GET IN THE MOOD …  For Our Mood Sale!

GET IN THE MOOD … For Our Mood Sale!

Confucius said:
“He who wishes to secure the good of others 
has already secured his own.”

We’re in the mood for love, for loving ourselves, and then for pouring the abundant love we’ve cultivated within into those who love us infinitely in return. 

In February, we’re focusing on mood, pleasure and love across all our public platforms. Check your inbox + follow us for more herbalist tips for beauty, self-care and wellness rituals coming later this month.

Here’s a bit more about some of the herbal remedies we’ve thoughtfully curated for happy hearts and minds. We hope you enjoy this deeper look into a few of the key ingredients we use to help support your mood, your restoration, and your energetic health.

Herbs for euphoria, calm, libido boosting, mood elevating and more are on sale leading up to Valentine's Day!

Whether you want to give yourself some adaptogenic love, amp up your sex life with plant medicines, or you’re feeling generous to share some farm to pharmacy nourishment with lovers, galentines or a special someone, we’ve got the goods!




*Discount valid from February 4th - February 14th.


BLUE LOTUS ~ Step into a blissful state with this dopamine and serotonin-releasing sleep and lucid dreaming companion, used by ancient Egyptians for its aphrodisiac properties, in ancient Indian medicinal systems to treat menstrual irregularities, and in Eastern medicine to calm emotional disturbances like anxiety and stress.

EUPHORIA ~ Arouse your spirit with this potent love potion that also contains a delightful blend of plants known for their ability to nurture our reproductive organs, soothe overworked nerves, and fortify our connections to others by opening the heart.

MUCUNA ~ Research has demonstrated that all parts of this exceptional nootropic plant possess medicinal properties. Nicknamed the “velvet bean”, mucuna feeds the brain dopamine and ignites feelings of joy and bliss. Support your essential neurotransmitters to treat low moods or anxiety, relieve stress, and boost sexual function.

CACAO ~ In ancient Aztec legend, the “Feathered Serpent” god Quetzalcóatl is said to have given cacao to the Maya after human beings were created from corn. While the cacao tree can live more than 200 years, it will only produce about 40 pods per year for up to 25 years. Our cacao is sourced from a revolutionary farm in Ecuador where the ancestral cultivation of this “Food of the Gods” is free of foreign pollination and seeds.


GOJI ~ Throughout Asia, these berries have been believed to extend the lifespan thanks to the high amounts of protein, vitamins A and C, iron, magnesium, potassium, and antioxidants. Combined with equally exquisite berries like hibiscus and schisandra, our Euphoria Elixir alchemizes to promote aphrodisiac and heart awakening experiences.

HIBISCUS ~ Traditional medicinal systems in Western Africa, Central and South America, the Caribbean and beyond have relied on this ruby flower for everything from liver support and lowering blood pressure to lowering cholesterol and combating inflammation. In our Euphoria Elixir, it’s paired with other fragrant herbs and superfoods to create a joy boosting tonic unlike any other.

SCHISANDRA ~ Balance your mood, body and perception with this adaptogenic treasure. Promote the skin’s natural beauty and support healthy sexual function while detoxifying your liver with this quintessential tonic herb. For an extra special treat, try our Schisandra Rose Love Cream Bites to invite love into your heart, or share with your beloved to balance mood and encourage peaceful minds.

ROSE ~ Do you know the ancient history of rose? Rose cultivation began in Asia around 5,000 years ago. Fossil evidence suggests the rose is 35 million years old. From whatever angle you look, the rose is an enduring symbol of love, passion, devotion, lust and beauty. She signals us to let love into our lives, to heal and open through intimacy. Like the rose, we rise from harsh soil and through thorns and challenges, we continue to grow and blossom along our spiritual journeys. To top it all off, rose has long been celebrated across cultures as a mind-body-spirit healer, a uterine tonic and a mood lifter.


HEMP ~ Ceremonial, relaxing and euphoric, our hemp pre-rolls contain organic flowers from Oregon and other lung supportive plants. These aren’t your typical rollies, they’re heart opening and, when consumed in moderation, can aid in the temporary relief of many acute conditions, especially those related to lulls in mood and openness.

INDIAN WARRIOR ~ Like some of the other 1,500 or so plants that have a documented history for their therapeutic smoke usage, Indian Warrior is said to relax muscles and promote better sleep, working as a mild sedative. It may also help ease nerve pain.

DAMIANA ~ Many folk medicinal traditions have looked to damiana to spice up their sexual lives, relying on its aphrodisiac qualities paired with an ability to soothe the nerves. Also typically used in the treatment of mild to moderate depression and anxiety, damiana is both stimulating and restorative, the perfect combo for setting the mood.

MULLEIN ~ Clear your lungs and make coughs more productive with this demulcent and anti-inflammatory for your mucous membranes. While that might not sound like the most romantic herb of the bunch at first, it has gentle and natural sedative properties, too. Getting good rest boosts energy and mood, leaving us feeling ready for love and to face the day with a renewed sense of easy, calm breathing, which we all need to be our best!

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