WHAT JULY'S FULL Moon Means for You and Your Sign

WHAT JULY'S FULL Moon Means for You and Your Sign

As the Sun floats through watery Cancer, the Moon is growing larger and larger until she will reach the sign of hardworking Capricorn and generate a Full Moon on July 13. Any suppressed feelings or emotional discomfort we have been trying to avoid is likely to come uncorked, as we search for honesty in conversations and navigate tensions or taboos. This lunation may give us a preview of larger arcs of transformation and growth in our lives, which will get a jolt of energy in late July and early August. We can work constructively with the mental and emotional stimulation of this week but it will be crucial to allow time for revelations, new information or perspectives to find their true larger context. It will be also crucial to focus on what our emotional responses say about us and what we care about, not what we think they say about other people—look for the wisdom and inner guidance in our emotions to avoid fruitless conflict. The Sun-Mercury cazimi—Mercury in the heart of the Sun—on July 16 can indicate the arrival of big picture information and valuable insights, if we make a receptive space for it to arrive. We have an ally in that endeavor, as the heart space of Venus is opened by a square to Neptune on July 13. We can try opening our senses to what we find beautiful and pleasurable, and drinking that in, which can lead to its own special revelation and recognition of what is truly significant in our lives.


The Moon grows full when she is at 180° from the Sun, her broad silver disc rising in the east just as the golden Sun sets in the west.  Our upcoming Full Moon occurs in Capricorn on July 13 at 11:37am Pacific, emphasizing the topics of caregiving, responsibility, family and social belonging found on the Cancer-Capricorn axis. And while Full Moons always bring a tidal wave of emotion, this one is sitting atop Mercury opposite Pluto (exact July 17), suggesting that many of us will be very vocal about any anger, frustration or rage, especially if it relates to something we have been suppressing or avoiding. Some may even be drawn into shouting matches in an exploration of the power of voice. This influence could also be more about bringing up taboo topics, or just trying to get to the bottom of a problem, yet the atmosphere is likely to be tense.

The wounded centaur, Chiron, is making a challenging square aspect to this lunation, focusing in on mental Mercury, warning us of the power of speech to wound and reminding us that our thoughts lead to speech, which in turn leads to action. The thought patterns, perspectives or truths that dominate our minds will play a feature role this week, deeply influencing our action and inaction. To add to challenges, Chiron’s aspect to Mercury means we may also have trouble clearly expressing what we’re feeling, while sentimental thinking or romanticized ideas may further muddy the waters. Practices like pranayama (yogic breath) and meditation can help bring clarity and calm the body-mind.

Regardless of whether we outwardly express our emotional energy to others, most of us will feel compelled to do something to address whatever is provoking such intensity of feeling. The short-term fallout from this highly charged Moon is bound to relate to much larger movements in our lives, as the Moon immediately sweeps over the multi-year collective influence of Saturn square Uranus (Dec. 2019 - Jan. 2024), and offers some of us a preview of what is in store for the upcoming conjunction of willful Mars with destabilizing Uranus (July 24 - Aug. 8). It may be helpful to remember that emotional discomfort is not some kind of evil to avoid—indeed, if we have been avoiding it, that will be creating difficulties—and a great deal of relief, welcome new beginnings and vitality can emerge from the change of direction indicated by the upcoming Mars conjunction with Uranus. Now is the time to get curious about the real roots of our discomfort and search for its wisdom.


Our searchlights can be powerful, as Mercury’s thoughts and exchange of ideas is greatly intensified this week by its opposition to power broker Pluto (exact July 17), not only amping up the emotions of the Full Moon, but energizing our mental activity generally. Mercury-Pluto can be the private investigator rooting out leads from dark alleys, or the overactive mind inventing nefarious plots based on very little evidence. Be on the lookout for paranoia and unfounded mistrust, obsessively prying for secrets and hidden information, as this could lead to unnecessary disputes or fruitless conflicts. For this is crucial: Focus on what your emotional responses say about you, your values and needs, and NOT what you think they say about others. Because if we take this supercharged inquisitiveness into a more contemplative or meditative state, we could actually uncover some of the roots of our emotional responses and habitual thought patterns. In any case, it is better to allow this influence to wane before drawing any final conclusions on the information or realizations that we unearth, and allow some time to distill proper contexts and actual importance.



