One of the most exquisite grounding and medicinal smoothies out there. This is one of the most effective ways to ingest mushrooms, as it contains the water soluble components, and most importantly the CACAO. Using cacao as a medium when drinking mushrooms, is said to be a fantastic base as it helps our body break the nutrition down and actually assimilate essential nutrients. One of the most important components are the alkaloids within mushrooms that are not easily absorb unless we use very potent vitamin C sources (like mangosteen, shizandra, orange peel, etc.), extract it by cooking for about a day (or days!) and then macerating in alcohol, and/or using cacao as a medium to extract or ingest them. So, there are many routes you can take, but be sure to not just have them without the right support, as you wouldn't want to waste these precious fruiting bodies and have them move right through you!

This smoothie contains immense immune-boosting power, necessary minerals for the day, and enough dopamine to boost you with mental energy. Mushrooms are powerful adaptogenic sources, in other words, miracle tonics that facilitate a total body healing experience. 

Mushroom Chocolate Smoothie

Makes 1-2 Servings

3 frozen bananas 

2 dates

2Tbsp Cacao powder

1tsp Anima Mundi's Adaptogenic 7Mushroom Powder 

1/2tsp Mangosteen powder

2 cups almond milk

Pinch of cayenne **Optional

Handful of ice cubes

Process: Blend all ingredients until smoothe. If you'd like it thicker add a little more banana or dates, if you'd like it less thick, add more almond milk. Enjoy!!

Make this smoothie into a smoothie bowl! Add delicious toppings like banana, granola, cacao nibs, almonds and coconut to kick it up a notch. 


*Smoothie recipe by our Healing Tonics cookbook by Adriana Ayales


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