This week kicks off with Mercury moving in retrograde motion—backwards—through the tropical sign of Aries. As the messenger deity of the astrological pantheon, Mercury tries to convey the human experience through words and concepts. Mercury also correlates to communications networks of all kinds, creating connections between different beings throughout all realms.

When Mercury appears to move backwards in the sky, it suggests retracing or reviewing decisions which have been made, contracts or agreements which have been signed and somehow revisiting the past. Retrieving that which has been forgotten or lost to the mists of time is one possibility and sometimes we just happen to stumble upon this—old friends reach out after many years of separation, or some consequences of one’s past actions unexpectedly emerge.  Remembering ancestors in all their fullness—both “good” and “bad”—and honoring their irreplaceable role in your present life is recommended, as you may discover some fresh perspectives that could relieve you of outgrown or unnecessary ancestral burdens and free you to set a fresh, life-affirming direction.


This particular Mercury retrograde makes a close conjunction with the Sun in Aries as it opposes the Moon in Libra on the Full Moon of March 31, 2018 at 8:38am US/Eastern.  The Sun, Mercury and the Moon also all make stressful square aspects with a tight Mars-Saturn conjunction in Capricorn. Mars-Saturn can represent endurance, the ability to exert oneself in a sustained fashion, and can also concern itself with the protection of boundaries, personal limits and confronting one’s fears. Confrontation could be a feature of the high energy Full Moon, whether that is an inward experience of locating the bully that hides out inside of you, keeping you small and diminishing your sense of self-worth, or an outward experience of facing fears around the limits to which you can really go.

The Moon in relational Libra emphasizes the balance that is present or missing in our emotional commitments, and any imbalances may rise to the surface rather prominently under this Full Moon. The Libra Moon also just generally highlights our emotional connection to others and could be used to bring in a sense of foundational or underlying unity beyond all duality. This would require turning Mars-Saturn from “annoying blockages" and "frustration of action” into “disciplined action” and “devotion to the goal”—not always an easy task! Some parts of our personality are more up for that task than others, and it will depend on how grounded you can be in your wholeness or Self.  However, sometimes it is only through the patient endurance of circumstances that understanding and liberation may be achieved. The visionary activist astrologer Caroline Casey offers to us that magic can be defined as the willingness to cooperate with everything, and Venus conjoining Uranus at this Full Moon offers the possibility of opening one’s heart in new and unexpected ways to the troubles that one encounters.

But on a more mundane level, beware of “buyer’s remorse” in deciding on a whim to purchase an unneeded luxury item— or perhaps a major decision regarding an investment.  Take some time to consider and be very wary of any high pressure sales tactics.  

Cosmic Sightings by our dear astrologer Erica Jones 
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Key dates coming up:

April 2-5 : extra potent as Mars cojoins Saturn in Capricorn and then they both square Mercury…
Apr. 15 : Mercury stations direct at 4° Aries
May 3 :Mercury exits its own shadow at 16° Aries


Essential Herbs to alleviate Mercurial effects:

ashwagandha, blue lotus, lions mane, gotu kola, gingko, skullcap. 

Take nervines (nervous system helpers) and brain herbs to alleviate the erratic fluctuations from of energies at play. Helps create space in the mind, prevent headaches, and enhance a deeper state of meditation. Take daily during this period (and in general!) for optimum brain function.

Recommended allies from our apothecary:
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Dream Tea
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Writing by: Erica Jones

Art by: Paula Duro

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