ASTRO WEATHER REPORT : Mars Retrograde + Chiron

ASTRO WEATHER REPORT : Mars Retrograde + Chiron

This week on Mystical Monday

by Erica Jones, MA, Astrologer

The skies this week are potent with the high energy of a rather stern Full Moon in early Capricorn just as Mars makes his station retrograde at 9°Aquarius. The Capricorn Full Moon is exact at 11:53pm US/Eastern on June 27, 2018, and spotlights the planet that rules Capricorn, Saturn, as well as the rogue comet Chiron, who has recently entered the fiery sign of Aries. This lunation speaks to both the intolerable pain of separation and the potential for a very poignant or problematic reunion with “lost children,” whether these are inner aspects of our being, outer representations of those aspects, or more literal children. We could be confronted with the pain of taking up our responsibilities after a long period of neglect or incapacity, as well as squarely facing various obstacles in our way. Anger, frustration and even rage may surface as the themes of independent will and authority collide with various aspects of dependence and vulnerability. 

Mars will appear to stand still in the sky on June 26 at 9° Aquarius and travel backwards all the way to 28° Capricorn before appearing to stand still once again and return to direct motion on August 27. The stationary points of this period are particularly evocative, as Mars energy doubles up and functions more like the overwhelming force of Pluto for several days. You could feel the simultaneous urge to overthrow something in your life and encounter powerful barriers to doing so, and examining the meanings and themes of the houses this retrograde travels through your personal chart could reveal what aspects of your life may be churned up or break free. You may witness inner or outer power struggles, sabotage and self-sabotage and brazenly breaking the previous rules of conduct. Mars retrograde periods on a personal level also tend to call into question our goal orientation, our current trajectory and our physical capacity to accomplish things. It can also represent an exploration of the role of anger, self-assertion, boundary protectionand aggression in our lives. 



FULL MOON in Capricorn this week

"Full Moon conjunct Saturn is functional and critical. This will not be the most adventurous or playful moon, but it will be your rock and anchor. It is extremely tempting to Saturnian or Capricorn people around you to take complete control of your life, but if you do surrender to their efficiency drive, expect their command to be 100%. Those touched by this full moon may meet folk who provide protection and security like no other. This full moon is great for extremely disciplined, organized and responsible individuals. Challenges and responsibilities accepted at the full moon June 2018 will help build us a backbone of steel and broad metaphorical shoulders."

- Marina from Darkstar Astrology



This particular Mars retrograde may feature a great deal of wrestling with the nature of time. For those of us who rush around with little to no regard for how much time things actually take, heedless of material constraints or perhaps bureaucratic or institutional inertia that can slow things down, we could receive a very disappointing or overwhelming reality check. It may be very difficult to accomplish some things without letting go of something precious along the way, such as relinquishing control or the sense of personal will andsubmitting to a greater will or timeline. There may in fact be a kind of divine timing at play, but it may not feel divine at all as delays, barriers and even self-sabotage interfere with progress.

Many of us can expect a kind of shearing away of our past—on a personal level as well as a collective level. This is laying the ground for new territory that has been steadily opening up, a new and hopefully more responsive and responsible way of being in the world and with each other. But such shifts can also be accompanied by disorientation and a bit of chaos. Taking time to deliberately center on your divine source is a good use of delays or a slowing pace. Mercury enters Leo on June 28, where they will square Uranus (exact June 30) and perhaps tempt us to push our minds to work at a faster pace than our hearts. Outthinking our feelings will only bring cold comfort, as those feelings and what they’re trying to point to will catch up to us sooner or later. A profound insight or wisdom could emerge from being with discomfort. Held with emotional intelligence, different, opposing and even disturbing viewpoints could unfold in expected ways, and strengthen our strategies for coping with delays as well as achieving goals.

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By Erica Jones, MA - Astrologer 
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