VENUS RETROGRADE: Herbs Ruled by Venus and Medical Astrology

VENUS RETROGRADE: Herbs Ruled by Venus and Medical Astrology

This year began pretty intensely with major planetary conjunctions and aspects. To those that don't follow astrology, it has been quite notable due to what's happening on a collective level. The grand conjunction of Saturn and Pluto at the end of December 2019 and through 2020 is igniting significant change for all of us. Then Jupiter joined the mix to exalt the volcanic energy- beckoning for a massive renewal for the global community. The last time Saturn and Pluto’s paths crossed in Capricorn was in January 1518. "Just three months prior, in October 1517, German monk Martin Luther released his doctrine 95 Theses, which exposed financial corruption that had been rampant in the Catholic Church. Subsequently, this sparked the massive Protestant Reformation of Christianity. This is an example of the kind of transformation that can emerge when Plutonian secrets are revealed and a new Saturnian system is presented." @astrostyle

What is Venus Retrograde?

Going back to Venus, although not nearly as intense of a transit like Saturn-Pluto and Jupiter, it's certainly a more significant period than Mercury retrograde. Venus goes retrograde at 21º of Gemini on May 13, and travels backwards to 5º Gemini, finishing on June 25, 2020. 

Energetics Behind Her Retrograde

Venus retrograde can bring up old wounds surrounding relationships, whether its intimate friendships or lovers. Venus retrograde reminds us about our ability to give and receive love. It brings up the questions on how much we are willing to sacrifice for what we truly love, or even go to the depths of what we authentically need and want in our life. Venus retrograde demands that we tackle illusions around love and friendship, and see them through the lens of reality, rather than with rose-colored filters. And this can be painful. 

Many astrologers advise against making major decisions in the love department, whether its getting married, or divorced. Astrologers also advise against major financial investments and on the contrary, advise to make it a time of creating detailed financial budgets, plans and re-thinking of personal relationships.

On the subject of love and sex, past lovers, old friends, even old business partners, might re-surface. Old wounds, memories and triggers might be brought up. But remember, these retrogrades tend to be tests to see how far along you've come from who you used to be, and how your subconscious mind has grown since, or not. Venus retrograde is an excellent time to witness where we still need to reprogram our beliefs around abundance, love, sex, and pleasure. Think of it as a cosmic mirror, assisting you in sorting the seed from the dirt in order to achieve a higher harmony; A catalyst that can either trigger you, or enlighten you, that's inviting you to manifest at a deeper level.

The more we become free of triggers and programming within the areas dominated by Venus, such as our love department, our values and, abundance, the more we can come closer to the core of what we truly want in the core of our being. 


Relationships in general will be the source of most triggers during this time. It'll invite you to re-think your openness, contact, and involvement in all relationships in your life. Venus classically known for ruling the throat, will bring up wounds or challenges around communication. If communication hasn't been as desired with friends or lovers, it will be glaring during this cycle. Synchronistic events tend to happen quite a lot during Venus retrogrades, where they will seem fated or predestined. Because of all the inner work this transit tends to bring, it'll be challenging to get intimate or sexual with your partner, as it's a time to metabolize the fine energetics that have been perhaps left behind. 

It's a time to experiment other forms of intimacy and get creative as to how to connect with your dear ones outside of your usual process. 

Venus being in Gemini during this retrograde invites us to explore deeper within the realms of communication. Don't get demotivated by Gemini's potential shadow side, like the gossipy, floaty, superficial, two-facedness, and emotional unavailability type of connections. Instead, try to tap into its light side which is creative communication in all its forms, like writing, music, higher consciousness, visualization (like future self programming) and mindfulness. 

Although this period is classically known for relationships coming to an end, strong ones survive it, and actually come out stronger due to the processing that is demanded on an energetic level. This is a time to go deep with yourself and learn where and how you need nourishment, love, self care, and healing.  Re-evaluating relationship that might be draining, and work on the power of communication as the tool to express and clear the shadow. If major love decisions need to be made, it might be better to save it until after the cycle ends on June 27th. Our perceptions may be in a process of transformation, and you should allow that process to happen before you make a regrettable decision. It’s not that solid and successful couples don’t have conflict, because they all do. It’s how they work through them that determines the strength of their relationship.


