Written By: Elisabeth from Oui We

You may have heard of the 5 love languages, as outlined in the book by Gary Chapman. They are quality time, acts of service, gift-giving, physical touch, and words of affirmation. We all have a combination of astrological signs and most of us have a combination of love languages.

We tend to give love to others in the way that we would like to receive it, so looking at how we express our love to others is a good indication of what our own love language is. Let’s take a look at the 5 love languages by zodiac sign.

Learning about things like our partner’s and friends’ love languages, astrological charts, human design, and attachment style, provides us with a deeper understanding of the people in our lives, which makes for deeper connections, and is the point of all of this discovery, after all! So, here we go: 


Aries people need affirmation that what they are doing is being received well by you at the moment it is happening. Ruled by Mars, the planet of action, these people tend to act and react from initial impulse, and as such, likely, they may not have thought their next move all of the way through.

It helps if those they love and care for return the favor with some words of appreciation and encouragement that they are on the right track. They are pretty direct people and so they tend to take things that others say at face value as well.

Offering help or unwarranted advice to Aries will most likely result in them asserting their independence the way a young child who wants to do everything for themselves might. People with a lot of Aries in their chart may often have a hard time receiving, but they love to give.

Words of affirmation are a good way to let the Aries in your life know that they're doing a good job, that you're proud of them, the things we need to hear from the ones that matter to us, you know? Just knowing that you support and reassure their efforts and independent nature will go a long way towards making them feel loved and supported. 


Taureans love touch and closeness. And it's not just the sexual touch that sensual Taureans crave, but they also need the non-sexual affectionate touches, cuddling, hugging, playful touches, and holding hands. Taurus loves the tactile affection and, of course, the attention that intimacy and closeness with their loved ones provide.

Stable, practical, and consistent in their nature, Taurus energy can be relied upon to be loyal and loving. The sense of touch is also one of the five essential senses of the body, which is appropriate since the Taurus personality typically feels very grounded in their body’s senses.

When we feel disconnected from the planet, it’s a good idea to get outside and get our bare feet grounded in the grass. When we feel disconnected from our bodies, it works to do things that bring us back into our bodies, things that include touch, taste, smell, and sound. And when we feel disconnected from our partners and friends, it works for these fixed earth element signs to literally “get back in touch” through hugs and cuddles. Affection and welcomed touch translate to “love” for this sign. 


Deep listening and thinking conversations actually fall under the quality time category, according to Chapman. Geminis have a reputation for being surface level, but they don't actually like small talk. A bored Gemini might find gossip a salacious way to liven up a dull moment, but the Gemini way of communicating actually likes to skip the surface stuff and go deep as quickly as possible.

Great listeners and great analyzers, they are looking for intelligent minds that can vibe on their wavelength. And they know that the way to find this is by going deep and talking about the real stuff.

The best way to draw out a Gemini and really get to know them and make them feel like you are attuned to their needs is through conversation. A mutable air sign, Geminis prefer to go with the flow even in conversation.

If something you say reminds them of something else, they might pop in to add a little fact or tidbit, but they aren't trying to interrupt you! They just have so many thoughts buzzing around in their brain that they don't want to forget to tell you something you might find useful or important.

That is the intention, anyway. Even though they *can* talk to anyone, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they want to and are going to, they understand that time is a precious commodity and choose to reserve the bulk of it for the people that mean the most to them. 


A Cancer's instinctive nature is to nurture the ones that they are close with, and they have this great care-taking energy and this deep emotional intuitive nature, but the flip side of this means that they are not always the most practical. The Cancer in your life likely needs help with putting things together, building things, and performing household tasks.

So a good way to show a Cancer that you care for them is to be the yang to their yin and fill in and do the things that they are not so naturally good at doing - the more action-oriented endeavors. Not helpless by any means, their emotional aspects are just more highly emphasized than any physical ones.

Cancer is ruled by the feminine intuitive watery moon and the opposite of this is the drying warming sun. They need their other half to be a counterpart who can coax them out of their shell and out of the deep moods they can sometimes find themselves in. 


Leos already know that they are pretty great. This is what can come off to other people who do not know them well as egoism or cockiness.

They have confidence that what they don't know can be figured out, and trust that the love they put out into the world will be returned to them in proportional ways. What Leos really appreciate are words of affirmation, ultimately because they know if the people around them can appreciate their greatness, then that means they are paying attention, which means they can see the greatness in you in return.

Leos make great rulers, and they know that great leaders do not stand alone; it takes a kingdom of equally great but different people around them who are all doing their best, too. Affirming Leo's greatness might look like encouraging an idea they have that they express to you, building them up.

They can be a little bit stubborn, and apt to do the thing they want to do without your approval or not, so it is not really about that. It's more about knowing that the people around them can see the great qualities in themselves. So to the Leos in your life, affirm their creativity, their joy, their work, and their purpose, and you will have a loyal friend forever as a result. 


Labeled as a sign of Service, Virgos work hard and passionately to put energy towards the things that matter deeply to them. They feel a deep connection to the Earth so these causes often involve the environment.

They see the way things are, and the systematic steps we could take towards making things that much better for everyone, and that is what inspires them. They're planners and perfectionists and they have the work ethic to be able to execute a well-thought-out plan from vision to outcome.

