HAPPY BELLY Chia Pudding

HAPPY BELLY Chia Pudding

Happy New Year! With 2022 in full force, it's the perfect time to start fresh with some cleansing foods or perhaps give the good ole #dryjanuary a try. Love the nourishing and rich effects of chia seed pudding in the AM as it’s easy to make, full of protein, fiber, and goes wonderfully with herbs and fruits. Our Happy Belly powder, along with our Fat Belly and Amargo tonics, encourage healthy digestion, fat breakdown, and increased metabolism. Additionally, our Golden Sun Milk powder adds vanilla & chai goodness along with adaptogens and nootropics to assist in mood and stress regulation. This pudding is a colorful and creative way to use our Happy Belly Kit ingredients in a fun and creative way. Enjoy! ✨


1/4 C of Chia Seeds

1 1/2 C of Plant-Based Milk

1 C of Yogurt, divided (coconut yogurt sweetened with agave has been the best for me)

2 Tbsp of Maple Syrup

1/2 Tsp of Golden Sun Milk Powder

1 Tsp of Happy Belly Powder

1/2 C of Blueberry Compote, divided

2 drops of Fat Belly, up to 5 if desired.

1 -2 drops of Amargo, up to 5 if desired.

Favorite fruits to decorate the glass!


Soak your chia seeds with plant-based milk and leave overnight or for at least 1 hour

When making your blueberry compote (or any compote) add 1 tsp of Happy Belly Powder.

Prepare your chia pudding: 

Add your divided yogurt and maple syrup.

Divide your chia pudding between two bowls. 

Add Golden Sun Milk powder to one half. 

Add one divided portion of blueberry compote to the other half of your chia pudding.

Add the desired amount of Amargo tonic to the Golden Sun Milk mixture + Fat Belly tonic to the blueberry mixture.  

When you’re ready to make your pudding: 

Layer your jam first. Followed by the other divided portion of yogurt. Place a layer of Golden Sun Milk mixture on top followed by the blueberry/Happy Belly mixture. Garnish with fruits


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