WHAT THIS WEEK'S Full Moon in Virgo Means for You

WHAT THIS WEEK'S Full Moon in Virgo Means for You

The month of March features a ton of Pisces’ idealistic energy, and the Virgo Full Moon of March 18 would like us to find some ways to put it to good use! Many of us will be called to bring our noble or divine visions into conversation with the problematic realities of life on Earth, or reconcile a glamorous image with the whole truth of a matter. Not to worry, as the dynamic dance between assertive Mars and receptive Venus will run into the penetrating gaze of Uranus, who won’t let important relational instabilities and uncertainties slip by without notice. Any unfinished business from early March in our romantic, collegial or business spheres is likely to be turned up, bringing fresh starts and changes in agreements. Hopefully we’ll keep our heads about us as mental Mercury joins with optimistic Jupiter and foggy Neptune, which brings a risk of overstating our capacities and overshooting our limits. Fortunately, the Sun’s entry into Aries will begin to bring a bit of focus and drive to Piscean dreamy, diffused energies. 

On Friday, March 18 at 12:17am US/Pacific, the Moon in Virgo will stand at her fullest, as she opposes the radiant Sun and three other planets packed into idealistic, compassionate Pisces. The Virgo Full Moon will put the spotlight on any flaws and shortcomings in our grand, idealistic plans and visions. Many of us will be resistant to seeing these devils in the details because we can easily fall prey to glamorous illusions under the influence of the Sun (the self), Mercury (thoughts), Jupiter (blessings) and Neptune (divine unity), who have all been swimming through the visionary sign of Pisces since March 9.  The polar opposite of Pisces is Virgo, and she has the audacity to expect divine potential to be perfectly incarnated in the dualities and contradictions of our ordinary, material world—and is thus so often left broken-hearted. The purity of divine perfection will never manifest in its wholeness on Earth—or at least that is the Virgoan illusion of impurity and fragmentation. But she has a point, she always has a good and detailed point—though under these skies it may take a big wallop to the head to actually face important complicating factors. 

The stressful square between the heated dance of Venus-Mars and the trickster energy of Uranus (exact between Mar. 19 and Mar. 22) will be all too happy to deliver such a wake-up smack. Venus and Mars already passed over the purifying fires of Pluto at the beginning of March, churning up our vulnerabilities in relationships, exposing whatever had been hidden or unspoken.  Relations which were tested in Pluto’s fires can now be remade anew or broken up under the influence of Uranus. If we’re still in denial about unstable, uncertain or contentious aspects of our relationships, it’s likely that the emotional tides of the Virgo Full Moon will push us to get real about that. But if we’ve been working through the tension of what we ideally want versus what is realistically possible now, then our relationships have a chance for a new lease on life. Whether in romance, friendship or business, the abrupt and innovative nature of Uranus indicates we’ll need to make adjustments in our expectations or agreements in relationships in order for them to continue on. Successfully reworking our connections to others will require us to honor the differing needs of each person and to find ways to support each person’s freedom or autonomy.      

For those who had relationships end when Venus-Mars passed through Pluto's underworld in early March, the excitement of new freedoms or fresh starts could feel a little woozy or unsettling at this time. We may have to reimagine who we are without those connections, and what our new freedoms mean for our future. It could be challenging to trust that the space which has been cleared will be filled by people and communities who are a better fit for who we are now. But we can lean into trusting in our growth now, as the good fortune of Jupiter in Pisces moves closer to its conjunction with dream-making Neptune (exact April 12). The cosmos is seeding a cycle of expansion with divine grace and visionary power—as long as we stay away from grandiosity, escapism and underestimating the amount of work it takes to birth our hopes, dreams and visions into reality! 

Along these lines, we must be vigilant against overpromising or stretching the truth as the conjunction of mental Mercury and boastful Jupiter (exact Mar. 20) merges into a Mercury-Jupiter-Neptune conjunction next week. Neptune’s influence can confuse the boundary between truth and fiction, and make it easier to deceive ourselves as much as others. We may think we or others can deliver on promises, but perhaps our vision is distorted or our egos are too involved. This planetary combination can also just as easily inspire us to speak out on behalf of our loftier ideals and connect fruitfully with the good we want to nurture and to serve in the world. But we must stay in touch with our own and others’ limitations, otherwise it’s hard to champion a realistic and successful path forward. 

