🌜TODAY'S FULL HARVEST MOON Propels Major Spiritual Growth🌛

🌜TODAY'S FULL HARVEST MOON Propels Major Spiritual Growth🌛


This week opens with a Full Moon floating in the emotional waters of Pisces on Sept. 20 at 4:55 pm Pacific. Full Moons in general provoke strong emotional upwellings, but the Pisces Moon can trigger many tears, as grief, loss, longing, and regrets surge to the surface. We may be overwhelmed, as well, by Piscean compassion for the suffering of this world. This Full Moon is in opposition with the hot reactivity of Mars, setting our emotional state on a hair trigger and making us very impulsive. So we may be easily driven to habitual comfort-seeking in order to avoid painful emotions, whether that is emotional eating or excessive drinking, or binge-watching television. 

We could also choose to intentionally engage in healing work, which is a trademark of Pisces, the sign that descends to the depths and ascends to the heights of spiritual and psychological realities. If we create a sacred space, what parts of our souls might we retrieve from traumas of the past, to bring ourselves more wholly and fully into the present moment?


Because this week truly offers opportunities to break out of old patterns, releasing our stories about the past and accessing the present moment which creates our future. The planet of love and beauty, Venus, is in a stressful and dynamic conversation with Saturn, who represents the misty past (exact square Sept. 16) and Uranus, who represents the exciting new future (exact opposition Sept. 23).  In addition, Venus is traversing the watery depths of Scorpio, putting a fine point on the emotional process needed to break with and transform the past (Saturn), so as to encounter the future (Uranus). It is not the most comfortable position for Venus, who seeks harmony and ease, connection and love. We can expect our psychological defense mechanisms to rear up against phantom harms from the past which are no longer happening. All our escapist patterns will be easy to deploy. 

And yet, there is great promise in summoning the discipline to be with the discomfort, to use the power of the heart-mind to look deeply into our feelings and actually FEEL them. To experience the raw emotions without labels or judgments or censorship. And then channel the Pisces Full Moon’s compassion into loving self-appraisal of what our emotional responses say about ourselves (not what they say about others!) Emotions show us how we belong or do not belong to various communities, and how we include or exclude ourselves or others. Empowering our heart-mind to work with our emotions under this lunation can open up a more authentic way of belonging to ourselves and to the world.




For the power of the heart-mind is deeply inscribed into Mercury’s incoming retrograde period (Mercury turns retrograde on Sept. 26) in the airy, mental sign of Libra. The Sun will also enter Venus’ sign of Libra on Sept. 22, igniting the power portal of the equinox and encouraging us to establish a new equilibrium by shining a bright light on Mercury’s activities. Mercury represents the mind, our conceptual reality, commerce and exchange, communication and travel, and Mercury will make a stressful square aspect to Pluto, who signifies death-rebirth, evolution, primal life force, and titanic power (exact Sept. 22, Oct. 1, Nov. 2). All of us may be caught up in more obsessive thinking than usual, or obsessively reviewing old stories or plans, and be drawn towards paranoia or looking to uncover secrets. Under this influence, we can expect incredibly intense conversations with others, which may range from destructive to regenerative and transformative on Pluto’s powerful spectrum. 

The power of the mind and speech are simply magnified, but we can bring in some discipline and restraint. Beware of overreaching or jumping to conclusions based on passion rather than clear analysis. Mercury’s retrograde period often has us acting rashly and being too hasty in our decisions, so pay attention to reviewing and re-reviewing important contracts, communique, and travel plans. And be prepared to encounter significant errors which will require us to redo, rework or reexamine previous acts or decisions.



A great helper in summoning discipline at the beginning of Mercury retrograde is Mars trine Saturn (exact Sept. 25), where the planet of energetic force, Mars, blends harmoniously with the planet of hard work, Saturn. This will enable us to better focus our efforts this week, bringing more intention and strategy to our activities, including any intentional emotional processing. 

But let’s be aware of the long-term influence of the Saturn square Uranus (Dec. 2019—Jan. 2024) while tracking our relationship to speech and power, restraint, and discipline this week. Saturn-Uranus brings a tendency to split into extremes as if there were only two polar opposite choices and as noted above, Venus topics of love, money, exchange or reciprocity, and social groups are solidly in that mix. It will be tempting to simply compromise, choosing either one thing or the other from the “opposites,” but that is not ideal.  Placing disciplined, focused consciousness on polarizing tensions will produce an innovative and creative response. 

For we are given a rare opportunity to generate something new—our new life, our new way of being, our new perspective, our new way of relating to ourselves but also to the world. The emotional tides may try to suck us under, but many cosmic forces are also lending us tools to navigate the heavy seas churning in the anima mundi, to bring forth a life-affirming and regenerative response.


Mercury Retrograde Key Dates

Mercury enters shadow Sept. 6, 2021

Mercury turns retrograde at 25° Libra Sept. 26, 2021

Mercury turns direct at 10° Libra Oct. 18, 2021

Mercury exits shadow Nov. 3, 2021

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