ALL ABOUT THE Supermoon in Scorpio 🌕✨

ALL ABOUT THE Supermoon in Scorpio 🌕✨

By Erica Artemis Jones

Astrological overview of current transits happening under the intensity of Scorpio's pink moon ~

Scorpio Full Moon

We are moving through the intensity of the Scorpio Full Moon which occurred on Apr. 26 at 7:31pm Pacific, sending an emotional energetic pulse rippling through the week. This Full Moon landed on top of the larger collective pattern of Saturn square Uranus (Jan. 2020 - Jan. 2024), creating a trigger for the events contained in that larger pattern. Saturn square Uranus tests the limits of structures and commitments, and can demand that we be inventive under a lot of pressure.

There's lots going on - here's a snapshot:

Since Venus entered Taurus (Apr. 14 through May 8), we’ve had “breakup weather” which means that partnerships of all kinds—business, romantic, friendship, collegial—will be confronted with whatever is unstable, unspoken or unsuitable. It could be that we just need to reorganize the relationship or the contract and not end it. But problems may suddenly erupt, driven by powerful and even frightening emotions boiling up from the depths. If we are surprised by emotional intensity (our own or others’), it is wise to make a deep analysis of the cracks that have appeared in our relationships or agreements. A superficial patch job will likely not last past June 2021, when the Saturn square Uranus “breaking things up” influence reaches peak intensity.

Mars in Cancer

Perhaps the Full Moon’s provocations point to the breakdown of childhood coping mechanisms. Mars’ journey through Cancer (Apr. 23 - Jun. 11), the sign of the Moon and of the child, can stimulate our earliest memories and subconscious drivers. It may also be that entrenched ancestral patterns and coping strategies are made apparent, and need to be released or reinvented. Deeply bitter resentments may reveal how we have crossed our own boundaries and need to re-center our perspective.

Saturn Square Uranus

This Full Moon may set many other types of events into motion within the larger arc of Saturn square Uranus (Jan. 2020 - Jan. 2024). This can be an uncomfortable planetary combination, which is also receiving a boost of titanic power from Pluto through the end of the year. It signals sudden breaks (Uranus) with the past (Saturn), the disruption (Uranus) of structures which frame our lives (Saturn), and the problematic side (Saturn) of technological advances (Uranus).

The larger planetary picture of 2021 suggests deepening divisions and polarization of people, places and perceptions. We must be cautious about dehumanizing ourselves and others, especially by substituting high technology for real connections with human beings. For example, social media can fragment our experience of the world, creating cartoonish perceptions of complex, real people and events, and deprive us of empathy.

Navigating extreme polarization on a personal level can be very challenging, as our capacity to be relational with others may be dampened by fear and uncertainty. It can even feel like our personality is shearing apart, as our own inner contradictions are made visible. The part of us that wants total freedom (Uranus) versus the part of us that wants reliable commitment (Saturn), for example. Feeling pressure to make “the right choice” can be an illusion, though—there are many good ways forward, if we can stay with the tension of the opposites long enough for a new way to reveal itself.

Under these skies, it is also helpful to look for how limits (Saturn) can liberate us (Uranus). Respecting limitations lets us weed out what does not really serve us and would hold us back or weigh us down. This includes our own attitudes, but we may also weed out routines or activities or relationships that distract and drain our energy. In this way, limits can drive focus, efficiency and innovation, clearing out vital new pathways for our life’s energy to flow.

Mercury Conjunct Venus + Mercury Sextile Neptune

And so it is that new beginnings are contained inside of endings. Our life’s energy has a continuous flow, even through times of radical breaks with the past. It is a good time to take stock of what we really want to keep in our lives, and whether it is worth the effort to maintain it. The mind of Mercury briefly conjoins with the harmony of Venus (exact Apr. 25) before Mercury completes their sextile with visionary Neptune (exact Apr. 29), which can help us be more diplomatic in our negotiations with the opposites. As long as we honor the truth of what is ending or what is missing, we will be able to envision new beginnings in our lives. We have to make an honest and fair appraisal in order to create enduring and mutually beneficial relations.

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