I am constantly exploring ancient methods on anti-aging techniques. There are countless of cultures, if not all, that have a ritual on how to stay and feel young. I’ve noticed that the common thread within these ancient practices is that there is no sense of evasion on getting “old”. There is no denial on aging, or judgment of being a little more wrinkled, or less limber or what not. There is a mindful component to each immortality ritual that uses ACCEPTANCE as a key component to staying young. 

It isn’t just about burning a million calories, eating raw, and limiting your diet. It is about being in a constant state of adaptation to living a stress free, and healthy life. To me, tonic herbs (adaptogens), and herbal magic, has truly given me this element of total mind and body restoration. Tonic herbs work on a multitude of levels, first and foremost it helps you to be like a chameleon - helping you adapt to any kind of stress or situation, also providing nutrition and detox to at least 5 of your organs, and last but not least, easing the hormonal dragons that live within us. Basically, it holistically harmonizes your mind, body and spirit with an exquisite and complex chemical symbiosis. 

Every culture had their set of tonic herbs that were adapted int their daily anti-aging rituals. All tonic herbs, were used as food add ons at every meal, making it truly the “food as medicine” concept on a moment to moment basis. Other techniques embraced by many, weather it be Ayurveda, or Rainforest Tribal Culture were:

  1.   SEASONAL PLANT BASED FOODS - Leaves, Fruits, Nuts and Seeds are essential components of what they gather for their meals. Coming from the mentality that whatever is available in the moment around them, will be made and lovingly consumed. 
  2. NO REFINED FOODS - they didn’t even exist back then! Yet, they aren’t even used in today’s tribes. It simply isn’t commonly adapted to used anything that is packaged, refined or manufactured on any level. 
  3. TONIC HERBS AT EVERY MEAL - Yes, most cultures tonic herbs to all their foods. It gives it an exquisite flavor, and unbeatable health profile. As simple as adding the exquisite spice essentials like, ginger, turmeric, sage, cilantro, cumin, rosemary to every meal. Or stepping it up a notch and making herbal broths for any base, like: mangosteen peel, amla, graviola leaf, mango leaf, maca, spirulina, etc. 
  4. REST - No computers, Iphones, and Distractions. Honoring the grandiosity of chilling out. It actually is Healthy for you! Latin cultures embrace the siesta because it makes you smarter, healthier and beautiful!


Anti- Aging Potion: Mangosteen Cacao Latte 

1 Tsp Mangosteen Powder

2Tbsp Cacao Powder

12oz Cashew Milk (or other nut milk of choice)

1-2 Tbsp Honey 

1 pinch of Himalayan Salt

Blend all together and enjoy!


Health Benefits: 

* Mangosteen is an amazing skin tonic, and vitamin C booster.

* Cacao is an energizing, mineralizing, and anti-inflammatory powerhouse.

* Himalayan salt gives it extra kidney support



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