Here comes the sun! With the arrival of spring, flowers may now return to their rightful place of wonder in our gardens and our lives. So subtle are their contributions that they often go unnoticed. Flowers quietly and constantly boost our well-being in many invisible ways. These blossoming treasures have a profound impact on human society, supporting overall health and whole communities. Scientists have documented over 350,000 species of these powerful beings, which have evolved over approximately 100 million years. Whether in the form of an enchanting floral arrangement, an altar offering, or as part of cycle of life ceremonial traditions, fresh and cut blooms are an undeniably integral part of the human experience.

In the United States, the slogan “Flower Power” first gained momentum in the 1960s, symbolizing the countercultural movement for nonviolent resistance. At the time, the term “Flower Power” was used to fuel the lyrical arsenal of poets, musicians, writers, and other creative and political leaders. But throughout history, flowers have continuously proven their infinite, remarkable and magical “powers”—to heal, to connect, to improve, and to enrich our lives. 

Here are 10 things flowers can do beyond being potent emblems of social change, delighting our senses, and igniting our shared imagination:

1. Sharpen Memory + Concentration

According to researchers at Texas A&M University, the calming effect of nature can improve memory and attention span up to 20 percent! Moreover, there are numerous studies that have demonstrated that being around plants at work or at home can intensify concentration on a task and boost cognitive performance.

2. Boost Mental Health

Spending more time outside in nature leads to a more positive outlook on life. Being in contact with plants and flowers helps to generate more vitality, energy, and better mental health overall. The sheer act of being outside on a daily basis can reduce the risk of chronic stress and depression.

3. Generate Happiness

Keeping flowers in the home or office reduces the risk of stress-related depression. Communing with mood-boosting blossoms leads to a surge of positive energy, as well as feelings of security and relaxation. To create more soothing environments, adorn your home or office with ornamental flowers.

4. Accelerate Healing

Having flowers to nurture or views of peaceful gardens has been reported to help patients heal faster. Studies have shown the practical application of attractive horticulture in hospitals: healing time was greatly reduced in their powerful presence. Whether in the room or on view outside, patients enjoying the beauty of these colorful living beings shortened their recovery time and increased perceived happiness.

5. Enhance Energy + Performance

Being in natural environments has been proven to make people better at their jobs, boost energy and vitality. With more animated performance levels, state of mind also improves. And with increased vigor comes the motivation to be more active, productive, and generally to embrace the joy of living.

6. Increase Quality of Life

People who live in areas with beautiful natural landscapes report a higher perceived quality of life. In order to sustain a community’s growth, businesses and residential developers should take note of the importance of maintaining green spaces where flowers and plants can thrive. Studies show those who perceive a higher quality of life spend more money, thereby attracting more businesses and residents. Through supporting both individual and collective well-being, all can benefit from this flower power!

Medicinal Flowers + Their Uses

Flowers are some of nature’s most potent plant medicines. They can offer protection, healing, immunity, and innumerable health benefits. Below is a brief guide to the medicinal uses of some of our herbalist’s favorite flowers and flower blends from our apothecary. If you have questions about how to incorporate flowers into your wellness regimen, click here to chat with an herbalist free of charge.

1. ROSE (Rosa centifolia)

For over 35 million years, the rose has been associated with love, sensuality and passion. Roses soothe the heart in both the physical and the spiritual sense, help us connect to the divine feminine and unfurl our hearts like the flower’s own beautiful petals. Its medicinal powers include uplifting mood, nourishing the cardiovascular system, toning the blood vessels and sexual organs, and supporting fertility. Its antiseptic nature also makes it a great remedy for wounds and bruises. Browse our rose collection here.

2. BLUE LOTUS (Nymphaea caerulea)

This gently euphoric and third eye opening nervine has been used by ancient Egyptians for anxiety and insomnia, and by cultures around the world for promoting calm and meditative states, improving muscle control, and much more. The sacred “Flower of Enlightenment” is best known for its powers of intuition, rejuvenation, aphrodisia, and as a heal-all ancestral remedy. A nervine with diverse healing actions, its benefits range from lymph decongesting to uterine tonifying effects, and it is a natural sedative. Take a look at some of our best-selling blue lotus products here.

3. HIBISCUS (Hibiscus sabdariffa) 

With a high vitamin C content and astringent properties, hibiscus flowers are also well known for their abilities to support heart function, healthy blood pressure, skin healing, the urinary tract, and colds, among other abilities. Find it in our Belly Love, Mangosteen Hibiscus, Euphoria Elixir, Rose Clay Mask, and Fat Belly Tonic if you’re looking for a kick of antioxidant vibrancy, detox support, fatigue reduction, increased circulation and cardiovascular health, or to bring about radiant skin!