If you live with a Virgo or know one well, you'll know that they are efficient and organized and don't like clutter. They do so much to make sure their external world matches their internal world as far as focus, organization, and everything having a right place and time.

Sometimes they can get so caught up in this that they feel like they are the only one around them who cares about keeping things in order. For this reason, it is important to remind them that you can see and know this about them and not only accept them for it but reinforce it by “cleaning up your own side of the street” so to speak.

This might mean cleaning the house for them while they are working on other projects, so they don't have to stress. Or picking up things for them while you are out because if they don't have enough hours in the day to get around to it, it will annoy them.

Everyone needs someone looking out for them and Virgos sometimes forget that they cannot do everything. (They have the willpower, but not always the time and energy.) They may say that they don't mind but when you do things for them, they really do appreciate that effort. 


Libras love art and aesthetically pleasing things, so it only makes sense that the exchanging of gifts is the love language that most appeals to this sign. They love to be surrounded by luxury and by aspects that are pleasing to the visual senses and, of course, with gift-giving comes the energetic and emotional attachment to things through the gift-giver.

When a Libra finds someone who truly understands their tastes, it can be a full-body experience for them.

An air sign, Libra doesn't always express or even understand their emotional nature. Very fun and also competitive even, gifting a Libra something that fits in with their vibe and aesthetic shows them that you see them for them.

Because they enjoy balance and are slightly competitive, they may feel in return that they have to give you something of equal or better importance - but if that isn't your intention then you can let them know you are giving them a gift without an expectation of anything from them in return. It doesn’t necessarily have to be something lavish and over the top - sometimes a good book or a romantic bouquet of flowers is something thoughtful and tangible to let them know you thought of them. 


Affection is #1 for Scorpios who love to be super close to the people that they love. They may put on a tough front, but Scorpios are actually super cuddly.

OK maybe actual scorpions aren't so cuddly, but this sign sure is once you get to know them at least. Hugs, gentle pets, and other displays of physical affection (ahem) are good ways to let your Scorpio lover or friend know that you care.

Touching releases oxytocin. Babies need physical touch in order to feel safe and attached to their caregivers, and as we age it may be less likely for non-sexual touching to happen but it still makes us feel connected no matter how old we are or how tough we seem. A Scorpio needs proximity to feel closeness and intimacy and it doesn’t get much closer than actually physically touching someone!


This Jupiter-ruled sign is almost always on the go, traveling, learning new things, going new places, and they love being surrounded by people. An idea for a good hangout for a Sagittarius involves something where they can be active and do it in a big group of people, putting that boundless energy to use.

Nothing excites them more than finding that person - or, more likely, that group of people - that are down for whatever it is the Sag wants to do and go where they want to go and know how to have a good time through it all.

Even when things are not going to plan, Sagittarius knows how to call it out and be honest about it, so it isn't inauthentic, but it is this Jupiter energy that rules them that knows that no matter what is occurring on the physical plane, it's a part of the experience, the greater whole, the experience of being in a body and loving every minute - highs and lows alike.

They have this deep trust that no matter what happens, they can get through it with the help of their friends and support groups. Quality time and adventure time are important to these people.


Capricorns possess a lot of ambition and will appreciate something tangible that says you support their goals and maybe something that saves them time. They’ll appreciate practical gifts, things that they can use to better themselves or further their career path.

For Capricorns who may seem sometimes distant or emotionless, as they are often described, it is helpful to remember that things aren't always or often how they appear to be on the surface.

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, and as such, has a more serious and responsible nature, but that doesn’t mean they are emotionless, they just approach their emotions from a practical place.

That is one reason why a quality gift is great for a Capricorn, something that every time they look at it will be reminded of you. They are emotional, but they are more tangible and nostalgic, and a gift that lasts a lifetime is a great gift because it is something they can truly hold onto in this physical world.

A gift to a Capricorn says something that sometimes words cannot and when they see it they will see the person who gave it to them (you). 


An Aquarius that has aligned with their path truly envisions a world where we all did a little more for each other in our day-to-day living. From something as seemingly small as taking in your neighbor’s garbage cans for them or picking up a coffee for your friend on the way to meet up with them, these acts aren’t grand gestures but they do convey that each of us matters, regardless of title or label or outward appearance.

They are denoted as the sign of the “water bearer”, as an air sign, which boils down to them spending time musing on the ways in which they see the world can be a better place (a lot like Virgos, in this way). They may be so up in their heads about innovating and finding new discoveries that little things fall to the wayside.

This is where their loved ones can join in with them and do things - just the little things - without being asked. They’ll be grateful you noticed more than anything and are likely to return the favor.


Pisces love their alone time and when they are ready to emerge from their dream state and into the world again, they love nothing more than spending time doing things they love with the people they love. For Pisces, quality time is more about making memories and having adventures and experiences together that they will remember forever.

They are great listeners as well, but sometimes when a Pisces is with other people they need to get into their bodies and out of their minds — this looks like performing in group activities, team sports, and group excursions. Similar to Sagittarius, they know we are here for a good time, not a long time, and as a result, they are ready to make memories and see experience (not things) as the ultimate currency of life. 


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