GEMINI NEW MOON Report: Darkness, Renewal and Introspection

GEMINI NEW MOON Report: Darkness, Renewal and Introspection

The darkening of the Moon takes place in Gemini on May 30, inviting us to consider how much our thoughts and words matter, to recognize that even thoughts are consequential and impactful.

In the lunar phase of the New Moon, the animal body of the Moon meets up with the cultured personality of the Sun, to work out needs versus desires and vulnerabilities versus capacities. It is a good time for reflection and contemplation, both for rest and for sowing new seeds of intention and attention. Sweet Venus’ entry into Taurus on May 28 brings forth a love of ease and simple pleasures, but she must first pass through the cathartic fires of Pluto, signaling jealousies, feelings of inadequacy, power struggles and in-group/out-group dynamics. While Venus-Pluto also has wonderfully attractive qualities, the more creative expression of it is hampered by mental Mercury’s slowing down to return to direct motion on June 3, making a difficult square aspect to problematizing Saturn. This can generate confusions, misunderstandings, looping thoughts and a general narrowing of the mind.

Slowing down to reflect, to take time to consider and gather facts before charging ahead is recommended for the sake of clarity (and even for important new revelations or perspectives). Yet impulsive Mars in his home sign of Aries joins up with super-charging Jupiter on May 29, increasing our sense of confidence and making us quick to act without stopping for reflection. When all is said and done, the ups and downs of this period can help us appreciate the power of the mind, and the need to lovingly attend to the landscape of our thoughts and the different worlds they can create.

Our sweet and fair wanderer of the skies, Venus, enters the sensuous sign of Taurus on May 28 where she luxuriates until June 22. When Venus is in Taurus, we can get in touch with enjoying naps, rest and the simple pleasures, while taking our time getting from A to B. Before Venus can get down to relaxation and aesthetic pleasures, she has to pass through a stressful square aspect to the turbulent depths of Pluto (exact May 26). For some, this will manifest in confrontations with partners or friendships, sexual or platonic jealousies, or intimate intrigues and power struggles, particularly around finances or material concerns. For others, there will be a sorting through of in-group and out-group dynamics amongst friends or colleagues, a testing of alliances, or a descent into the underworld of our emotional vulnerabilities and needs.

The Venusian vibe of this week is in contrast to the enthusiasm and vigor embodied in Jupiter in Aries, with Mars conjoining it (exact May 29). Jupiter just entered Aries on May 10 for the first time in about 12 years, ushering in a year of expansion by passion!  By itself, growth-oriented Jupiter in Aries emboldens us to venture out and be less cautious, but with Mars in its home sign of Aries conjoining it, we may try some mighty big leaps towards freedom, towards expressing our will and our power. With Mercury’s retrograde period winding down (more on this below), it would be wise to make a close examination before we leap. Be wary, as Aries energy tends to act fast and without measured reflection. But remaining aligned to our mission, getting clarity on important details and being of service rather than exclusively selfish will help us get the most out of this week’s influence, and indeed from Jupiter’s entire time in Aries, through May 2023.

Perfect for fecund Jupiter’s presence in initiatory Aries, the Gemini New Moon presents us with a chance to dwell in the underworld meeting place of endings and beginnings, and set a few seeds. Archetypally, the Moon represents the unconscious, instinctual self, while the Sun is the more conscious, ego-identified part of us. Their union every month symbolizes the unity of the conscious and the unconscious aspects of the self, and the reconciliation of what the animal of us needs (Moon) versus what the 'cultured' self wants (Sun). Thus the New Moon offers us a space for introspection, for digesting and assimilating the experiences of the previous month’s journey through the zodiac, while also creating a space for planting seeds of attention and intention for the cycle to come.  

The Moon will conjoin the Sun in the early part of Gemini at 4:30pm US/Pacific on May 30, inviting us to consider how much our thoughts and words matter, that even thoughts are consequential and impactful. The planet of thought and speech, Mercury, has the strongest affinity to the sign of Gemini and thus strongly influences this New Moon. Mercury is in a stressful square aspect with the planet of structures and limitations, Saturn (until June 12), suggesting a reality check. Where we are of two or more minds about things, we may have to narrow down and select a path, straighten out inconsistencies or peel away our wishful thinking to see what’s more true or accurate, and discover what is best for self and other.

While the New Moon is great for quiet and introspective time, Gemini likes to talk it out with others (hello, talk therapy!).  We might talk it out with ourselves first for a bit, in order to set intentions around how we organize and engage with our thinking, and inquire into both roadblocks in the mind as well as closures of the heart. We could take time to consider how we can use the power of the mind—the consequences of thought—for visualizing the most positive outcome possible. Just as athletes are coached the visualize their victory while in training, we may use the power of our minds to aid our success, too. We may need to wade through our thoughts, confusions and feelings for the next week or so before discerning what is realistic, but we can still honor the power of thoughts and words within the dark of the Moon.

Note that Mercury square Saturn can indicate thought loops—repeating, insistent strings of words or ideas—which can sometimes be overwhelming. And excessive worrying is something like praying for the thing we don’t want to happen. We might repeat sacred mantras or positive affirmations or memorize favorite poetry or quotes, to channel this pattern into Saturn’s more constructive manifestations.

Try as we may, though, mental complications may arise since Mercury is actually slowing down to return to direct motion on June 3, and our ability to think or to communicate clearly may be hampered. We may not know how to filter our speech or others’ speech in order to find the true signal amongst a lot of emotional noise. It can be easy to get hung up in being overly critical of ourselves or of others. While passions are amplified by lusty Mars-Jupiter together with sultry Venus-Pluto, we might have trouble thinking clearly about romantic partners and possibilities, or about our inner creative lives and purpose. We can expect a chance at greater clarity once Mercury gets back up to speed around June 7 or so.

Interestingly, Mercury is stationing (appearing to stand still in the sky) very close to the degree of the May 15 lunar eclipse. This suggests that additional information related to the significance of that eclipse may be uncovered, possibly realizations that we had hidden from ourselves, or coming to some acceptance of transitions. The planet that describes the limits which guide us to our destiny, Saturn, is also more powerful in the skies as he stations retrograde on June 4. These influences may have us reassessing our thinking about the future and the past, and where it is all carrying us.

Material or worldly concerns are quite emphasized, and Mr. Reality Check Saturn will want us to get real about that and how we are working towards our material goals. While he gets a bad rap, Saturn actually wants us to be our best, but not more than our best, so look out for the perfectionist inside of you! Trying to be more than we can be is also not real, and is contrary to Saturn’s attempts to mature and dignify.  All in all, the ups and downs of this period can bring us into greater appreciation of the power of the mind, and the need to lovingly care for the landscape of our thoughts and the worlds they create—or deny.This Article was Written in Collaboration With,

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