By Erica Jones 

As the Solstice ebbs away from extremes of light and dark, we celebrate the holidays with an abundance of Capricorn energy. Serious, somber, ambitious, goal-oriented, classy and appreciative of tradition, Capricorn will have us concerned with what work is to be done. And yet the northern hemisphere’s short days and long nights foster a seasonal desire to retreat from the world, to go inward and find quiet. This is at odds with the holiday frenzy and the push to be social, active and engaged. It can be difficult to find the right balance.


Especially with the particularly heavy presence of serious Saturn and powerful Pluto—who on Jan. 12, 2020 will come into exact alignment for the first and only time in their dance through Capricorn—many of us will be feeling the wear and strain of responsibilities, challenging realities and the pressure to perform. Slowing down may be helpful and allow us to live up to our actual responsibilities. We may also ask ourselves: what burdens, worries, feelings of obligation or duty can we legitimately release or ask others to help us carry? We may have to give ourselves the authority and permission to slow down, let go or reach out— and in this, Capricorn is our ally.
 By Astrologer, Erica Jones 
founder of Real Imaginal

The 2019 Capricorn New Moon is also a solar eclipse falling on Christmas Day Dec. 25 at 9:13pm PST.

The collective mood will shift as emotional Moon moves out of easy-going Sagittarius and into earthbound Capricorn about seven hours prior to the eclipse. A sense of adventure earlier in the day may settle down into more practical matters at hand, or give presence to who or what is missing from our celebrations.  Sensitive Chiron makes a stressful square aspect to the solar eclipse to remind us of what is truly important, and how basic needs for human connection drive our decisions and fuel many unconscious urges. We all want to be heard, seen and loved and this very real desire may be raw or simply not very articulate, but very present. It is okay to want this, even though it may feel like the most vulnerable thing in the world this week. With breakthrough Uranus also making a supportive trine aspect to the eclipse, gently surrendering to this need can bring some surprising openings.  

This week’s eclipse closely conjoins expansive Jupiter, who entered Capricorn on Dec. 2 and will be in that sign until Dec. 2020. This celestial movement represents a crowning moment in the Soul-carving Saturn-Pluto cycle, just as it enters a new 33-year phase. Royal Jupiter blesses whatever it touches, lending its grace, luck and optimism. It also simply expands whatever it touches, and we can honor this eclipse by reflecting on how much we want to try to take on and accomplish in 2020. Whether personally or collectively, many of us are participating in the birth of something new, and 2020 is the year that it will emerge. For some it will be in a very rough but definite shape. For others, it brings the culmination of so many years of effort. Be mindful of the longer game, the longer trajectory, and find the right pace for your body. In fact, give your body some sweet TLC!


The intensity and pressure of our times takes its toll on our bodies and nervous systems. Learn all the ways you can love up your vagus nerve, the longest and most complex nerve extending from our brain into our heart, lungs and abdomen. Caring for this nerve can soothe our systems, take us out of our survival mode, reducing emotional and digestive disturbances and expanding our window of welcome to the world. But be careful of doing this to just enable yourself to do more, more, more like some kind of machine. Experiment with inhabiting the Earth and all its limitations. This is one way to work with Jupiter’s time in Capricorn—the celebration of structures and the limits that enable deep creativity and collaboration. Respect for limits will bring so many rewards, especially over the long term.

Peeking at New Year’s Eve, the Moon in weepy Pisces conjoins boundary-less Neptune, which may encourage us to overindulge in substances or get completely carried away by our emotions. Use the powers of discernment symbolized by six planets in Capricorn, and know what you are putting in your body or in your mind, where that comes from, and also stay aware of your environs. Striking a balance between security and wild openness to whatever comes our way can offer us some genuinely heart-opening experiences.

By Astrologer, Erica Jones
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A potent and medicinal “simple syrup” that can be easily paired with just about anything. It’s a high powered and concentrated syrup infused with adaptogenic and mood herbs. And the best part is, you can add it to  cocktails, cocktails, tea, to lemonade, to cold pressed juices, and beyond. You can literally spoon it out of the jar and give to your kids for a spoonful of vitamin C and immunity. It can also be used as a medicinal sweetener, that doesn’t have any added sugars, as the glycerine is used in place of the sugar. 


5 Tbsp Shisandra Berries
2Tbsp Mucuna*powder
2Tbsp Blue Lotus petals

5Tbsp Rose Petals
Optional: 1 Vanilla Bean 
1 cup Vegetable Glycerin^
1 cup Water

_ _ _

*a great substitute is Guarana for an energizing / aphrodisiac kick
*NOT WORRIES! If you can't get vegetable glycerine, you can sub for honey or coconut sugar as your base. 


1. In a medium saucepan over medium heat, bring the water to a boil. Simmer the herbs, except for the rose and blue lotus petals for 20+ minutes, as this draws out the therapeutic properties. Allow for at least half of the liquid to evaporate.

2. Turn the heat off and leave until the water is room temperature, and wait for about 15 minutes  before adding the blue lotus and rose petals. 

3. Once it’s completely cooled  add 50% of the mixture’s total volume of glycerin ( or choice of sugar, ie. coconut sugar, honey, etc.).

4. Shake well, and mix. It’s best to allow it to macerate for a good seven to fourteen
days as it continues to extract in the glycerine and honey. If you're using sugar, you can use same day and start prepping cocktails!

5. For the maceration process, shake it daily to ensure you're motivating oxygenation and a deeper extraction.

*It’s worth noting that you can use the vegetable  “simple syrup” the same day you make it, if you’re in a pinch, it just won't be as strong. You can also spoon out some of it as needed while its extracting in a jar, yet keeping the majority of the contents extracting for longer. Some folks even like it unfiltered and use the powdery-honey version in their drinks. Use it as you like, filtered or unfiltered.

The simple syrup keeps for about 1.5years if stored in a cool, dry place, away from the sun and humidity. Or store it in the fridge.

*for anytime of day

This is aimed to be a non-alcoholic cocktail, but it you'd like to add your simple syrup to your cocktails during the holidays, by all means do it! Your mixologist friends will be very impressed! 

  • 2-3 OZ Fresh Coconut Water or Aloe Vera Juice
  • 4 OZ Ginger Tonic Water or Ginger+/or Hibiscus Kombucha 
  • 1/2 OZ Mood Boosting Syrup
  •  Flowers to garnish
  • Optional: 1/4 OZ Euphoria Aphrodisiac Elixir
  • Optional: 2 OZ  Gin (optional!)

1. Combine coconut water, simple syrup (and alcohol if chosen)
in a shaker with ice.
2. Strain and pour into a cocktail glass.
3. Add tonic water or kombucha. 
4. Garnish and enjoy!


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