It will be be difficult for most of us to just sit on new information, though! Mercury will conjoin the Sun on July 16, in an aspect called the cazimi, which means “the heart of the Sun.” This indicates that we may receive crucial, big picture information at this time, if we listen in. While Mercury-Pluto would have us actively digging, we can receive gifts of wisdom and insight by also engaging more receptive means. Divinatory methods, or collage processes like SoulCollage®, or invoking our intuitive wisdom and writing our thoughts freely without censorship, or dialoguing with dreams with processes like Dream Council, or anything which will allow us to access the larger perspective of the unconscious will benefit greatly from this influence. Especially with Sun-Mercury making a harmonious trine to the transcendantal planet of Neptune on this day! The insights can really flow in, when we deliberately make the space for that to happen—and open our hearts to receive it.



Heart opening is one of the indications of Venus in aspect to Neptune, as she makes a hard square aspect to spacious and dreamy Neptune (exact July 13). Although the weather this week has its challenges—and make no mistake, this Capricorn Full Moon is about getting real around needs and responsibilities—Venus square Neptune can help our hearts to expand, to make space for the delicate, the delightful, the aesthetic pleasures of the world. The grounding influence of stabilizing Saturn’s trine to Venus (exact July 12) guards against the potential negative version of fantasy and illusions that Venus-Neptune can signify. Opening our senses to what we find beautiful and drinking that in can lead to its own kind of revelation and recognition of what is truly significant in our lives. Divine (Neptune) love (Venus) can illuminate our hearts.


The Moon represents who we are before we even think about who we are. It represents our instinctual self, and it describes our deepest vulnerabilities and our most profound capacity to connect with others. Full Moons amplify energy and emotions, and this Moon suggests the challenge of having honest conversations about possibly highly charged issues, and whether we might be bending over backwards caring too much for others at the expense of our own well-being. Let’s see how the Capricorn Full Moon impacts your own Moon placement!


You might see some tension if not an outright blowup in the workplace under the Capricorn Full Moon. Whether the conflict centers on your wounded pride, or wounding the pride of others, there is a chance to clearly see and alter some relational dynamics that have led up to this moment—once the emotion subsides.


Are you making things harder for yourself than they need to be, Taurus Moon? It may be disturbing to take a different perspective on whatever information emerges under this Full Moon, but a deeply ingrained habit of thinking seems to be breaking loose in you—this change is scary, but it doesn’t have to be catastrophic. A fresh perspective may even make life easier, if you allow it.


You just might encounter a sense of indebtedness or heavy obligation during this lunation, Gemini Moon. Your usual fluidity and taking things in stride might be seen by some as trying to avoid your actual responsibilities. Notice any such feedback, even though it might stir up your own conflicting feelings. Solutions for those debts or obligations can emerge by staying with the discomfort.


It looks like relational complications are on the menu of the Capricorn Full Moon. Even if the indigestion seems to stem from pressures in the workplace or career aspirations, there is something more to know, Cancer Moon, to disclose to yourself, to come clean about. The discomfort is more likely emerging from shared values, “what are we actually doing together?” and the need to sort through differences.


Your daily rounds of habits, rituals and routines may come under scrutiny thanks to the Capricorn Full Moon. Perhaps these are carrying you out of alignment with your philosophy of life, and it’s necessary to re-evaluate the practical path you are taking in pursuit of happiness.


The need for joy and play, pleasure and fun for the sake of fun (you know, without any practical aim at all) may be welling up in your unconscious under these skies, Virgo Moon. As strange as it seems, adequate play time would increase your productivity.


Something ancient and primal is stirring for you under the Capricorn Full Moon. While the pressures may appear to come from your close relationships or from the workplace, the actual source of this emotional disturbance needs deeper contemplation. Don’t focus on fixing others; give yourself some love this week.


The quest for emotional security is not new to you, Scorpio Moon. But the Capricorn Full Moon would like you to get to the bottom of habitual thought patterns that keep you looping in place, and won’t allow you to evolve emotionally. Get out the magnifying glass, and claim the great wisdom inside you!


Financial security may be underneath any ruckus that bubbles up under this lunation, Sagg Moon. Sure, there are plenty of other, less uncomfortable explanations for why these thoughts, why these conversations, why these feelings—but dig deeper. Is there a problem with resource flows that needs loving attention?


This is your Full Moon of 2022, Capricorn Moon! Your role as a caregiver or breadwinner is in the spotlight, and all the ways that you identify (or don’t identify) with that role. As a result, old family or childhood stories that relate to issues of self-worth may be stimulated, but may be hard to recognize as such until the storm has passed.


Weighty issues in need of unburdening are churning beneath the surface of your Aquarius Moon, and may show up as a decrease in vitality. As tempting as it may be to focus your keen observational powers on your opponents or detractors, this lunation would like you to spend some solitary time observing your internal world and letting go, letting go, letting go.


You may experience some turbulence in your friendships and your wider communities of belonging under the Capricorn Full Moon. At issue may be what you bring to the table in nurturing these connections—is it enough? too much? by whose metric?

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