A key concept in dealing with the Venusian symbology and attributes beyond ‘love’ and ‘sex’ is harmony. The balancing force represented by one of Venus's rulerships, Libra, may be taken as a good metaphor for the playing out of balance on every level. Venus, being the archetypal manifestation of beauty and aesthetics, also symbolically represents love — self love, one love, and empathy.

Within the astrological chart, the study of Venus reveals how the person derives love, pleasure and fulfillment. This includes the appreciation of beauty both in the arts and nature. Love and beauty also fall under the rulership of Venus. Romantic love, to be sure, but also love of family, friends, community, the planet and all other beings. It is this Love, this coming together in empathy which creates the harmony of Venus. They say 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder' and so it is with the Venusian appreciation of form in harmony. Beauty is found within the natural perfection created by two opposites, within the union of two forces, within the exquisite balance created by nature. This planetary energy is not just aesthetics, it embodies the many layers of joy, whether casual or spiritual, that all of us seek.

The same goes for herbs. Venusian herbs aren’t just herbs for “beauty” as in our skin and outer layers, it also contains the herbs for happiness, herbs for the heart, euphoric herbs that spike our mojo, along with reproductive toners and spirit herbs that calm our core and attune us to love. 


Venus rules over the metamorphosis of the cells, the reproduction and enrichment and transformation of cells, the preservation of the body, the complexion, the reproductive system, urinary bladder, kidneys, and the harmony between all the systems of the body. 

Venus is also said to rule all functions of the throat, for Venus is assigned as the ruler of Taurus. Yet through Venus’ association with Libra, it is also said to rule the kidneys. As a planet which is usually indicative of aesthetic values, Venus is correspondent with the skin and hair. Modern medical astrology has also incorporated the thyroid, parathyroid and thymus. 

Venus within our lives can also dictate how (and if) we are able to receive from others, and from life in general. Venus is like the midwife to our happiness; how we are able to accept the deepest pleasure in our life, and access our natural state of joyfulness. 

*It’s important to see where Venus is located within your natal chart, along with its aspects. This can provide great clarity as to potential strengths and weaknesses
within the body. 


By nature the herbs of Venus are feminine, gentle, relaxing and balancing. The action of “tonics” in itself is Venusian, as this category of herbs are the ones that balance all major organ systems, and assist our body in accessing harmony. Most of these herbs tend to be neutral, as they can be both warming and cooling. 

Venusian herbs work with the energies of attraction. Many of these herbs have been used in ritual by different traditions, as they are said to be the agents that fuel the dream into manifestation. Although each herb has its way of yielding its power, they have the common thread that they are known to assist in materializing what we love. 


Here’s a few favorites, there's certainly more than this. Be aware that many of these herbs also overlap with other planets. Although each herb manifests differently when making potions, each one fundamentally will harmonize and exalt the energy of Venus. 

HERBS FOR BEAUTY: He Shou Wu (also ruled by the Sun), Bergamont, Balm of Gilead, Camu Camu, Horsetail (also ruled by Saturn), Rose geranium, Mangosteen (also ruled by Jupiter), Orchid, Schizandra, Ylang Ylang.

APHRODISIACS + SPIRIT UPLIFTERS: Albizzia, Damiana, Catuaba, Muira Puama, Kava Kava, Catnip, Mucuna

REPRODUCTIVE HERBS: Black Cohosh (also ruled by Pluto), Chaste Tree, Crampbark, Lady’s Mantle, Rose, Rose Hips, Red Raspberry Leaf, Shatavari, Hibiscus, Mugwort (also ruled by the Moon).

HEART / CARDIO-TONICS: Blue Cohosh, Fox glove, Hawthorn berries, Linden, Motherwort, Pau d'arco.

SUPERFOODS: Apples, Blackberries, Cacao, Currants, Gooseberries, Mangosteen, Maca (also ruled by Mars), Pear, Peaches, Raspberries, Strawberries, Watermelon.

VISIONARY: Wild Dagga, Blue Lotus (also ruled by the Moon)

FLOWER ESSENCES: Bleeding Heart, Lotus, All Peonies.


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