Tips to live by during these transit, along with essential herbal allies to assist us in the process of adaptation, and mental protection! Although Mercury retrogrades are always associated to be a bad time for investments, contracts, and big deals you might be taking on, its ALL ABOUT WHAT YOU MAKE OF IT! Mercury will sure present you with the trigger as to where growth needs to happen. Yet, if you're flowing in the waves of the unknown, you'll be just fine. and IF SO, take on that special opportunity, regardless of what might be happening in the cosmos. All in all, i'm a big believer of having the planets work for you. 


This Thrival Guide is written by Kerry, founder of the fabulous, Magic of I

Mercury retrograde is not something to be feared. There are so many astro memers that trivialise the annoyance of mercury retrogrades. 
It's like being annoyed at the wind for changing directions. It's a natural occurrence. Don't buy into it being feared or troublesome.
There are things that can be disruptive, yes, but if you have an awareness of a period of time that is perfect for re-viewing, re-evaluating, re-thinking and slowing down, with expectations of interesting turns of events, then nothing can take away your power. And instead we thrive in the potentiality of a reversing planetary energy that governs our communications.
Wired get crossed, it's part of life, we interpret things differently than intended.
Awareness heals.
Mercury retrogrades are the perfect time for ‘RE’.
I use this time to read back through my journals, flagged passages in books, old posts, notes to myself, love letters etc. This contextualises my experiences in life and gives incredible value to retrograde energy.
Reviewing what has happened opens up awareness of what needs re-adjusting, what needs re-committing, what needs to be reworked or recycled. And also importantly, what needs to be rewarded.

☿℞ Thrival Guide:

  • → Backup your computers / phones / data
  • → Watch how you speak, your tone, your words
  • → Use clear communication
  • → Avoid jumping to conclusions
  • → Re-nourish relationships
  • → Expect to be miss understood
  • → Expect delays
  • → If you’re not sure, be honest about it
  • → Ask questions to get a fuller picture
  • → Be ok if your mind isn’t highly functioning ALLL of the time
  • → Disheveled is ok, it will pass
  • → Assess WHY we do certain things
  • → Journal
  • → Slow down 
  • Be considerate, understanding, kind and aware. Remember others may not be armed with any cosmic wisdom & flowing through the retrograde as smoothly as you may be.
Use these times wisely, there is so much to be gained from retrogrades. Rather than seeing them as a hinderance to a 'perfectly flowing life’. This IS life in perfect flow.

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