MAKE YOUR OWN Mushroom Mocha Milk

MAKE YOUR OWN Mushroom Mocha Milk

The Mayans and other cultures that had access to cacao considered it  a medicinal and sacred food. It wasn’t until the 1800s that someone learned how to separate cacao oil from the cacao butter, that’s when they recombined it into what we call the chocolate bar. Most of the chocolate that is on the market (the candy, and powders) is of VERY low quality and treated with heat and so over processed that it looses most, if not all, it’s health and healing benefits — don’t ever buy cheap COCOA powder, for example. Commercial chocolate causes acne, weight gain, and is an allergen (causes allergies), is addictive and can cause cravings. Allergies to RAW chocolate (cacao) are actually quite rare. It is more often the case that the person is allergic to pasteurized milk and dairy products (milk is the number one food that causes allergies). The acne is likely triggered by refined sugars that are added to chocolate. Refined sugars can cause hypoglycemia, hormone fluctuations, moodiness and skin outbreaks. RAW chocolate will help with weight loss because it’s a natural appetite suppressant, very mineral rich, natural prozac (has anti-depressant properties because it contains anandamide and anandamide inhibitors which keep this bliss chemical from being prematurely broken down) and is a natural skin beautifier and softener. (Raw) cacao butter is very nourishing for the skin if applied topically, and it smells awesome.

Substances in chocolate that have been widely discussed in the scientific community as pharmacologically significant include: anandamide, arginine, epicatechins, histamine, magnesium, phenylethylamine (PEA), polyphenols, salsolinol, serotonin, theobromine, tryptophan, tyramine, and vitamin C. When it was introduced to the west cacao was known to be a potentiator of herbal medicines (like medicinal 🍄) and is one of the most chemically complex foods studied. It has many interesting pharmacological studies, like Neurotransmiters. NT’s cause bonding in the brain, the chemicals responsible for causing communication between neurons (thought molecules). They’re your bodies intelligence communications system. In the presence of NT’s we become more intelligent because of this bonding. Ok, aside from gray matter its an ideal delivery system for other herbs, by adding cacao with your herbs it strengthens the effect of that herb. Again, It’s a potentiator. Every major culture on the planet uses some form of advancing molecule, usually caffeine. This is a safe practice, in moderation, but chocolate is great because it’s gentle and it’s stimulating effects increases body processes which increases processing of medicine. SO cacao is an ideal delivery system for medicine. Ok, getting to the point here; it’s a great base for alchemy! Herbs are medicine and if you learn to combine them properly you can make healing, energizing magic! Here’s a super easy recipe for a mood boosting cup of mushroom mocha:



1tbsp Raw heirloom cacao
1-2tsp Mushroom mocha milk powder
1tbsp Coconut milk powder (or, sub with coconut butter or oil)
2-4oz milk of choice (optional as I know some of you like it hardcore!)
4oz of drip coffee (opt the coffee for hot water if you don’t want coffee)
1-2tsp coconut palm sugar

Mix all ingredients slowly on a stove top, or do the lazy way and add all into a blender. Enjoy!!





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