BLUE LOTUS - Healing Blue Milk

BLUE LOTUS - Healing Blue Milk

The Blue Lotus has been a highly revered plant across the world, particularly in Egypt. It has a long recorded history as a Heal-All and revered as our ancestral flower in mythological texts - creation stories. Although often considered a nervous system tonic (nervine) it has a wide spectrum of healing abilities. It has also been studied for its lymph decongestant properties and its uterine tonifying effects. 

The Blue Lotus is revered as an herb to increase sexual vitality in both men and women. However I think it’s the adaptogenic benefits that work in the same way as the ginseng family (and other ginseng type families like  Eleuthero (siberian ginseng), Suma (Brazilian ginseng).) in the root of the Blue lotus that do all that increasing of energy as the adrenal glands are healed and the androgen hormones etc are back in balance, then the long gone libido returns. So, in the true context of an adaptogenic, I will comment that the Blue Lotus has the power to repair all of the body without taking on any particular organ, system or illness into account. It is undiscerning in its selection of what it heals, which is often the case with adaptogens. It targets the area in need of healing, and it shifts energy into that the true constitution should be. It just does it all; a medicine that targets mind, body, soul, emotions.

They say Isis made perfume from this amazing flower and Cleopatra bathed in Blue Lotus essences. There is something magical and enchanting with the Lotus flower, coming up from the polluted muds of earth and manifesting the pure golden Blue - White energy that can only be described as visually beautiful. That also relates to the Chakra system of the third eye and crown chakra. The golden represents the solar plexus chakra that is very much related to physical energy and earthy energy in its highest power - manifesting as the elevated “I-Am” consciousness.  So , you are taking that earth physical energy and bringing it up to the higher consciousness of psychic and universal energy.

Traditional Aboriginal medicine here in Australia has always used the Blue lotus eating the roots, stems, flowers and incorporating this plant into daily culture. There are traditions and secret womens business around this plant that go back 40,000 years within recorded botanical scripts. 

How to Use it - 

This is such a delicious flower that you can seriously add it to anything. From Chocolate to salads, to nut milks, to desserts. Its delicious smell as a chocolatey aroma, with hints of spice. I personally love making it with chai flavors. Get creative and add it to any of the meals or drinks that may inspire you.





1 tbsp Blue Lotus

1tsp of Chai Spices*

For an extra kick, optional: 1tsp Cacao powder 

Nut Mylk: Cashew, or Almond

*Mix the following powders: 6 parts Cinnamon, 2 parts Cardamom, 1 part Nutmeg, 1 part Clove.


Steep 1Tbsp of Blue Lotus in a cup of hot water. Allow to steep for about 6minutes. Add a tsp of chai spices (and cacao if you’re feeling it) and your choice of milk (fresh cashew milk is my favorite).





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