HOW TO BANISH BRAIN FOG using these 4 herbs

HOW TO BANISH BRAIN FOG using these 4 herbs

Brain fog is the consequence of a “leaky” brain or a mind on fire. In other words, brain fog is a sign of inflammation. Unlike most of the body, the brain does not produce pain when inflamed, instead, one of the most common symptoms is brain fog, which makes people feel spaced out, disconnected and depressed. Brain inflammation slows down the conduction between neurons and as a result, it functions slow, causing slowness and dullness of thinking.

Inflammation in the brain causes neurons to fire more slowly, slowing down mental capacity, recall, and reflexes. Also, it is vital to recognize, that a fired up brain leads to a profound shift in our psyche - leading to biological imbalance of our perception, awareness and state of mind. Having a sluggish neurological system shuts down our ability to produce cellular energy, meaning that we fatigue easily and loose ability to focus for long periods of time. No wonder why the average attention span now a days is about 10 seconds! 

Life in our over digitalized world seems to be working, in many ways, against brain health. Dangerous neurotoxins within our food and atmospheric toxicity from a myriad of synthetic materials used in agriculture, cars, nuclear testing and so on are contributing hugely to our brain fog. Artificial lights emitted from our cellphones, or ongoing late night Netflix is invading our neurological balance with excessive stress and distraction - more than we realize!

L I O N S   M A N E -  (Hericium erinaceus)

A medicinal mushroom known for its extraordinary capacity to stimulate the synthesis of NGF (nerve growth factor), a bioprotein that plays a critical role in the maintenance, health, and regeneration of neurons in the brain and body.NGF is the primary protein nutrient responsible for enhancing and repairing neurological disorders and literally rebuilding the nerve network in the brain and the body from the inside out. A lack of NGF is considered one of the major causes of Alzheimer's and other degenerative brain diseases. The various compounds found in the lion's mane mushroom mycelium are some of the most powerful NGF inducers of all natural compounds known to man! These compounds allow the NGF in lion's mane to actually pass through the blood-brain barrier to encourage the production of new neurons within the brain itself.

G O T U  K O L A - (Centella asiatica)

A delicious brain shaped leaf that can be eating within your salad. Folk traditions in India say the reason Elephants have excellent memory and live a long life is due to gotu kola being a staple green in their diet. It has been revered by Yogis for thousands of years as an essential longevity staple. Gotu kola has been shown in animal and human studies to increase the neural axonal density of the brain, which has been correlated with increased intelligence and psychic ability.Extracts of the plant have also been shown to repair damaged neurons and promote growth of neural networks. Studies of children fed Gotu Kola over long-term time horizons showed measurable changes in IQ and general intelligence markers. There have also been studies on how the chemistry of the herb can activate both brain hemispheres, stimulating creativity and positive brainwave states (alpha, theta and gamma in particular) Which is another reason why this herb has been used in lucid dreaming due to the activation of alpha and gamma waves. Many monks have also used this herb because it enhances a state of profound meditation and facilitates a deeper connection to “one-ness consciousness”. Many have theorized that this herb is used to enhance states of enlightenment due to its ability to enhance brain capacity. 


G I N K G O - (Ginkgo biloba) 

One of the oldest and strongest trees ever studied, the ginkgo tree has been traced back 300 million years. Ginkgo extract has been shown to boost stem-cell production in the brain, enhance memory and cognition, and promote repair to damaged brain cells.

Due to its capacity to help rejuvenate, it has been effectively used to treat brain-related conditions like depression, confusion, memory loss, concentration issues, anxiety, tinnitus, and headaches. Ginkgo is a general tonic that can also be used for symptoms like low libido and chronic fatigue. I see ginkgo as an apothecary within itself—one of the most essential and respected herbs.


B R A H M I - (Bacopa monnieri) 

One of the most revered medicinal plants in Ayurveda, brahmi is often placed in altars and temple entryways beside its fellow functional plant, tulsi. It has been shown to stimulate synaptic communication and lower inflammation within brain cells. It is legendary for its ability to boost serotonin and dopamine production, providing a powerful mood-boosting, hormone-regulating effect. It is also often used for its blissful qualities, as it significantly lowers anxiety and just makes you feel good. The popular supplement tryptophan was primarily synthesized from this plant, which is often used in lucid dreaming as well, due to its ability to help recall factual information.


I love taking these herbs together by making a tincture out of the freshly dried or totally fresh leaves. If you can find fresh sources, by all means make an infusion or tincture to enjoy its powerful benefits. Its also excellent to use extract powders to use within tea's and beverages for daily boosts. When combined together you create a synergistic formula for daily brain health. Here’s a fun way you can make your own bullet-proof brain tonic to get you naturally high and ready for the day!


Now, time to make some medicine with these delightful plants! 



B U L L E T  P R O O F E D
B R A I N   T O N I C

“Bullet-proofing” your morning or afternoon fix is an excellent way to get your brain juices flowing. Adding essential fats into your coffee, tea or matcha ritual prevents a terrible adrenal crash and the shakes, helping you feel
uplifted versus fatigued!

1tsp of The Mind tonic formula (composed of Lions Mane, Brahmi, Gotu Kola, Ginkgo, Tulsi) * If you don't have  this, opt for using just Lions Mane or a couple of the above herbs)
1tsp raw coconut oil or coconut cream powder (or ghee)
1tsp matcha powder*
2.5cups hot water
plant based milk (coconut, almond, hemp, etc.)
your choice of low glycemic sugar (stevia or coconut sugar)
*For those that do not want caffeine, substitute with a non-caffeinated chai.

D I R E C T I O N S : Heat your water until just before it boils. Add the matcha and whisk until no powdery clumps remain. In a blender combine the green tea with the butter OR coconut oil. Place a towel over the top of the blender (in case any hot liquid seeps out) and blend for 30-45 seconds on high. The butter and oil will dissolve and the high speed will incorporate some air, giving you a little foam on top (like a latte). Serve hot.


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