What is seasonal affective disorder (SAD)?

Its a type of depression that occurs during the same season each year. Most people associate SAD symptoms during wintery cold months, yet, SAD can come up anytime during any season. This depends on your body clock and your memories in association to that time of the year. It doesn't matter if its sunny outside, or a terrible storm, it simply is a seasonal state that arouses a negative internal dialogue that downward-spirals into your life.

Experts aren’t sure what causes SAD. Studies have shown that it seems to be caused by a lack of sunlight, vitamin D, and essential nutrients provided by simply not being in the presence of Nature.

If you have SAD, you may:
Feel grumpy, moody, anxious.
Eat and crave unhealthy foods (lots of empty carbs, like bread and pasta)
Gain weight
Have trouble concentrating and staying focused
You sleep, yet you are still tired

A lack of light may upset your "biological clock," which controls your sleeping and waking pattern and overall circadian rhythms. This generally depletes serotonin, a holy brain chemical that makes us feel good. Having a lack of serotonin in general makes us restless, unmotivated, feel down, lack of mojo, and not excited about life. Most of our receptors are in our gut, and of course in our mind. Yet, if we charge up our gut with nutrients that boost serotonin receptors, we naturally will change our mind and feel exquisite. People will love you and gravitate to you more when you radiate this chemistry in your aura.

Humans are such beauty and love oriented creatures, that all we need to provide to ourselves is basic tender loving care. The inner glow is a garden that we must keep up with on a daily basis, to truly reap the results of beauty and radiance. The herbs and potions that are usually recommended to prevent these SAD states naturally fall under the category of beauty elixirs as well. Chemically speaking this group tends to contain a mega load of vitamin c, phytonutriends, vitamin D, serotonin enhancement, and oxygen for the blood.
It is always best to deal with these temporary SAD states naturally. Know that Vitamin C and seratonin boosters are natural vitamin that can kick off winter blues. Try this recipe below so you can be in balance and the enjoy the bounty of the universe.

FEEL GOOD POTION - Serotonin Booster
1tsp Cacao Powder
1/2 tsp Turmeric Powder
1tsp St Johns Wort Extract
Handful Gogi Berries
1 frozen Banana
1 cup of Almond Milk (or other nutmilk)
Blend all together and enjoy!

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