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These came to fruition after thinking about the old school chocolate-shelled ice cream I ate as a kid; that crunchy chocolate melt-in-your-mouth shell with a cold creaminess in the center. These are the updated version using Anima Mundi’s Rose Petal Powder to elevate the ice cream center and a simple chocolate shell without any unnecessary ingredients.

The creaminess with the rose and crackling chocolate, crunchy pistachios and nettle seeds, conveys both the sweetness and the boundaries of Rose, a flower that represents the heart, protection, and healing on all levels. Rose is a tonic herb that has been used for millennia as a medicine plant. When creating with a specific plant, I think of the color, scent, feel and flavor as part of the overall experience and this treat is Rose all the way.

The scent of rose has been found to reduce the release of adrenaline, soothe the nervous system, improve memory, and actually increase feelings of contentment.

Rose petals are astringent and cooling; they contain large amounts of tannins, and they can calm a "hot" system. When there is “heat” in the body, coming from an emotion like anger, or an external force like the actual temperature or the smoke from forest fires, Rose is a medicine to soothe and cool us, from the inside out. Rose is powerfully antiviral, and can be paired with other plants to ward off infection. They are fierce guardians of the heart, simultaneously offering the opportunity to open ourselves in new ways.

Roses have captured the imagination of poets, writers and storytellers for nearly all of written human history, and likely farther back with the oral traditions. From Sanskrit texts describing the divine Lakshmi being formed of 1,008 rose petals to Greece and Aphrodite, the goddess of love, to Rome with the birth of Venus in ocean waves of wild roses.

Many years ago, I traveled to as many rose gardens as possible, sitting and drawing them, tasting a petal here and there, & just finding solace in their presence. Now, I add them to recipes and medicines, incorporating them into meals as often as possible, particularly as we navigate the challenges of these times.

This is a simple recipe, and you can substitute where you need to-feel free to reach out with any questions! I used Anima Mundi's Organic Rose Petal Powder for this recipe-this is a super fine and flavorful powder with a beautiful color. I do not make recommendations lightly, but I would highly recommend any of their herbal & medicinal products.


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