of Maple Syrup
5. 2 dropper-full's of the Brain Tonic
6. Pour mixture over ice and serve. 
Main Art:  Adesivo Cérebro De Beatriz Menesesna - Naxart's Vintage Brain