CBD Hemp Pre-Rolls, Organic, Relaxing and Euphoric

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Relaxing | Decompressing | Euphoric 

Our intention in creating these beautiful and exquisite hemp flower pre-rolls, was to offer a ceremonial, relaxing and euphoric blend of plant allies that we love, along with high quality hemp flowers grown in Oregon. 

Our new CBD blend is composed of 35% organically grown hemp flowers from Oregon, along with CBD and euphoric herbs like blue lotus, damiana and rose … PLUS lung supportive plants like mullein, raspberry leaf, and more! 

  • Relaxing
  • Heart Opening 
  • Mildly euphoric due to the boosting effects of damiana and blue lotus
  • Air-tight seal,
  • Glass bottle, bamboo cap
  • 35% Hemp Flowers
  • 75% Organic flowers + herbs 
  • 10 Pre-Rolls 
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Hemp Flower

Ceremonial Hemp Smoke | Organic + Wild Smoke Blend This relaxing and opening smoke contains 100% organic hemp flowers grown lovingly in Oregon. Each herb within this blend has a plethora of healing benefits and has been traditionally used internally, externally and as a smoke for centuries. 35% Hemp Flowers + 75% Herbs

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