LUCID BODY - Activating your Healing Power

LUCID BODY - Activating your Healing Power

All human limitation is mind-created. Because we perceive reality as in a mirror, the truth is obscured. When we know this truth, however, all the things that hold us back from Enlightenment and keep us tied to the delusion of the Earthplane are released. This realization is an understanding of how the world works. Linear time is a delusion that can be transcended. We often live believing in the past and potential future constructs so much, that the present moment is invaded by assumption. Once we know in our heart that time is fake, we can live accordingly, and actually be present. Mind is the senses coming back in contact with their objects. Reality is what we make it. There is a Wiccan saying that “Magick is the art of changing consciousness at will.” There are no limitations, there is only will.

Ask yourself, are you allowing your will to be free?

The central concept here is the awareness of the mind. This awareness releases the limitation of karma and the need to return again and again in the body to resolve karma on the Earthplane. One of the things happening to most people in these Earth change times is resolution of past life karma. The healing after healing these issues arise, to the point that for almost every negative happening in this lifetime a karmic pattern may be discovered. 

This morning I woke up thinking about the powerful Reiki symbol called Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen (see below), which is an ancient symbol that assists in the completion of karma, allowing to release the stagnant energy that is fueling the karmac negative pattern. By directing the energy with the conscious mind and this symbol you are exposing the actual seed enabling this patterning. It is permanently released, and with each piece that is lifted, another need to resolve it by reincarnating is released. 

The symbol is an entrance into the Akashic Records, the life book of each soul’s incarnation. With consciousness of mind, it can be used to rewrite the book. Use this power wisely. Every Reiki exercise and practice is designed to train the mind - meditations, visualization, contact with dieties, focusing on the conscious movement of Qi (subtle energy). In Reiki, this symbol heals the past present and future, tracings time, heals karma, and allows for distance psychic healing. It has termendous implications for our generation and the current transformations. The symbol in general heals the mental energy within the body. 

Directions: Draw the symbol below it in your minds eye. Follow each number starting with #1 and go through it over and over again until you memorize it and can do it on your own. It this helps, draw it in the air with your finger to feel the energy of it. 


In Light,



Photo by tea goddess Lyndsay Luna

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