Lunar Eclipse Of The Gemini Full Moon

Lunar Eclipse Of The Gemini Full Moon

We have entered a new eclipse season with the partial lunar eclipse of the Gemini Full Moon on Nov. 30 at 1:30am Pacific. Eclipses are considered ominous in some astrological traditions, but we might regard them with a little less fear. They do indicate important and sometimes challenging developments in areas of our lives described by the houses in our personal birth charts. For example, if Gemini is on your IC or 4th House cusp of your chart, you might experience important events related to your home or your family or ancestry during the next six months or so. Eclipses are also personally significant when they fall on top of a planet or angle in the birth chart, often representing a turning point in the life. Examine the meanings of the houses the Gemini/Sagittarius eclipses fall in your chart to get a sense of what areas of your life might be shedding or renewing through the end of 2021.

In general, Full Moons bring an increase in emotional energy in the collective, and while there is a strong invitation to new perspectives unfolding through this week, anxiety or frustrations may slow us down a bit.


Mercury, symbolic of thoughts and concepts, receives a helpful sextile from stabilizing Saturn (exact Nov. 30) but also reminds us of what needs to be finished. Instead of launching forward with a sparkling clear revelation of a new path or direction, we may have to tend to old business, chasing loose ends around or sorting through emotional confusion or heaviness. Let us celebrate that eclipses have finally moved out of the intensity of the Cancer/Capricorn eclipse cycle (2019-2020) that has focused on the relentless world-shaping energy of Saturn-Pluto in Capricorn. But as much as we may want to move forward, there is still much from the last year to gather into our medicine bundles to strengthen and fortify us.


At the same time, we can expect a giddiness accompanying Mercury's entry into adventurous Sagittarius (Dec. 1) after a 6-week trip back and forth through deep-diving Scorpio. Mercury joins the Sun in Sagittarius (through Dec. 20) and brings a more open, expansive mood which is strengthened this week by freedom-seeking Uranus in a 180° angle opposite to the love, beauty and reciprocity embodied by Venus. Venus-Uranus suggests a possible shake up in their relationships or financial circumstances, or we may be receiving a fresh new start in those areas. Uranus can shock us out of complacency and open our eyes to what is holding us back—though not everyone is ready to receive that vision. Venus’ easygoing trine to the Dream Maker, Neptune (exact Dec. 5) suggests making enough space for dream and vision to arrive without trying to force everything through or gripping too tightly.


Because force will continue to be problematic through at least the end of January 2021, as the red planet of passion, Mars, continues to be hampered by Saturn’s restrictive or maturing energy. The Mars-Saturn collision could feel only like restrictions and roadblocks if we don’t surrender to the karmic lessons that Saturn might offer us. This needs our attention as much as intention--Saturn naturally slows us down. The astrological picture now resembles something like setting an arrow into a bow and slowly pulling back on the bowstring. The arrow’s path relies not only on the skill of the archer, but on the quality of the bow, the arrow and the wild winds. It is possible to dedicate ourselves to our tasks—a good bow and arrow coupled with our practiced attention—but we can use the Sun and Mercury in philosophical Sagittarius to tap into the higher mind and align our enthusiasm with benevolent forces. Tapping into a greater mind and a wide-ranging vision will also help us recognize allies in the material, physical world who play a part in landing our arrow in a good spot and bringing our intentions to life. 

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