Everything that we put into our bodies has some effect on our consciousness and the functioning of our mind; from the air we breathe, to the foods that we eat, to the liquids that we drink and everything in between. Even common foods like fruits, grains, and vegetables have powerful effects on our psyche and the energies of the body and mind -- although, few are sensitive enough to notice as it requires a deeper relationship and connection with oneself.  


There is a special class of herbs and foods that are generally stronger and more pronounced in their effects with a long-recorded history as powerful influencers of our consciousness, body-mind connection, and entire chakra system. There are several categories of herbs that really create an energetic light switch in our aura particularly Adaptogens and Nervines. Adaptogens are total body balancers that work on all mayor organ systems that drain accumulated stress pockets on a body and mind level. They eliminate cortisol, adrenal and hormonal imbalance, prevent dis-ease and general imbalance on all levels working directly with the hypothalamus (our main control center). Nervines, work differently but are a fantastic supportive herb to add into adaptogenic blends. Nervines work with our nervous system directly by providing a nutritive element while releasing chronic stress. A lot of the nervines work with the pituitary gland directly (the main assistant to the hypothalamus). 

Mystics around the world have regarded the Hypthalamus to be where we are infused with “GOD”, where our body holds Spirit and Cosmic Energy. The Pituitary Gland has been regarded as the Hypothalamus’ general assistant; the organ that allows us to perceive this grandiose energy and translate vast cosmic elementals into our body and mind. 



Certain herbs, roots and flowers have similar DNA to humans. This is why they are chemically able to unlock the reservoir of pure light energy in the core of our mind. Using these herbs on a daily basis aligns the body and mind to receive and transmit a higher vibration into yourself. It is not by chance that ancient civilizations revered these particular herbs as part of their daily regime. They were considered sacraments of the Gods because they tuned the body to perceive and manifest Paradise - inside and out. 

In our collection of tonics and super herbs, we use a lot of rainforest herbs that have not been documented as Adaptogens (yet), but they operate on toning all major organs and the hypothalamus. Below you find our master formulas loaded with adaptogens and supporting tonics.


 We love you and want you to experience the adaptogenic reality! 

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