BULLETPROOF Matcha + Happiness Tonic

BULLETPROOF Matcha + Happiness Tonic

Have you ever heard of bulletproof coffee? I forget where I first heard about it, but I do remember thinking, "That sounds interesting." And I'll pretty much try anything that I think sounds interesting. Why not? I will say though that I've read some sources that recommend drinking this type of thing every morning in place of breakfast, which I do not agree with. Although I do love doing it often I don't agree doing it instead of eating a healthy meal. For me this is a tasty alternative to coffee or plain green tea. But if you've never tried bulletproof coffee, or if you have and didn't like it, I still say try this green tea version as I like it even more than the coffee version. Also, to make it even more powerful it's awesome to have it with extra supporting herbs. This makes you feel naturally high AND herbs  get metabolize more efficiently accompanied by a healthy oil like in this case coconut oil. 


2 cups hot water

1/2 teaspoon matcha powder

1/2 tsp Anima Mundi Happiness Tonic

1/2 tablespoon coconut oil

1tsp Coconut crystals or Add your choice of sweetener 

Heat your water until just before it boils. Add the matcha and whisk until no powdery clumps remain. In a blender combine the green tea with the butter and coconut oil. Place a towel over the top of the blender (in case any hot liquid seeps out) and blend for 30-45 seconds on high. The butter and oil will dissolve and the high speed will incorporate some air, giving you a little foam on top (like a latte). Serve hot.

photo and recipe by Amy Chaplin ❤️

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