We will likely begin to feel the championing power rise in us, as the Sun enters the heroic sign of Aries (Mar. 20), signaling the first day of spring in the northern hemisphere. The Sun’s movement into Aries will help us begin to narrow our focus after so much diffusion in Pisces, aiding us in achieving our plans for expansion and growth in new areas. The relaxing energy of Venus is finally moving away from Mars after their six week tryst, which can also help us find a more direct path. However, the energetic planet of Mars will first make a challenging square to surprising Uranus (exact Mar. 22), likely spinning us off in unexpected directions and willing to take on more risk and experimentation—but it might also scatter our focus for the next week. As we move deeper into Aries season through the end of March, experimentation with our ideals, visions, and fresh starts will be percolating for all of us. 

The Moon represents who we are before we even think about who we are. It describes our deepest vulnerabilities and our most profound capacity to connect with others. Full Moons amplify energy and emotions, and this Moon suggests a collision between our dreams, aspirations and ideals, and the uncertainties and limitations of material reality. Let’s see how the Virgo Full Moon impacts your own Moon placement!

Aries Moon

As we approach the Sun’s coniunctio with your sign, Aries, you may be feeling the pressure of duties, work obligations and things neglected under the lazy, tranquilizing influence of so many planets in Pisces. There is much which you have thrust out of sight and out of mind that will start nibbling at your conscious awareness.

Taurus Moon

Sorting through conflicts in the workplace, or perhaps in the public eye, may put a bit of a damper on the fun you’re trying to have through this lunation. While you may want to focus on the positive, the enjoyable and good prospects for the future, this Virgo Full Moon will remind you that avoiding necessary conflicts can make matters appreciably worse.

Gemini Moon

Something’s on the chopping block, Gemini Moon. Whether it is whittling those big ideas to just four or five to execute (instead of twenty-two), or witnessing a wild impulse emerge from nowhere and forcing a confrontation with friends or loved ones, the Virgo Full Moon intends for you to get more comfortable by removing barriers to your success.

Cancer Moon

The hopes and dreams you want to build on keep proving to be less stable than you would like, which seems to provide a regular poke in your most vulnerable and perhaps conflicted feelings. How you ordinarily process information may in fact be what stands in the way of the stability or predictability you would prefer, and the Virgo Full Moon can help you recognize those patterns by challenging habitual routines of thoughts (and feelings).

Leo Moon

If only the act of receiving attention and praise did not have to involve other people! A disruptive influence could intrude upon the ordinary flow of Leonine self-esteem under this Full Moon, and help you to understand how vulnerable you are to the affections of others—and just how strong your childhood coping mechanisms still are.

Virgo Moon

This is your Full Moon of 2022, Virgo! So much idealistic Pisces energy is turned to face you now, drawing you towards an ideal commitment—or renewed commitment to your ideals. You will still also have to face the truth of unpredictable turns of circumstances, and the discomfort of adjusting plans and timelines, but such unexpected turns can provide some badly needed fresh insights.

Libra Moon

The intensity of work and commitment necessary to bring your visions into real form is weighing on you under this lunation. The creative churn and strong impulse to produce is threatening to outstrip your capacity to deliver, and unearthing some previously hidden patterns of desire and ambition in the process. If you make these patterns more conscious, Libra Moon, you may stand a better chance of not inadvertently sabotaging your own success.  

Scorpio Moon

“The games we play” may emerge strongly under the influence of the Virgo Full Moon. It will be worthwhile to give yourself time for honest self-reflection to untangle whether it was your friends or colleagues who started a fresh round of drama and possibly betrayal, or if you have been caught in a manipulative web of your own making.

Sagittarius Moon

You may be feeling an itchy conflict between dreams of security and stability, versus your cravings for independence and freedom to explore the world, Sagittarius Moon. While it may appear that you are chafing under the influence or demands of friends and family (who represent “security and stability”), you might be surprised by looking more closely for conflicts in your own inner world.

Capricorn Moon

Arguments over possessions may boil over under the Virgo Full Moon this week, and you may realize you are more concerned with worldly possessions than you thought. This may kick off a round of sorting through your philosophy of life and what enhances the good, the true and the beautiful—and highlight how much confusion or conflicting ideas and feelings you have on this matter.

Aquarius Moon

So many feelings are competing for your attention under this lunation. As an Aquarius Moon, you’re probably more accustomed to thinking about how you feel, rather than actually feeling raw emotions. This Virgo Full Moon may maximize your feelings of vulnerability, in order to break through that tendency, so that you may offer your emotional self a more mothering form of care.

Pisces Moon

People are wanting to swoop in and give you some love under this lunation, Pisces Moon, though their way of showing it might not look much like love to you. Boundary-setting features heavily this week, and while it may not always feel good, it does promise to bring good results and to lessen unnecessary emotional burdens.

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