How to Eat for your Body Type : according to ancient practices

How to Eat for your Body Type : according to ancient practices

The human body is like Mother Earth. A perfect synergy of elements is constantly in play to keep a biochemical and homeostatic balance. Through the astute balance of these internal elementals, we achieve longevity and harmony. We must keep in mind how all the archetypes of the universe reside within our body and mind. These constitutional theories are recorded maps of human patterning that help us understand the ins and outs of the body’s cycles. We all contain each body type to a certain degree; it’s more of a matter of understanding where we are at a given time and how we can achieve a greater balance through diet, tonic herbs, daily practice, and emotional awakening.

I’ve broken down the elemental body constitutions into three main body types. Each body type is an integration of several traditions: Ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), Mayan, and medical astrology. 



This body type is blessed with endurance, strength, and stamina. The Earth body types are grounded and stable, constantly seeking that which is at ease, comfortable, and harmonic. When Earth types are in balance, they are the sweetest of people, with gentle auras and a stabilizing presence. Naturally, Earth types have a slower metabolism and have a thicker build, but only when out of balance do they start collecting belly fat. This body type tends to carry all of the weight around the belly, keeping slender arms and legs.

If they are out of balance, even if it’s for a short phase, they must keep in mind that this type of energy is what brings diseases into fru- ition quite quickly.

The Earth body psychology tends to be very patient, calm, tolerant, and forgiving. However, it does tend to get sluggish, lazy, and lethargic if it is not in alignment. Out of balance, feelings of possession, attachment, greed, and envy may surge.

The Earth body naturally stores energy, so it must be a number one priority to keep dis- eases at bay. The Water principle within Earth allows for certain climate conditions to man- ifest, for example, water retention, sinus congestion, inflamed mucous membranes, toxic accumulation within fat tissue, diabetes, and so on. 

COMMON CRAVINGS: Sweet, salty, starchy, oily foods

BALANCED CRAVINGS: Bitter, astringent, pungent 

Response to a poor diet: Lethargic, lack of energy, ongoing cravings

Therapeutic foods: Plenty of leafy greens (kale, collards, chard, spinach, romaine),
light proteins (legumes, seaweed, fish) supplemented with healthy fats (avocado, nuts, seeds, nut butter, coconut oil, olive oil, full-fat cheeses, eggs). Very low doses of raw oils (raw coconut oil, flax seed, borage oil). Low doses of honey and yacon as sweeteners.

Therapeutic herbs: Bitters!* Dandelion leaf and root, quassia bark, orange peel, Oregon grape root, mustard leaf and seed, mugwort, rue, milk thistle, burdock root, yarrow, cardamom, yellow dock

* Bitters are particularly beneficial because they will accel- erate Earth’s metabolism while repairing the gut to digest better. 

Other healing tonics: Alfalfa, blackberry leaf, chamomile, cinnamon, cleavers, ginger, hawthorn, hyssop, lemon, nettle, parsley seed and leaf, skullcap, spearmint, thyme, wild carrot

Limit: Starchy carbs and low–glycemic index fruits (berries) to one meal a day.

Must eliminate: Sugary refined carbohydrates (like sports drinks), dense foods like store-bought energy bars or “health” drinks, products that have a yogurt- like consistency. Stay away from dairy! Dairy ferments quite quickly in the gut, and within a low metabolism it generates quite a lot of inflammation.

Lucky you: Dominant Earth types tend to get away with the occasional use of coffee and other stimulants, as well as with the occasional glass of wine. 


Fire types are penetrating, hot, and sharp people. They tend to have a nice build, medium height, and coppery skin, with a constant warm body (perhaps even sweating constantly). Their hair tends to be silky and at times tends to gray faster than others’ due to all the energy they burn. Fire body types are lucky to have a strong metabolism with over-all good digestion and a big appetite. They tend to be constantly alert, with a sharp mind and usually with good powers of comprehension. Naturally, fire types are good leaders and planners, constantly desiring to work with the community and alleviate problems around them.

Fire body types need to be careful with inflammation, whether it be fevers, skin disor- ders, or inflammatory diseases in any organ. They must also take care not to bottle up emo- tions or generate deep discomfort toward situ- ations in life. This tends to generate emotional imbalance or a type of inflammation related to it, like ulcers and other digestive issues. 

