HEALTHY ALIVE AND FRESH probiotics are an essential key to gut health. We need good bacteria to prevent candida build up and a whole bunch of other illnesses that we don't want. Our gut is a highly intelligent and refined system, and its ultimate goal is to constantly thrive and be in perfect harmony with the outside world. Spending hundreds of dollars on capsuled probiotics is not what the ancients did. For good bacteria to be powerful, it has to be fresh, alive, and ideally made with love.

Give it a try, it's easy. Follow this basic recipe and really feel the difference. Let us know how you like it. 


Rejuvelac Spritz 

Tired of spending hundreds of dollars in capsuled probiotics? Well, the solution might just cost you about $3 and some fun kitchen time. Rejuvelac supports healthy gut flora and boosts healthy bacteria. 


  1. Start with one cup soft wheat berries. You can also use rye, quinoa, lentils, buckwheat, or other grains. I personally love wheat, rye and quinoa seem to make the best rejuvelac. Place the wheat berries in a sprouting jar with a screen top (or tight cheese cloth) and fill with water.
  2. Soak the grain for 24 hours. Drain off water, leave berries in jar and rinse two to three times a day until little sprout tails appear.
  3. Place sprouted grain in large jar with a top that allows air to circulate. Add 4 cups water and let sit on the counter for 2-3 days.
  4. You will notice that the water will get cloudy and little bubbles will start forming.
  5. Taste…it should taste clean and fresh with a hint of lemon. Strain the rejuvelac off of the wheat berries and store in covered glass container in the refrigerator. It will keep for at least a week, just make sure it still smells and tastes fresh. You can reuse the wheat berries to make a second batch. It will only take a day.
  6. Make sure to drink a 1oz shot of this rejuvelac at least 30minutes before meals. I recommend ingesting it 2-3x per day for optimum effects.
  7. Slice up some cucumber and lemons and add into a cup of sparkling water. Add 1-2oz of rejuvelac and enjoy!
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