The SUPERNATURAL POWERS of Schisandra Berries

The SUPERNATURAL POWERS of Schisandra Berries

Introducing one of nature's greatest remedies: Shisandra chinensis -

By master healer and thought leader, Gurudas.

"Shisandra is one of the few adaptogenic plants found in nature with the five flavors. In Chinese medicine, taste is of great importance as it signals what set of organs are being target physically and spiritually. There are hardly any plants that have the sweet, pungent, bitter, sour and salty tastes. In encompassing all five tastes, it represents the five elements. In Chinese medicines this also relates to the five directions, with the center being the added direction. This is a fascinating relationship, yet we would also correspond this numerological to the number five, which represents the ultimate balance for human beings.

“Beyond the balancing properties usually observed on the physical level, such as warming and accentuation of the female side, there is an internal balancing that takes place on a spiritual level. A person gains a much greater sense of purpose in life, how they may balance different emotions, and how they may balance a relationship. One better understand how one’s path fits into the present and immediate future. This facet of balancing is very important for many individuals. It can also correspond, as one is involved in spiritual practices, to the development of a greater sense of balance even on the physical level. Athletes, acrobats, gymnasts, and others working in areas where balance is necessary, would benefit if they were also exploring spiritual areas."

“The way this balancing takes place on a deeper spiritual level sometimes causes a conflict within people that is eased. This conflict exists more deeply and more powerfully the more one explores spirituality. Sometimes, the resolution to this is called enlightenment. These conflicts can result from contemplation of a destiny versus free will, or from the way one understands the teaching of someone else versus your internal teaching. Or conflict may develop when comparing the ideas of one teacher with those of another and not finding satisfactory solution. These paradoxes can be balanced within a person — not so that they recognize them as the truth, but only as guideposts as they follow and understand their own truth. On the spiritual level, this balancing allows one to recognize that one is of equal importance in the universe with all other people, with God, and with the balance of all things in nature."

"Schisandra is especially recommended for those forced into a mold of harmony, unity, or balance when they do not know of that balance within themselves. Schisandra can then be very useful on a spiritual level for people discovering that balance within themselves."

“As energy is utilized in the physical body, it results temporarily in an out-of-balance condition. As the body rebalances itself to what is called hands-on healing, or techniques like Reiki, there is a significant movement of energy and the body is temporarily out of balance." This happens as the body recalibrates to a new center. This herb usually speeds up stabilization and homeostasis from profound change or healing experiences. Those that do sacred plant ceremonies, this herb is highly recommended as it helps assimilate higher knowledge into the mind and body." 

“One also recognizes left and right balance in the entire body. The left and right brains are balanced, so that understanding ideas and combining intuition with logic are both greatly enhanced. This usually involves the blending of rational and intuitive faculties. This is why this herb has been named the manifesting herb.”

In Lemuria, the fruit was considered very useful. It brought many facets of nutrition to people. This special berry was often utilized during long ceremonies, due to its profound spiritual nutrition. Throughout Earth’s history, the flavors of this herb have been documented differently. Legend has it that according to the cycle that humanity is in, the fruit naturally leans more predominantly towards a particular flavor. Now the fruit is said to be more warming and sour, matching the current physiological state of the collective consciousness. It is said that the sour taste is to re-mind individuals to gather greater strength, while tapping more into the female side of our psyche. Many yogi’s and medicine people, have brought up that the sweet, pungent, salty and bitter flavors might even fluctuate depending on the actual location (and how!) the plant is grown. 

“In Lemuria, it was seen that the ability to mirror civilization with the taste of this fruit would be an unconscious reminder of this balancing principle for some time to come. And indeed, for much of the Lemurian phase, the five tastes were quite well balanced within this fruit. At the end of the Lemurian phase however, there was imbalance and some of the bitter taste become much stronger. This was partly due to the chance in civilization, particularly the Atlantean influence.” 

Many psychic and mediums have written that ancient civilizations actually looked into plants, to read the current and coming state of the earth just by simply the taste of the plant itself. Over the ages, plants chemically fluctuate, to symbiotically match and provide back what is needed. A dandelion now-a-days is not the same dandelion 1,000 years ago. According to Gurudas, Schisandra’s karmic purpose is to remain as the mirror of all the times for mankind.

M E D I C I N A L   A S P E C T S

All the chakras are balanced and stimulated together. There is an extra emphasis at the heart chakra level, because it has an intrinsic balancing capability. The kidney meridian is cleansed, and there is a strengthening of the lung and triple warmer meridians. The nadis throughout the body are stimulated, as these relate to all of the chakras. An overall state of balance between the etheric, mental emotional and physical bodies usually take place within a few hours after the herb is consumed. 

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