COMMON CRAVINGS: Spicy, hot, sour, salty

BALANCED CRAVINGS: Sweet, bitter, astringent 

Response to a poor diet: Anxiety, anger, hypoglycemia, acid reflux

Therapeutic foods: All grains (particularly amaranth, barley, rice oats), vegetables,
and raw foods really calm the fire down. A wholesome macro-type diet keeps the fire at bay. Nuts and raw oils are good in moderation (particularly coconut oil, almond oil, sesame oil, and flax oil). Seeds are more beneficial due to low oil content. Beans (particularly chickpeas, mung beans, adzuki beans, and black lentils) are a good source of light protein and are easily digestible without generating too much heat. Dark leafy greens are always a substantial and cooling option (kale, collards, chards, spinach, etc.). 

Therapeutic herbs: Cooling herbs are particularly beneficial. All warming herbs or heat-retaining herbs should be avoided.

Other healing tonics: Blackberry leaf, chamomile, cat’s claw, coriander, chicory, chrysanthemum, comfrey, coriander, calendula, cumin, dandelion root and leaf, fennel, gotu kola, hibiscus, jasmine, lemon, lemon balm, lemon grass, linden, marshmallow, motherwort, nettle, peppermint, raspberry, rose flowers, clover, red root, saffron, skullcap, yellow dock

Limit: Chocolate, salt, meats, nuts, stimulants

Must eliminate: Hot spices, coffee, alcohol, tobacco

Lucky you: Fire bodies can eat delicious sweets! Fire-based constitutions can eat more sweetness than the norm and not be as affected as other types. 



Air/Water body types are ruled by motion. On an annual basis, the most important time for an Air/Water body is in the fall and during the change of seasons. Air/Water is what impels us to change and shift, breaking out of routines into new ones. Those that have a predominance of air and water in their body tend to be very mental, flexible, and creative. These types tend to be very ituitive and mentally agile, with lots of energy to release. Air/Water types need to apply routine into their digestive schedule, due to their appetite constantly fluctuating. Their innate craving is for raw and cooling foods, yet because they lack the warming ele- ment, this can be detrimental to their joints and muscles, and can also lower their immune systems.

Out of balance, they tend to look depleted, pale, muscle-on-bone thin, fragile, and lanky. Energetically they easily lose willpower, confidence, and boldness. At an older age they naturally enter into a predominantly Air constitution. They start experiencing a drier internal and eternal landscape, wrinkling, and lack of moisture in the limbs, which decreases their mobility and agility. 

COMMON CRAVINGS: Raw foods, crunchy, cooling meals

BALANCED CRAVINGS: Warm cooked foods, grounding, sweet and salty flavors 

Response to a poor diet: Ungroundedness, fragility, fatigue

Therapeutic foods: The most vital component is establishing a routine with food. Vegetables, particularly root vegetables (beets, carrots, yucca, burdock, sweet potatoes, celeriac, etc.), grains, oats, beans and other legumes, nuts, and seeds are all beneficial. Good fats and oils are a vital component in the Air/Water diet; the most healing oils are good-quality ghee, raw coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, avocado oil, and flax oil. Steamed dark greens are particularly beneficial. Sweet, ripe, and juicy (nonastringent) fruits are particularly good. Any type of sweetener is okay (except for refined sugar).

Therapeutic herbs: Many herbal teas are good for Air/Water types, yet bitter, astringent, and cooling teas may not be as beneficial. A combination of pungent, grounding, and sweet herbs is best. 

Other healing tonics: Angelica root, bay leaves, cardamom, celery seed and root, cinnamon, cloves, comfrey, elecampane root, fennel root, leaf and seed, gotu kola, fo-ti, ginger, all ginsengs, sarsaparilla, Solomon’s seal, wild ginger, yerba santa

Limit: Astringent, stimulating, and cooling foods 

Must eliminate: Caffeinated drinks, tobacco, alcohol, excessive raw foods, frozen and canned foods

Lucky you: You get to get away with eating delicious fats and lots of food with such a fast metabolism! Eat lots of good fats and grounding snacks throughout the day to keep your balance. 



Excerpt from the Healing Tonics cookbook by Adriana Ayales



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