4. BUTTERFLY PEA POWDER (Clirotia ternatea)

With the ability to fight off pests and infections, it’s surprising that butterfly pea flower is also an anti-aging beauty food that stimulates collagen production for hair, skin and nail health. Endocrine system regulating, it’s also a strong ally for hypertension reduction. Not only does butterfly pea flower make you outwardly radiant, it works from inside the body to activate the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which helps to regulate the endocrine system. Studies have confirmed its strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, as well as its ability to help manage asthma and allergies, protect vision, support cognitive health, reduce hypertension, and many more actions. Try our blue healer powder or buy it in bulk here.

5. LAVENDER (Lavandula officinalis)

Best known as a transportive aromatic and mood elevator, this anti-inflammatory herb also soothes menstrual cramps, anxiety, insomnia, and stress. Mildly antimicrobial, it has also been used to aid with digestion and to relieve nausea. Aromatherapists employ it for inhalation therapies that aim to treat headaches, exhaustion, and nervous disorders, while herbalists use lavender for a wide range of treatments, including skin and fungal infections, wounds, acne, and eczema. Healing baths with lavender soaks can contribute to more restful sleep, as well as muscle and joint pain relief. Try it in our Golden Moon Milk, Relax Tonic, Rose Sage Wand, or buy lavender in bulk here.

6. CHAMOMILE (Matricaria recutita) 

At first, it may seem this is a simple herb and a household name, but it can also be universally beneficial. Well known for its soothing properties, herbalists tend to revere it for its safe applications in treating mood and sleep issues for adults and children alike. While it is gentle in nature, it is simultaneously uplifting and calming for the mind, an upset stomach or minor skin irritation, and many other common ailments. Try it in our Calm Tea, Relax Tonic, or buy it in bulk here.

7. JASMINE (Jasminum officinale) 

This flower’s antioxidant abilities have led to its use in the treatment of cancer, liver disease and scarring, for the prevention of strokes, as an aphrodisiac, and to promote healthy bowel function. Its medicinal powers also include eliminating harmful bacteria, boosting mood, and mild sedative qualities. For the relief of indigestion, stomach cramps, and to soothe inflammation, jasmine flowers are especially potent. Its scent has been studied for its positive effects on mood and brain activity, alertness, and gently nurturing women’s wombs through all stages of reproduction, including postpartum and menopausal periods, thanks to its natural hormone balancing properties. Try it in our Euphoria Elixir for added bliss.

8. CALENDULA (Calendula officinalis) 

A wound, burn, bruise, cut and minor infection healer, calendula helps prevent dermatitis and other skin conditions caused by inflammation. It is also rich in flavonoids with both antidiabetic and neuroprotective properties. Said to increase clarity and dream recall, calendula flowers are anti-inflammatory powerhouses that support the digestive and immune systems. Browse our full calendula collection here.

9. HELICHRYSUM (Helichrysum arenarium)

This restorative wound, muscle and joint healer is beloved for its ability to soothe analgesic pain and candida symptoms, reduce allergies, and improve digestive disorders. A brilliant booster of skin health, helichrysum can also fight off colds and coughs. Studies have explored its abilities to diminish feelings of mental exhaustion and burnout, preventing weight gain, and several other holistic first aid applications (ear infections, burns, etc.). Try it in our Collagen Booster Face Oil for deep moisturizing effects.

10. BLUE CORNFLOWERS (Centaurea cyanus) 

A bitter tonic used to treat fever, water retention and chest congestion, blue cornflowers may also stimulate the liver and gallbladder. Its floral water has been employed in herbal baths and other home remedies to relieve eye irritation, sunburns and skin disorders thanks to its antibacterial properties. In the form of tea, it can also help treat dandruff, minor wounds, mouth ulcers, symptoms of nervous system disorders, reduce stress and soothe anxiety, and can even act as an antidepressant. These flowers are also of great value for women suffering from menstrual cramps or vaginal yeast infections. For deeply calming effects and sleep support, try it in our Dream Tea and sacred smoke blends.

11. HEMP FLOWERS (Cannabis sativa) 

For centuries, hemp has been used as a folk remedy and ancient medicine to treat diverse health issues ranging from difficulty during childbirth and arthritic joints to rheumatism, dysentery, insomnia, and many other ailments. Studies have shown its abilities to lower stress and symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, and to reduce chronic pain, inflammation, and post-workout strains. Try it in our sacred hemp pre-rolls, and read more about its fascinating history and benefits here.





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