EUPHORIA Powder: Joy + Libido Booster

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Joy + Bliss Booster | Aphrodisiac | Spirit Arousal 

Our new and delightful love potion is here!! Our renowned libido boosting elixir, Euphoria, is now available as a potent powder. We couldn't be more excited as this is an EXQUISITE and EFFECTIVE powder, that is easy to use.

Other than being a mood uplifter, the plants within this formula are known to arouse the spirit, make us feel good and elevated, while containing plants known to nurture our reproductive organs, help curb excess stress, anxiety and soothe overworked nerves.

Indigenous peoples around the world have been spicing up their lives with the help of wise and precious plants for as long as humans have explored sexuality. In fact, some of the most potent aphrodisiacs, mojo boosters, and mood enhancers come from the jungle’s lush terrain.

This is why we've chosen some of the best herbs native to our founders' territory, Central America, along with Amazonian powerhouses that are a delight to our spirit. 


*We've adjusted this formula slightly by adding in a dash of our heirloom + organic cacao from Ecuador. We had to lower our gogi berry contents, as the moisture was quite rich dense to deal with one exposed to humidity. Let us know how you love this new touch! * 


Key Benefits:

+ May act as an aphrodisiac.

+ May boost mood.

+ May boost creative energy.

+ Can increase libido and sexual desire.

+ May help increase fertility. 

+ May be nutritive to the reproductive system.

+ Can uplift the spirit with joy.

+ Helps increase connection between the self + others by opening the heart. 



    Highly recommended with our delightful Heirloom Cacao for an added mood boost!

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    A classic aphrodisiac native to Mexico and Central America. Damiana boosts mood, increases libido, sex drive, reduces stress and anxiety, and lowers performance anxiety. Traditionally it has been used to help with depressive moods, fertility, and hormonal imbalances.

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    Catuaba Bark

    Catuaba has aphrodisiac qualities that were discovered by the Amazon's Tupi Indians many centuries ago. Catuaba is also traditionally used as a general tonic to strengthen and balance overall bodily functions, also used as a nervous system stimulant also used as a cardiovascular and blood tonic.

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    Guarana Seeds

    Guarana Seeds are used by South American Indian tribes where they would dry and roast the seeds and mix them into a paste with water, making a chocolatey kind of drink for its energy and medicinal properties. Guarana is a natural stimulant, reduces fatigue, improves focus, supports learning, may promote weight loss and boost heart health.

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